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  1. In-Game Name: Zero My Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:13606971 Server: PoliceRP Job Name: Zero The Number Change Playermodel - $30 (If over 4MBs the $30 is added to the overage fee) Old Playermodel: Old Playermodel Path: models/mark2580/borderlands2/zero_player.mdl Playermodel over 4MB - $100 New Playermodel: New Playermodel Path: models/kuma96/borderlands3/characters/zero/zero_resized_pm.mdl SteamID Paid For Everything: STEAM_0:0:13606971 Total Amount Paid: $130 USD Proof:
  2. Lol it isnt racism but yeah the words not allowed to be said +support
  3. Zero X

    What next?

    I have added all of these cars so far so I am curious, what car would you guys prefer to see next? Custom made but wont be slow garbage like charger this time. Vote in the poll above!
  4. How much is it to get a custom car skin added Like say i had one made how much to get it added?
  5. That officer chose to stay there he gave the player he pulled over a ticket, and lets not even mention the fact that the random hobo who made the report is sitting in the back of the police car for no reason, It is not the officers duty to deal with these people, or drive around this hobo, and hey lets warn the officer too for staying and playing while taxying 2 passengers, He was not distracted it was his decision to be there, this whole warn is a fuckfest, The officer ticketed a player he could have left he chose to stay and minge with them all there is to it. I would also like to add it seemed like everyone there was enjoying themselves except for this hobo.
  6. Fun to play with and real nice guy +support
  7. Change Playermodel - $30 (If over 4MBs the $30 is added to the overage fee) So if im changing my playermodel and its over 4 it would only be $100 not $130? its only 8mb
  8. I take responsibility I did not know this was a rule to be honest and I was messing around trying to act hard regret saying it I know racism isnโ€™t allowed i wasnโ€™t trying to be racist Iโ€™m sure you all know that but if this does hurt anyone I apologize just want to let you all know that I regret it and accept the warm. also wanna mea toon this was 5 months ago and I havenโ€™t acted like that since not an excuse just noting