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  1. Basically, when a staff app is denied you are given a response that includes "Please do not contact anyone regarding the denial of this application." I'm pretty sure Ender is referring to the fact that he would like this removed so that you may contact someone and have a private conversation about how to improve, etc.
  2. I've learned to just make a stopsound bind...
  3. I would also like to point out the fact that we do have a report form in case anyone has any problems with specific SX members.
  4. How much might it cost to be secretly served by the secret service?
  5. +Support -I remember Shmoopy and don't think he would personally do anything to harm the community. -I was not around when all this happened, but the way he describes it adds up. -I got a pretty good glimpse of Fame's more ruthless side and I have to say reading this doesn't really surprise me. -Shmoopy was a well-respected member of the staff team and deserves another chance
  6. +Support -I have seen Ryan do something like this before Basically I was in a traffic stop and he did all this stuff like "/me pats trunk" and stuff like that. Mikey attempted to RP it out by naming random objects and asking why there were there and I enjoyed it so I played along. Ryan then says "/me pats duffel bag" or something like that and Mikey again RP's out there being a cake in the bag. This is when Ryan says "/me bites into cake revealing white powder" which everyone ignored. I thank Mikey for actually RPing the situation out as it was very obvious that Ryan was trying to get me arrested for having drugs when there were no drugs or anything like that. I never made a report or clipped it or anything because I was allowed to leave freely after the situation ended, but it has stuck with me since. So, after seeing this post where Ryan very clearly has no reason to say there are drugs in the house or anything and then he just tries to make something out of it, I have to say I'm not surprised. As for the other people mentioned, I don't believe they deserve as hefty of a warn as Ryan does, but I do believe they deserve to be warned. "You called 911 so we need to search the entire house to be sure there's no one here" sounds stupid. I personally have had to call 911 for an armed robbery in my house before. The police came, dealt with the situation, and left. They did not get search warrants and go through every room and closet to "make sure there's no one else there." So I'm sorry, but that's just not realistic...
  7. I have also had experiences with staff members being completely biased and holding double-standards in the past. I have no video evidence of this so there’s nothing anyone can do . Start recording.
  8. +/- Support, Waiting for Calamity I will say that I did have to deal with you earlier for having props in the street and "not knowing how to delete them." Given, you had very little time in the server, so I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but at the same time it seemed a little suspicious and kind of like something was up because a simple quick look at the Q menu, as well as your keyboard settings, will tell you how to delete props... Also, you didn't have a mic at the time and also "could not hear" me. No offence to you if you're not actually an alt, but you have to understand, all this happened and around 30 minutes later I saw you got banned for being an alt. Just seems a little sus in hind sight.