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  1. The guy that was alone was never even in the video until he was teleported, as he was escaping because nobody was looking, and for the 3rd time, john says in the video they cant run when the cops aren't looking/are distracted, ADMITTING to the fact that nobody was watching him, whether or not there is evidence of him being alone, he admits to not knowing the rule and saying it is not allowed.
  2. Very confused on whats not understandable here, the staff member said it wasn't allowed, and its clearly stated in the rules, and there is also video evidence.
  3. In the video, we tell john kill if no cops are with him, he can run, and john kill says "No you still cant run" so they admitted in the video he was unsupervised. Edit - He admits at 0:12.
  4. I agree, you can see we were complying with the cops orders as our family member fled the scene while we distracted them, he was gone before anyone even gave him orders, and as viper said, he doesn't want any punishment, just a re-read of the MOTD. Yes, the MOTD does say that, except you left out half of the rule. If you are handcuffed, you must comply with the officer. Not doing so can be considered FailRP. If the police officer gets distracted and leaves you alone, you may attempt an escape.
  5. Nobody was watching him or had a gun to him as he walked away, they were distracted on me and I believe killer, which stated in the rules it says if distracted you can get away. Edit - Nobody told him to go anywhere he was cuffed then the swat was distracted by the many other dead people as he ran away.
  6. I was wondering if I could add an emp grenade to a custom class, and how much it would be?
  7. Name: SX KT Kevlar Server: PoliceRP SteamID: STEAM_0:0:82399217 Job that I want to be added to: Merc Who Paid: Me - STEAM_0:0:82399217 Proof of Purchase(If needed):