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  1. +support - good soilder - active - would be a good MARSOC Member - trustworthy
  2. + support -active - would be a good MARSOC - good soilder
  3. Vice

    Armykid LOA

    alright hope things get better man im always here if you need someone to talk to
  4. +support good solider active dedicated
  5. dont respond to your own applications please
  6. +/- support would be a good SF good solider application deffintly needs more effort.
  7. This is why the russian army handbook was made by your brilliant GOA Awg. It has everything you need.
  8. This is very vague and doesn't give much detail The argument of which side has better guns is dumb Each side has good guns and bad guns it all depends on how you use it. For example RU has some really damm good guns such as the Radon, Draganov, ak47 (as you should know) these are just a few examples there are more I do agree that mayne some guns need some stat changes but the guns RU has are plenty good.
  9. Vice

    Binoculars - Denied

    -support This has already been suggested many times and its usually denied . It's not needed as you can press b and get a zoom anyway and with this map the fog would make it almost pointless. And like Win said it's just gonna take up space
  10. Vice

    Darky's Staff App

    1. dont reply to your apps they can get denied +/- support - semi active - mature -seems to be a good guy
  11. Vice

    MRAP Suggestion

    - support while yes this is a good idea you would need the T3 APC crewman to use it and at that point you can just use USAF or RUAF transport pilot which can hold 10+ and is faster and safer then a vehicle. no need for a huge addon
  12. +support - will add more teamwork and balance to an APC. - looks better overall
  13. - support the 5.7 and the grach are actually decent just gotta hit your shots and aim for the head. even then there supposed to be backup guns and not do much damage anyways. and like AWG stated we can change the stats on these weapons.
  14. +support - active - good app -experienced - the only thing is that you just came back but other wise ye
  15. Questions 4 and 5 need a little more work- US VCMDR Vice