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    Your in game name:chang Your Steam ID:76561198097110353 The player's in game name:AFK Fray The player's steam ID (required):I don't know his steam id. I can't find that. What did the player do:RDM me in d block as d class What do you believe should happen to the player:Give him a warning. He killed me for 2 times now Any extra information:I already to some admin but the server just shut down before i can find his steam id.
  2. Name:JR Lee Rank:Junior Researcher Clearnce Level:2 List of Personal involved in testing: MTF Nu7 PFC Rainbow LB18 Amount of D class involved:1 SCP 1048 Safety Hazard:SCP 1048 have loud scream and it's screaming can harm any people who near it. Error:MTF Nu7 PFC Rainbow LB18 try to harm scp 1048 by shoot and throw the bomb at it. So The communication with scp 1048 might not be the reason that it screams. Question: How scp 1048 react to d class If they try to be unfriendly with it? Background Research:N/A Hypothesis:SCP1048 will likely to scream when d class try to be unfriendly and said rude word to it. Observation/Visual Stimuli:N/A(Forget to take it.Sorry) Analysis and conclusion: When we bought scp 1048 to SCC. We made d class try to be unfriendly and being rude to scp 1048. In conclusion we found out 1048 will not just defend itself if anyone harm it but also will scream to someone who get it mad in any way. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: The results of the test may align to the test because scp 1048 was harm by MTF Nu7 PFC Rainbow LB18. Maybe need to do more further experiment to see if results align to Hypothesis.