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  1. You get to the non blacklisted members list yet?
  2. +Support Hardly any shotguns/rifles that are actually decent without paying for them on a custom class
  3. Kevlar_

    mc0721 unban

    +/- Support There isn't evidence of the crash, but sometimes peoples games freeze and they have to close it themselves, so i'm sure he didn't mean to leave and he probably closed the game when it froze or something making the logs show he left himself. If we could get the staff who banned him to reply, it would be much more clear.
  4. Exactly what I think except I was too lazy to type it. He only grabbed him for less than a second and it hardly affected the situation at all, as the criminal only had 7 health making the kill easy anyways. I don't think there's a time that I don't point at someone with my physgun when they aren't listening. I don't want to argue, but I really don't think he was doing his own sit as he only grabbed the guy for a second trying, to point at him and inform him the OFC was a minge ruining the situation. Also, in the past situations with OFC+ shooting first during a hostage situation isn't a rare occurrence, and this is EXACTLY how i act, not shooting back and pointing at them so they know i'm not a threat while informing them what happened.
  5. Why do staff even have the ability to pick people up off duty, physgun is used lots for pointing.
  6. Kevlar_

    Medical Test

    Name: Kevlar Rank: Jr. Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: D-Class Amount of D class involved: 1 SCP: N/A Errors and/or safety hazards: The first few D-Class either died or left. Question: Can I create a pill which burns the subject to death? Background Research: Creating the pill with lots of different things including diseases. Hypothesis: I believe if I create a pill out of the cloth from bandages and a hemostat (the bandages have the little stick to them, I would use that to keep it closed.), that I could create some kind of death pill. My overall goal is to create a pill that is extremely easy to make, is very cheap, and burns the subject to death. A few kind of effects I expect the pill to have are, burning, nausea, suicidal thoughts/depression, and mutations. Observation: The D-Class had no mutations or visible side effects. Visual Stimuli (Photos/ videos): N/A Analysis: A pill can definitely be made that burns the subject to death. Conclusion: The pill was dropped on the floor in a puddle of an unknown substance increasing the chance of death at the beginning. The subject did not die, he informed me that the room was starting to heat up. I began to believe the pill was going to be a success, until he also informed me the burning stopped, but wasn't going down. "It feels like a hot summer day", he said. I then splashed the subject with tap water, and the subject said the heat didn't change at all. I then took him to SCP-457's smoke chamber outside of his actual cc to continue the research, just incase he ignites, but we left a few minutes later as nothing happened. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: The subject did not completely catch fire as I wanted, but he did start to feel hot, so now I know what to work with to increase the burning.
  7. Name: Kevlar Rank: EMR What you think could be improved in EMS: N/A
  8. The guy that was alone was never even in the video until he was teleported, as he was escaping because nobody was looking, and for the 3rd time, john says in the video they cant run when the cops aren't looking/are distracted, ADMITTING to the fact that nobody was watching him, whether or not there is evidence of him being alone, he admits to not knowing the rule and saying it is not allowed.
  9. Very confused on whats not understandable here, the staff member said it wasn't allowed, and its clearly stated in the rules, and there is also video evidence.
  10. In the video, we tell john kill if no cops are with him, he can run, and john kill says "No you still cant run" so they admitted in the video he was unsupervised. Edit - He admits at 0:12.
  11. I agree, you can see we were complying with the cops orders as our family member fled the scene while we distracted them, he was gone before anyone even gave him orders, and as viper said, he doesn't want any punishment, just a re-read of the MOTD. Yes, the MOTD does say that, except you left out half of the rule. If you are handcuffed, you must comply with the officer. Not doing so can be considered FailRP. If the police officer gets distracted and leaves you alone, you may attempt an escape.
  12. Nobody was watching him or had a gun to him as he walked away, they were distracted on me and I believe killer, which stated in the rules it says if distracted you can get away. Edit - Nobody told him to go anywhere he was cuffed then the swat was distracted by the many other dead people as he ran away.
  13. I was wondering if I could add an emp grenade to a custom class, and how much it would be?