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  1. Lore Name: Res Util Dev Supervisor Dr Lee Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:158662834 Rank: Researcher Activity Level: Normal
  2. Dr. Lee

    SCP-049 9/9/2019

  3. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UP0OXsDbooidxXYYVdWRidnBQNxZpYOEV0HAsIA7x-Q/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Dr. Lee

    SCP-999 8/26/2019

    Name: James Lee Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: Myself Amount of D class involved: 0 SCP: 999 Errors and/or safety hazards: None Question: To see if SCP-999 would sweat if performed strenuous exercise. Background Research:We know that SCP-999 has been described playful, and dog-like. It is also hydrophobic. Hypothesis: My hypothesis is that 999 would sweat. Observation: During exercise 999 did not seem to have any effects. Visual Stimuli (Photos/ videos): N/A Analysis: As 999 is only gelatinous mass of orange slime, it’s hard to know what exercises 999 can do. Unfortunately, as of now the only exercise that we were able to conduct, are less enthusiastic jumping jacks. So I instructed 999 to jump about 50 times. After the jumping exercise I observed 999’s surface. It did not seem to have sweat, understandably we know that 999 is hydrophobic, nor was there drops of sweat on the floor. Conclusion: It is believed the SCP-999 cannot sweat, or perhaps I did not conduct research for that long. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: No
  5. Dr. Lee

    SCP-1048 8/25/19

    Name:Dominio Rank:Junior Researcher Clearance Level:2 List of Personnel involved in testing: Yukon, Mildlyw. Amount of D class involved: 1 SCP: 1048 Errors and/or safety hazards:NO Question:If SCP-1048 will put itself in harm's way for another living being. Background Research:We know that 1048 can walk on it’s own. Hypothesis:Our Hypothesis is that it will protect the D-Class Observation:We watched as the D-Class personnel was put into harm's way. As for 1048, he did not move, nor seem to care about the D-Class. Visual Stimuli (Photos/ videos): NO Analysis: This Teddy Bear (SCP-1048) was not helpful towards protecting another living being. Conclusion:We do not believe that 1048 is capable of understanding what is harmful towards other living beings. Therefor not capable of helping or protecting others. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: NO