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  1. I can get it later today. I have his account friended and I can use the website to find it I hope whitelisting gets fixed soon though.
  2. I just trained an extremely well versed DIT and he needs a whitelist. When can he get this tomorrow? His name is USMC 1LT Frank Mars. - USDI CPT Zach
  3. + Support as well - Just give him an extended trial period. Its the best of both worlds.
  4. Can we not at least give him a chance and give him an extended Trial Period? He could be what the Army needs. All it takes is a chance for him to show he has changed. If he doesn't live up to the expectations then I will eat my words.
  5. #NorthChickenLawrence+AF=Best Force
  6. Can I get permission to do an USDI rolecall? I would like to know if I need to do tryouts when I can at LT or if we just need to make sure that our current DIT's get their bootay's on the DI job. - USDI SDI Zach
  7. + Support - RU could use better RUMP's to control some of their soldier's actions. - I've seen Joe, he is a good person - Seems to RP well from what I've seen feel free to correct me.
  8. Chugga Chugga Choo Choo. You have given me another anxiety sessions because of this. I will ask ALL of my friends. Wait... what are friends even?
  9. - Again an extremely large -Support - Still doesn't follow rules - Consistently disrespects people - becomes mingey at the tip of a hat
  10. I will miss you Jackal. Come say hi a couple times?
  11. I understand that, however, unless 0 USAF are being promoted ever, then I find it hard to believe that the people being trained for AB are not already AMN+. Tbh I just want to know why USAF is so empty considering the fact we have lots of high and low command but no AMN+. I have seen a couple AB around the base this week yes, but I am also confused on why I don't see at least more AMN's.
  12. What can we of the USAF do to get recruits to consider USAF? The marines are by far the largest core with the US core in 2nd. We only have 2 enlisted and 1 of which i've never ever seen on. Is there something that DI need to do to help? Or are rosters just not getting updated? I have trained USAF recruits and do not see them on the roster or on the removed tab.
  13. What do we do for this on the google forms? I have trained many recruits but have never received this section to be able to fill out the form.