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  1. Gonna miss you loud, Thomas the dank engine man, peace out and good luck.
  2. I mean, it would also work with SCP 096 when enraged. Considering he can and will do anything to kill the person(s) who looked at him.
  3. In-game Name: Chell Rank: PVT Day of Promo: 2020-02-07 Reason to stay in 501st: am best yes.
  4. From personal experience, Rektify is a very friendly and assertive admin. Rektify is a smart, friendly and over-all well-organized admin, any time someone has needed help with an issue, Rektify was always there ready to help. he gives of general good vibe/feeling, being around him invokes you with such a pleasant feeling that I'm sure it rubs off on others, making them share the same energy that he has. Players who had talked or had a sit with Rektify could vouch for him being an overall friendly person, which makes things go smoother. Rektify as a Senior Admin would mean a friendly face for the staff team, if not already. and I believe because of these reasons Rektify should become a Senior Admin. +Support
  5. Well, you can see in the video that I'm on a Nu7 Job by the blue name, meaning I can't see CI comms, plus team speak and discord are other things that can be used too. I did not say their was people near you, I said their could of been, and the same for being a possible reason thermals was activated, but unlikely. Edit: by video I mean the first one
  6. They had SCP 939, and the entirety of mtf were about 10 minutes away from raiding I hope you don't mean I get mad at CI sometimes, because I don't, I get mad at broken doors and ect.
  7. Alright, I'm sorry for the VERY late response as I didn't see this, I have another thing a proof to give that I failed to give before, my apologies. From this video you can see Protoss intentionally bumping into Blitz. I do not know if others were near him, but this act *could* of invoked a small part of thermals being activated. Afterwards, probably a coincidence, but after Blitz reported him, he changed his name, but I'm pretty sure it was because he changed his job, anyways, I apologize for the late response.
  8. Lore Name: Charlotte Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:83920360 Rank: Researcher Activity Level: 4/10
  9. Lore Name: Charlotte Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:83920360 Rank: AR
  10. Opening document using -*SCP PROXY SERVICE*- Continue?...
  11. Opening document using -*SCP PROXY SERVICE*- Continue?...
  12. Clearance level 2+ needed to view this document.