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  1. -Support Here's the thing, unless it's been designated as a staff sit and a non-rp area, we are always in "RP," that being said, if at the time of the engagement you believed that it was unfair, the shooting should have stopped, both parties or at least the plaintiff should have made this clear, by exchanging fire one could assume that the "RP," is still active. -Incept should have made a sit to notify staff he was stuck, however, gov should have done the same thing and not shoot continuing the rp. -Situation was also already handled.
  2. +/- Support -Mature -Friendly -Needs more activity though
  3. The_Kman

    ICE (Resignation)

    So is it Nurse Ice or Nurse Cube It was a fun ride brother, I wish you luck in your future endeavors.
  4. Look at these hooligans littering, don't worry I'll help clean up
  5. +Support - Active - Mature - Friendly -good music taste -likes long walks on the beach -looks both ways before crossing the street
  6. +Support -Active -Mature -Professional -good music taste -wears deodorant
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    Parmesan hits hard though
  8. +Major support -active -mature -professional
  9. Good thing it's April 1st right?... RIGHT? Sad times, we'll miss you!
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