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  1. About fuckin time u league sweat
  2. I’m out broskis. Don’t really have that much free time on my hands to play this game anymore nor do I even have the urge to even get on. The server in my opinion is a hot mess. I can’t play for 30 minutes without my game crashing and the performance in general is God awful. Every 10-30 seconds there is some kind of lag that happens sending me 5 yards back. The hit registration is horrible, I can put a 30-round mag into someone and only have 8 register. The new map plays like shit, took everything that made Site-50 good and threw it out the window. The Voice Chats now days are people just complaining and screaming about why [insert branch here] is too overpowered so this class needs to have this nerfed so that this class is less… I’m just tired of everyone taking this sixteen-year-old game way to seriously, takes the fun out of the game. Even though there is a lot of negatives, I can’t say I haven’t had fun up until now. I’ve gotten into my favorite Special Forces with not even 3 days on the server and it kept going up from there. Everyone in E4 is really chill and I’m glad to have led it for so long (Sorry for leaving you with Blue lol). Got into MTF later on and was inducted into D4, been having a blast there and all the people in it are great. It’s been a lot of fun over the years and I’m glad to end it here. I got a very busy life now; got a very cool part time job, got a girl now, and am currently perusing my degree in paramedicine and fire. I got a long road ahead so you may not see me often; but to my friends, you know where to find me. Jeff, signing out…
  3. On behalf of E4, it ain't gonna happen... + SUPPORT Branch update looks cool and now Nu-7 ain't built like paper mache.
  4. mans is a professional https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/AxOkEeUE1hXjz/d1337a213D7p?invite=cr-MSw2ZWYsMzIzMTA5Myw
  5. First the Queen and now this?!?!? Have fun in college and playing left bench lol.
  6. Yeh, honestly a warn should be the maximum for this. It's nothing really major, people metagame all the time . + SUPPORT
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