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  1. Apologies for my delay in replying here, but we will truly miss you Slasher! I know you'll still be around on the server so I will see ya around
  2. Good afternoon SRT fam, It is I, Justin, regretfully here to inform you that I will be resigning from the Special Response Team in 48 hours from my position as Sergeant. It has been a pleasure playing with everyone in this amazing tac department, but alas I would like to put more focus towards my personal life at this time. I will still see everyone on the server soon!
  3. agreed UI looks really nice in the screenshots on the addon page and it works well from what I remember when playing on Imperial in the past.
  4. +support Extremely active on PD, super helpful for new players, and always willing to step out of his role to lend a hand to new OFCs. MJ would be make for an incredible Assistant Chief of GL PD
  5. Bart noooooo :c It feels like just yesterday we were sharing our delusions of grandeur for future FBI and HRT plans. I'll miss seeing you around FBI all the time, but hopefully I will see you frequently regardless
  6. bye tactical, it will be real sad not seeing you around as much but best of luck with life!
  7. +support Retro is active, helpful, and mature. He would make an excellent Senior Moderator!
  8. What you want to see?: More perma lights throughout the FBI building. Where? Meeting room (third floor) Hallways (third floor) Main lobby (second floor) Garage (ground floor) Why should we add it?: It is very dark in the building. What are the advantages of having this?: Players will be able to see where they are going and the building can be used more frequently for trainings. Who is it mainly for?: All of FBI Links to any content: N/A
  9. What you want to see?: If possible, similar to how the President can access his computer terminal to raise taxes, can we develop an addon for the PD/FBI computers to show a map that displays active 911 calls and online officers? Why should we add it?: Now that the wanted boards have a purpose and we cannot determine if someone is wanted by the color of their name, this could increase the RP potential of an officer or agent who wants to support by calling out wanted individuals, 911 calls, and letting nearby officers know what is going on. What are the advantages of having this?: Positive RP and can possibly be a way to RP as a "dispatcher" as we see some PD command do from time to time. Who is it mainly for?: Government jobs like PD, FBI, and possibly tac units. Links to any content: None so far. Will update if anyone knows of anything familiar.
  10. Bruh I am the best at RON idk what you're on about... For real though, it will not be the same without you! I'll miss seeing you on, but still excited to remind you about how good I am at RON occasionally. Congrats on your promotion at work!!
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