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    A random hobo appears..
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    o o p s

    What a shot that was, landed perfectly in the sink
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    Kmans Café

    Thank you! Come stop by sometime and join the fun!
  4. Name: The Kman Rank: SAIC Date: 7/2/20
  5. Name: The Kman Rank: SSA LOA Time: Unknown (May hop on time to time- but for the most part I will be occupied) Looking to return mid fall - beginning of winter Reason (Private if needed): Personal + School
  6. The_Kman

    Kman's LOA

    Name: Kman Rank: Senior Special Agent - SNR SA LOA Time: 5/3 - 6/3 (or Sooner) Reason (Private if needed): School finals are around the corner, I'm going to be busy studying or at least attempting to, afterwards I'm going on a trip for the summer.
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    FBI Roll Call

    Name: Kman Rank and Call Sign: SNR SA, unsure - needs to be fixed on the roster. Date: 4/19/19 How active are you? (be honest please): At least 3 times a week, mostly night.