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  1. Does your Gmod game keep crashing in the middle of a mission? Does your Gmod Crash in the middle of a piloting session? well, no worries!!! there is now possible fixes for your excessive crashing problems! 1. Make sure your game (Gmod) is in D drive for Maximum Performance! 2. Make sure that Gmod is always up to date!!! 3. Set your steam launch options to your RAM. For more specific details, please go to this steam post- 4. Still not working? Try lowering down your graphics in options to low!!! ( It does not matter how powerful your computer is, every computer has a limit and one of the servers in Gmod will reach that limit and crash your game.) 5. having problems with your memory? try this!!! a). update your memory limit to the drive you have your Gmod in!!! For more specific instructions check out these videos!!! * this video tells you how to increase your memory space on disks *this is a video that Zeeptin created on youtube that talks crashing fix in general
  2. Name on the roster: Garlic Rank on the roster: MSGT How active are you: Gets on now and then when I can What can Security improve on? Their aim for starters and their maturity second of all. third, the basic knowledge on what to do when encountering certain scps Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words) I am an MSGT in the security rank and there is a reason why I am an MSGT. I am an MSGT because I am mature, I know the rules and I know what to do in a certain situation when encountering SCPs or CIs
  3. Garlic

    EZ map I made

    HOW 2 ESCAPE AS D CLASS 2.0 But all jokes aside, nice job man! Really nice work.
  4. Garlic

    quik question

    Why does the Diamond+ rank D class get less salary than bronze+ d class?
  5. Hey, that’s pretty good! Have a nice time.
  6. Eggplant emojis right there
  7. Sorry for not following the format. Only because i am suggesting a really minor change to the staff handbook. I noticed that we now switched !plogs to !blogs, i think we should do the same on the staff handbook too. it just may appear really confusing to T mods when they try to type !plogs and it does not work.
  8. It will not matter if D class escape on their own anymore. CI has to break them out. If CI come, the chance of D CLASS escaping will naturally become higher. +support on my side though