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  1. - Support Can't build in those places
  2. I understand, but in this scenario, I wasn't abusing the power, I was simply gathering evidence in a case against me.
  3. The guy wasn't running away from the cop while he had a gun. Smaug walked away to deal with other people and Clip walked off. Smaug was distracted. Read the ENTIRE post, please.
  4. Your In-Game Name: SX BM ViperKing Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:157110347 Staff member's In-Game Name: John Kill and Smaug What did they do? Smaug was on SWAT, John was on duty. Smaug called John because there was a guy running away in handcuffs. John brought him. I repeatedly said, "no, it's in motd, he can run away." John and Smaug both ignored me and arrested him anyway. (I'm not the one who was recording so that's why it might be confusing.) Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you think is an acceptable punishment? I think they should both be forced to re-read the entire motd. I do it every one to two weeks so it's not that bad. I just want them to not make a mistake like that again. It seemed very unprofessional and the response they gave me especially when I said not to arrest him until I found the rule. It did not seem very staff-worthy.
  5. Yeah, that was why I ran in the building. I was at like 70 health because they were shooting at me.
  6. I don't have any more screenshots and I haven't been recording recently, but 1. I was getting shot by them. I can open fire. I was already damaged by one of them before the whole situation even started and 2. I wasn't answering your question because I wanted to explain my whole side rather than just "did they have you at gunpoint," which, yes they did, but I had a gun out as well so it's a VERY iffy situation completely and the entire thing should have been let go with no warnings issued.
  7. Your In-game: SX BM ViperKing Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:157110347 The admin's name in-game: Sion The admin's steam name (If you know it): STEAM_0:1:161096629 What warning did you receive: FearRP Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: Basically, I was mugging a State Trooper, and he said "just go ahead and kill me" which is Fail RP anyways, but I was just going to ignore it, then, A couple of SRT members came up and began to attack me. I put my gun away to run off and hide in a building. I did just that and then I noticed a message in chat that said something along the lines of "Stop killing cops." I began to reply to explain that the officer just told me to kill him, and I saw the door open. I immediately close the chat and pulled out my gun and shot the SRT members. It was very fast and in-the-moment so it was hard to tell whether or not I pulled my gun out before they "had me at gunpoint." Sion brought me into a sit with the two SRT members and asked if I was under FearRP. I began to explain myself and the following happened: As you can see, Sion didn't really care about my side of the story and just wanted to know if I was at gunpoint or not. I repeatedly said, "I'm leaving it under your discretion because it was a big 'at the same time' kind of thing that could be taken either way." He refused to listen to my story and just kept asking. Eventually, Sion said he was going to check the logs and see if I had a weapon out, which sounded completely bogus until I figured out how and this is the what was seen: So basically, in this small picture of the interaction, you can see that at the VERY BEGINNING of the interaction, my hands were in the position to be holding a weapon but the gun isn't there and the SRT is actually not even looking at me yet. This is obviously because of the slight lag in between clicking and having your gun. This shows that it was almost frame perfect between when he saw me and when I pulled out my gun. Therefore, no warning should have been issued here due to the fact that I did not break any rules. Any extra information: Most staff members are just very bad at listening to both sides of the story. They tend to listen to one side, decide it is correct, then teleport the offending player and warn them without hearing their side. This has happened a lot recently with a lot of SX members and it greatly upsets me. I believe the staff team as a whole should have a stern talk from SMT whether the warn gets appealed or not.
  8. Okay, first off, @CrawlingBlackSkin the reason he has 60+ warns is because there are a lot that are duplicated. Next, the warn. Here are the important logs to look at there: President MiKeY ➞ Citizen admin was killed by SX MB ViperKing ➞ Black Mamba moderator with a tfa_csgo_m249 SM Tonto 1A77 ➞ Prosecutor user was killed by SX MB ViperKing ➞ Black Mamba moderator with a tfa_csgo_m249 SX MB ViperKing ➞ Black Mamba moderator was killed by CAT LT Jack Hi XW8 ➞ Secret Service CAT Command vipplus with a tfa_csgo_nova SX KT Spectre ➞ VIP Thief vipplus was killed by Nornfang ➞ SRT Breacher vipplus with a tfa_eft_downrange_tomahawk SX KT Killer ➞ VIP Thief vipplus was killed by CAT SM Bandit XV10 ➞ Secret Service CAT Operative user with a tfa_csgo_nova So HUGE + Support for getting the warn appealed. If anything, i should be the one warned for not changing my name. Also, I don't have the logs anymore but I was the one who adverted assassination so if that changes anything, there ya go.
  9. ViperKimg

    SX Reboot

    Hey Guys! SX is having a total Reboot! If you are interested, apply at: Other info: Informational: Roster:
  10. @VoyaFlexI get you, man. I tried to get a warn appeal not because I did something wrong, but because the way it was dealt with was not warn-worthy. Nothing happened because either way I still broke the rule. But either way HUGE + Support Yes, it's somewhat common sense to let the staff deal with demotions, but at the same time, this rule is not in the MOTD. "Do not Fail RP" is common sense, but it's in there. A lot of people have been complaining in-game recently about how they know and follow the MOTD, but they get warned by "staff making up new rules." This seems like one of the cases. It's obviously not a made-up rule, but it isn't in the MOTD and would, therefore, be impossible for a new player who is unaware of how to navigate the forums to know this rule. Therefore, I believe this warn should be removed.
  11. +Support -Active in game -Haven't RP'd with you much but we've had a few conversations and you seem like a great guy -0 Warns -Knows the rules -Has experience staffing I'm glad to see you applied for staff and I definitely think you deserve a chance at TMod