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  1. I included one more line of text and an actual audio file!
  2. Alright Fellas, I present to you, my first official test log! I hope you enjoy. This idea came to me in my dreams.
  3. Rdmx1+LTAP+Skela is a nerd x 5
  4. ScarWXLF

    Ci Application

    + Support Good luck!
  5. Name: Scar Rank & Callsign: CI EXP R Scar SteamID: STEAM_0:0:420789299 Discord: WXLF#6725 Divisions: Researcher Activity: I try to be on every day for an hour or 2 Suggestions: More PTs
  6. ScarWXLF

    Ci Application

    could use some more detail bro
  7. ScarWXLF

    Scar's CI App

    In-game Name: Scar SteamID: STEAM_0:0:420789299 DiscordID: WXLF4139#6725 What division do you want to join (Military or R&D): R&D How would you rank your knowledge of the lore? B+-A- Why should you be in Chaos Insurgency? (75 word minimum) I wish to be in Chaos Insurgency to free D-Class and SCPs alike. I want to make it my prime duty to do so, and will stop at nothing until my missions are complete. I will be respectful, disciplined, and all in all, willing. This line of work, surely seems fun, and it seems to contain more action than all of the other jobs. I will also bring drive, persistence, and good leadership skills. Im a good listener, leader, and hard worker. What is something that sets you apart from other applicants? Honestly, how much effort and drive I want/will put into Chaos Insurgency. How active can you be? As active as needed Do you have both Teamspeak and Discord: Yes *Please note you can get removed at anytime if violating the SOP or being inactive for 3-4 days
  8. Hello! I would like to bring my full commitment to the staff team and strive to go above and beyond. In my history of staffing, I never made it past a mod. It truly felt great to help people out in any way I can, be fair to any or all opposing arguments, and all around enjoying the responsibility. Now I know for sure that I want to make myself useful because of my current inability to obtain a real job due to my back pain. I truly miss attending the meetings as well. I want to strive to be the best in providing fair assistance to those who are residents/players of GamingLight SCPRP. I can bring drive, persistence, and effort. I should be accepted because of my persistence and all around fair judgement. Plus, I kind of hold an advantage with previous experience. I thoroughly enjoyed helping others out late at night and making friends, and this truly is an experience I want to relive once more. There is nothing on this earth like it. I want to strive to make it past mod, and go above and beyond. I would love to help out with events, and all that I can. Truly from the bottom of my heart, I miss doing this. It's almost like a drug that I'm addicted to. Bettering the experience for other players and enacting fair justice on those who break the rules. I, wish to be a part of the Icefuse GamingLight staff team because I think I have a lot to bring to the table! Thanks to all for reading my staff application, I hope to prove to be of assistance to GamingLight SCPRP.