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  1. Name: Beepis Rank:Sgt Concerns or questions: Time being active for me will be reduced because school and work
  2. Lore Name: Suas Rank: Jr. Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved: Utilization Manager kev P and 2 MTF Nu7 units Class D Personnel involved: Criminal Grumbus (Subject A), Hank Rutherford Hill (Subject B) SCP: 1025 Background Research SCP-1025 is a hardcover book about 1500 pages long. Readers of the book seem to exhibit symptoms of any disease they read about the effect can take place between [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] hours to manifest. Question: Will photocopying SCP-1025 remove SCP-1025’s anomalous properties thus making it safe to read. Errors and safety hazards: photocopying the book may have no effect on SCP-1025’s anomalous properties. Class D viewed the page before it was photocopied thus applying the affect prematurely. Hypothesis: I believe the photocopying will entirely remove SCP-1025’s anomalous effects because it is just a book. Observation: 2 D-Class were used in this experiment one as a control group and one as a variable to see if photocopying SCP-1025 will slow down or cancel the effects. Subject A was instructed to photocopy a page of SCP-1025 however Subject A glanced at SCP-1025’s page he was going to copy, which had the disease asthma written on it. Subject A began coughing rapidly after [REDACTED] hours. Subject B was given the photocopied page in a manila folder and was told to read it. Subject B begins to read the photocopied page and contracted asthma after [REDACTED] minutes. Once this was learned the photocopied page was thrown into the incinerator without problem. Subject A & B both committed suicide by leaping into the acid pool between HCZ and LCZ. Analysis and Conclusion: Photocopying SCP-1025 Is strictly forbidden and is only seen as a danger to the foundation. We learned that SCP-1025 may have a memetic effect on anyone who views it similar to SCP-096 and SCP-012. Do results align with Hypothesis: Results don’t line up with hypothesis however much was learned. Visual stimuli: N/A
  4. Note: im runing out of ideas so this is the best i got for now
  6. hey spookie told me to put it under lvl 3 clearance so i just did that
  8. Suasponte113


    Level 2 or higher clearance required to view the following footage the remaining parts of this story can be found following this link provided
  10. for people in the discord to share some sweet tunes
  13. SCP-049 gloves experiment.docx video:
  14. SCP-1162 Date: 8/13/19 By Junior Researcher Suas Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance level: level 2 List of Personnel involved: 1 LCPL, 1 JR, 2 D class Level D personnel: Baited, President of D class SCP: 1162 Errors and/or safety hazards: D class Baited pulled out a weapon was quickly removed and found that it was unloaded. CI killed everyone en route to D block Question: what will happen if 2 people put their hands inside of SCP-1162 at the same time Background Research: SCP-1162 is a hole in the wall that if someone puts their hand inside will retrieve something that they lost sometime in their life Hypothesis:I think that the items will just merge into one item Analysis and conclusion: D class President of D class pulled out a [REDACTED] while Baited pulled out an empty pistol class D were given amnestics and we tried to return them to D block but CI got to us first Do my results match my Hypothesis: nope pictures: N/A
  15. SCP-079 Date: 8/15/19 By Junior Researcher Suas Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance level: level 2 List of Personnel involved:1 JR researcher, 1 MTF, 1 Class D Level D personnel: forgot name SCP: 079 Errors and/or safety hazards: the class D on his way back decided to YEET himself into a pool of acid Question: how will SCP-079 react to another AI that isnt as advanced as it is Background Research: SCP-079’s official Wiki page Hypothesis: I think SCP-079 will interact with its “cousin” Analysis and conclusion: SCP-079 remained silent the entire time (perhaps D class fault) but the test was a failure and a waste of time Do my results match my Hypothesis: not at all NOTE: for this SCP test to even work a D class was assigned to make up answers and the D class just stayed silent