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  1. +support He clearly knew what he did, there should be no reason why 343 should have any weapons what so ever, so for him to have a MAC-10 is unbelievable.
  2. Huge -support, Now read. Most people DON'T have timers, which means we estimate the time we have left. 10 seconds isn't far off. Lets say your speeding 5 mph over, WHO CARES. It legit 10 whole secs. I don't think he deserves a written warning. Most people do this, but guess what we call staff.
  3. +Support but maybe not a permanent restriction, like 5 months bor something.
  4. GRADED IN ACCORDANCE WITH CONTAINMENT TEST LOG FORMAT. Grade: 100% Test Quality: Quality Lore: 20/20 Good lore. Creativity: 20/20 Good creativity Presentation: 20/20 Great presentation, it seems we can use this when needed. Writing: 40/40 No errors found to in log.
  5. Grade: 88% Test Quality: Standard Lore: 8/20 There was no background about either SCP's. Creativity: 20/20 Good creativity for your test. Presentation: 20/20 Good presentation, however not that much detail was presented. Writing: 40/40 No errors found in log.
  6. Dr. Lee

    TH3 Report

    In my opinion this seems to be biased.
  7. I'm concerned about like numbers if more then like 5 people would be able to spawn in, but if you tested then it will be fine. Thanks