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  1. Bye, Jeff, you were always great to be around and your effort put in is amazing. I hope whatever is going on in your life resolves for you. ~ Dova
  2. The world's longest Medic has left... Will be missed Tigersden.
  3. Noooo. Theman why did you leave me : (
  4. + Support - Knows the rules - Follows Staffing Procedures well - Great personality get 'em bud ~ Zach
  5. I'm gonna miss you Zeus. The raids you took us on were always great and fun. I wish you well going forward.
  6. Bye Blanke. You'll be missed. ~ Dova
  7. + Support - Good Activity - Good Trial Mod - I really like the event. get 'em bud ~ Zach
  8. My opinion has changed from to most definitely SCP-RP.
  9. <Main System Power... Online> <Beginning Sequence...> <RND EYES ONLY> <Using Optic Scanners To Validate Personnel> <Clearance Validated> Welcome [REDACTED] Below you will find the test conducted by SR Dova <Ending Sequence> <Main System Power... Offline>
  10. +/- Support + Active + Pretty good in battle - Not enough time in USAF IMO, maybe a little longer get 'em bud ~ Zach
  11. Sad to see you go bud, have fun.