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  1. What you want to see? - I want a MTF TeamSpeak ops channel for all of MTF to use incase we all need to communicate at once. Some of us dont even use channel 4 on the MTF radio. Why should we add it? - For better communications when it comes to last stance and mass d class riots and scp breaches and if we just all wanna talk at once if we are not doing anything What are the advantages of having this? - MTF Can communicate better and help recontain the facility when it goes to hell Who is it mainly for? - All of MTF Links to any content - N/A
  2. +support i didnt buy a rank for nothing smh if im not allowed to even spawn props ill get a refund of my rank and its the biggest scam evr
  3. -support not that good of an app Rang r they open then?
  4. Lore Name: Mint Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:108055459 Rank: Researcher Activity Level: 10/10 S E C O ND
  5. ...................................................... *anger noises* my man i was gonna do thissssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Research shouldnt count as a life till command in my opinion. Reason is i wanna be in research and many other do as well but with the 2 life rule nobody can be in the certain branch they wanna be in such as research. So i think the rule should change where researc hwont count as a lif etill cmd+