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  1. People have done worst and got like no punishment for it like sprink
  2. Hit box is legit the same as the citizen model in the base of the game sounds like a skill issue
  3. +support currently gam3 has been unable to move up in the branch due to the fact of him being banned from tranq jobs so he cant play jobs in RND cause the majority of them have a tranq on them preventing him from having fun and being able to play like a normal person who has joined RND
  4. Overall what I can get from the comments of this post Atlas and Yohan are not fit for their positions in the branch both of them at their ranks should be doing their best to help out the branch and get going atlas has not moved much since I left because he has not improved at his job in any way he has also tried to do a attempted coup on me in the past which further shows how he is unfit for his position. Also Enuz was doing his best at the time to try to help out RND he was not the only person who picked the command I can understand that you guys are butt hurt but from the perspective at the time both of you guys where unfit to be moved up either do to inactive or trying to suck up to get promos which is annoying to high command and should not be going on in the first place all my choices when making discissions in the branch factored in what people in the branch where telling me and I would also talk to other branches high command to see if it would be a good idea to go ahead with something that's why rnd had good relations at the time with almost all of the other branches.
  5. +support Just got unbanned from game and teamspeak I think he should also get another chance when it comes to jobs
  6. + Support Gam3 seems like he is really trying to change and come back for the better in light of his recent unban from TeamSpeak I think Gam3 deserves to have his ban from the server reconsidered. At the time gam3 decision to set off the nuke while on a SCP was stupid but everyone disserves to have another chance. I think by giving gam3 another chance he can show that he is attempting to be less of a minge and actually participate in the server. also the staff member putting x97 seemed to be fishing for a reason to get the ban extended which could have been possible bias on the staffs part when the staff member could have just listed the mass rdm but they went out of their way to put it down as 97 so it would look really bad but others have also done the same thing and have had a lower ban. example: phrog got a 18 day ban for the same thing and a few other who have got banned for other reasons but did the same thing.
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