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  1. I would first like to apologize for not being the best BG for the 101st i could've been. I could have been doing a lot more to help you all but I went into the background too fast. I am going to be making some changes that everyone needs to be aware about. The Branch meeting on Thursday at 7:00pm will be extremely important and I will be booting anyone who does not attend. There will be no exceptions for stupid people who cannot look at the forums after being told to do so. Changes to the 101st will be implemented and if you want brownie points I recommend getting yalls behinds on 1944 and doing something. If there are people unaware, I am ACTIVELY looking for a COL to replace me. It has been left long empty and I have been fulfilling that role as a BG in the meantime. Some of these changes should hopefully be very welcome to the people who have heard me talk about things that need to be done to the 101st. I do not want my roster to look like binary when it comes to strikes, when I would rather see all zeros so expect this meeting to cover that as well as things like promos and demos. Information will be transparent in this meeting so I am going to make this meeting REQUIRED to attend. I love the 101st and I hope to put the fire back under the ass of every single one of you as to help push the 101st back to infamy and into the fear of the enemy's hearts. Please respond to this post so I can tell who is going to be booted and who might just come to this meeting. ~ Brigadier General Zach
  2. +++ Support - Too Qualified - Aims To Better Community - Great Personality - Not Mingey - High Command On 1944 and MilRP - It's Danny Get 'em buddy ~ Zach
  4. Seeing a basically nonexistent attendance everyone that did not attend the branch meeting without a valid reason is getting a strike. I will think about an appeal if you type out a valid reason for your absence I will think about interviewing you for an appeal. (Marcus' post reminded me to write this oops) ~ US Brigadier General Zach
  5. Zach's Event Team Application ___________________________________________ Ingame Name: Brigadier General Zach SteamID: STEAM_0:1:124886258 What date did you start playing on community: Around March 16, 2019 When did you create your forums account: March 28, 2019 What is your current ULX rank on the server: Moderator / Patron How many warns do you have on the server: 1 What timezone do you live in: Eastern Standard Timezone (EST) How often can you be on: I will be on daily or bi-daily depending on work / school schedule. Why do you want to join the Event Team: I want to join the event team because after staffing some of the larger events that Scheffer put together, I liked doing it and I want to do more. I have put together very small events with other staff members in some of the off times to get people on and to get people excited to play the game and come back for more. I have been anticipating being part of the Event Team because of the enjoyment that I get when seeing other people get on for big and small events and the interaction and rp that comes out of well put together events. Being part of the Event Team would also allow me to help the server to maintain a population who are enjoying the game and always looking forward to the next big thing happening. What is an example of an RP event you would host: I would like to host a large scale rescue mission in which one of these: Field Marshal, General of the Army, or Generalfeldmarschall, will somehow get captured by the enemy, and that a huge war will occur where everyone will do their absolute best to recover their CO before they are executed. There will also be a component where random soldiers could get taken prisoner and they will have to be saved too. Once the opposing side has returned their CO, they will have a chance to push again and steal the opposing side’s CO. This will give an option for a 2-3 round event where everyone needs to work together and do their best. This event can work on both gm_rhine or rp_france. An event that could work on the ice map is a King of the Hill (KoH) competition. One point could be set up that contains some important documents and after 5 minutes of holding a point, the winning side gets ⅓ of the information. Then, round 2, then round 3, if one side has ⅔ of the information, then they win. ___________________________________________ Copy the format, fill it and post it by starting a new topic. If you are caught asking for +Supports you will be denied. Please put effort in to your application
  6. Do we only have 2 responsible 101st replying to an important forum announcement?
  7. I do not know how to phrase this any other way so I apologize for my bluntness, it is known by now that a lot of what the Allied troops do is paradrop, thus, the enemy side should always keep one eye in the sky. Scheffer put in a rule that you can shoot falling paratroopers (still having mixed results from my troopers about how they feel), and so if you cannot shoot someone hip-firing at you, then ask someone who can aim to shoot them for you. Another solution would be to host more tryouts for the branch that contains the German paratroopers. Trying to instate this rule is like taking a brand new toy, letting someone play with it (Newly made para-dropping), taking the paint off (Shooting ppl in the air), then burning the toy to nothing but ash and saying, "Here ya go bud" (This suggestion). But that is my two cents ~ Brigadier General Zach
  8. +++ Support - Great Personality - Knows Rules - Very Respectful - Very Active Get em buddy ~ Zach
  9. The Meetings Have Been Moved To 7:00pm EST. Respond R&U To Show You Have Read This.
  10. You Will Be Missed Pentagon ~ Brigadier General Zach