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  1. Zero X

    Zeros 48 hour notice

    I am done with gaminglight and have found a different place to play thank you for this experience all of you are great and this is the best tac unit imo, farewell and thank you for your time!
  2. I am done with gaminglight i have found a new server i enjoy thank you for your time guys!
  3. Zero X

    Goodbye kind folk

    Well, I have found a new server that I enjoy, my stay here has been great everyone in this community is extremely polite to me, I even thought about applying for staff the other day but I dont have enough dedication. Anyways farewell and have fun guys, gaminglight is a fantastic experience and I thank all of you for all of the laughs and experiences that i have had. People that meant alot to me ( if you arent on here dont worry i love you im sitting in my underwear typing this) Jayden- Favorite person on the server (best staff member) Monkeybags- dont have pd meetings every single day Viperkimg- Nice guy, treated me very nice EmptiedSkies- viper is better you're still cute though Nao- Everytime im on i see nao, super chill and funny Noah Remix- i remember on truenorth when you were an snr and arrested me and i said when i get out im coming to murk you Springs- Even though we dont know each other the one conversation i had with you, you treated me like i was equal to you unlike other staff or people who make you feel like a peasant. Masterson- I did not expect you to be so young, super mature for your age my man K1ller- you are crazy, like psycho Cammy- you're a bully Hannah- weirdo everywhere i go i just see her sitting on a bench or a wall Will- Super quiet, but very professional Matthew- i thought matthew was a squeaker but he is not Pooders- i doubt he will see this but i had fun going from lcpl to sm with him Rocco Rex- knows all the rules, dank guy professional Max holland- second best staff member, please change your forums pic back to fat guy thanks Ponik- funny accent Freeze- great commander Ghosted- next commander Max Wayne- i had fun playing with you, but your friends outcast me from their discord Roxanne- Your voice reminds me of Zage And to the departments EMS is really easy but also sometimes it can be very boring SWAT is fun i had a great stay everyone in tac units are minges, atleast when driving lol PD used to be cool but now there are meetings every single day, i saw a sm who had 1 day of playtime..... Have fun guys and enjoy the server this community is great! SIncerely, Your pal Zero
  4. 2 aston martins on the sides because they cant afford gtrs too broke bois
  5. +support Regardless if they adverted gov are just allowed to shoot unarmed peple? Okay, gonna go on a rampage! (just kidding but really)????
  6. Im gonna be posting a poll every monday it will be on something different every week! This week: Is the moon real or is it a hologram?
  7. +support why not, they are cops????
  8. I didn’t pay $200 for a skin I payed for the gun because the other guns crime have are so trash Negev is the only way you can do anything alone any gun you get from a dealer sucks
  9. Source code is a great movie
  10. the title says it all, what do you think?