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  1. damn right i am.
  2. Need I remind you guys that we are a "semi-serious" RP server. blocking off both lanes is unrealistic, however, in real life, bullets can go through walls/windows/doors/etc. while in-game, they do not. If IRL bullets stopped as soon as they hit something like they do in video games, I imagine traffic control during major crimes would change drastically.
  3. I'm sorry to say it but I must leave EMS. My life has gotten busier and busier in the past few weeks and my activity has been dwindling. It has gotten to the point that I feel it would be unfair for me to remain at my rank when there are likely more medics that could do my job better at this time. You will eventually still see me around in-game, but it might take a while before that starts happening.
  4. -Support Git Gud. I have gone up against 3 Negev users by myself as PD CPL and won. Just learn to play smart. If you see a Negev and immediately poop your pants, you’re just going to lose the fight. Learn to outplay your enemies.
  5. This has already been fixed
  6. In-Game Name: ViperKimg SteamID: STEAM_0:1:157110347 Custom Job Name: Zillionaire Add model: models/jessev92/player/military/cod4_sniper.mdl Already on server - $20 - Paid
  7. In-Game Name: ViperKimg SteamID: STEAM_0:1:157110347 Server: PoliceRP Custom Job Name: Zillionaire Changes: Weapon change: tfa_csgo_awp to tfa_csgo_g3sg1 - $10/2= $5 Weapon additions: tfa_csgo_smoke, tfa_csgo_flash, tfa_nmrih_bat - $60/2= $30 Custom Car additions: mer_g65_6x6 (already on the server) - $50/2= $25 Total - $60 - Paid