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  1. Is there a website that has more SCP lore so that I can find out their backstory and rp elements?
  2. So long as not every event is focused around nukes. Maybe once in a while you can throw in a bomb. Put a lockbox on the nukes and bombs and throw away the key maybe.
  3. Hey Awg, here is my take on it, it is a little bit of all of them. First off, having all of the SA+ spawning in a holy mackerel shit ton of bombs and nukes kinda made a lot of people not want to play anymore as they were off put by the amount of explosions going on. Secondly, nukes and bombs should ONLY be used in EVENTS imo because using them in normal war just makes it another rendition of the Cold War with both sides not wanting to leave their base. Thirdly, I know that school is starting tmr for us here in Southern Florida but some people have already started and you already know that school is a nuclear missile to player count (the main reason that I haven't been getting on as of late). In addition, war is not really fun anymore as there are the new people with only the classes they have compared to the older players with CC's and premium guns. Training is also a big issue as people will not get on DI even if they are a part of DI and officers have not been training either. There is nothing fun to do in between wars which is why I have been urging my officers to hold PT and small missions and just in general get people interested. Also, when there are people who consistently complain over voice chat / radio (I have been guilty a few times as well I shant lie) it really does decrease the morale and the interest of new players as they are now hearing small things wrong with the server which they really do not need to hear as it can cause people to simply leave. When there is no even split between RU and US, it becomes very toxic quickly and then the side with less people start to become even less. If there were also a semi attractive split in the branches on each side too that would be great but we cannot force people to be a certain branch. There is one last thing I must say too... If you are going to do an economy reset, then make the vehicles cheaper please. Some of my best fliers and troops cannot even afford to spawn in 1 heli, or 1 quad bike. It is really infuriating to be in this situation. Thanks for reading, ~ Zach
  4. North, you were a VCMDR when I joined and took the time to train me as a recruit for USAF (even though I should've failed training) and I have never regretted it. You are and will continue to be one of the best High Command there are and you will be missed. You were the reason I played late night GMOD as you were always super hilarious to be around and I always aspired to be better than the last time you saw me. USAF will continue to be the best branch and I hope that school and life treat you well. You're an amazing dude and everyone will miss you. I hope to talk to you again, and my channel will always be open for you anytime you want to say hi. So, Fly High North! ~ Zach ;m; you told me about this but its still fucking sad okay....
  5. I'm Zach, Most who know me can identify me by my asthma attacks. So far the only people able to make me get to that point without too much effort are: Scheffer, @Northy, and @GoogleChrome(Danny). I am the Commander of USAF and the DI on MilRP and Head Of Experiments on 1944RP. I play VR and have an Xbox so hmu in my Custom Channel in ts if you wanna play or smth. My room is normally called "Zach's Dark Corner" but it may change if I need it for in game purposes. I am in school currently with 3 AP classes as a sophmore. If you need me, the best way to contact me is through discord. GLHF and remember, Fly High Boys! Just had to flex how much I want to kms with my schoolwork btw...
  6. Ummm.... Imma go with Publix... cause I can make better chicken and hamburgers on my own with better service than they do...
  7. Your In-game: Head Of Experiments Zach Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:124886258 The admin's name in-game: Sir John Ligonier The admin's steam name (If you know it): I don't know it What warning did you receive: rdmx2 Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: Old Warn. Any extra information: I think it is old enough to appeal unless I am mistaken. : ) ~ Zach
  8. Also, look at question 1. There is no full name, and unless you are Zage, you are not on my roster which should be impossible as all my officers know to put you on there. So who are you actually in game please? Just like Shadow said, you really should get to know people and introduce yourself. - Support
  9. We do run, but when managing multiple recruits at once, it would be easier to just cart them around instead of making sure that everyone is following you. From experience, being able to bring recruits around on a vehicle is also more likely to keep them from logging off because of how 'boring' it is to run for the base tour (has happened). Also, with the way that it seems with the map update to cs_desert, after me remembering the map and playing on it, bringing recruits and engaging them is much easier when you are at the location, instead of running. So in all, when having to manage one recruit, running would not be so bad, but when recruits pop up in packs of 2 or 3 at a time, with 1 DI watching them and training (with or without MP assistance), it would be best to simply be able to bring them to the training sites faster.