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  1. Biggest + support i will ever give. Shadow is the most dedicated and hardworking person i have seen on GL and MillRP. - he is on almost everyday (decreased cause of school) - Is the main storyline event maker and he is great at planning them and carrying them out - He deserves this promotion as he has been SA before and has worked very hard for it - would be a Great JMT member - has helped the server greatly staff wise and RP wise overall Shadow has worked very hard and would be a great SA
  2. definitely a warn this does not require a ban as this is a minor offence
  3. note you cannot put Rep and Red for your officers on your app as they accept the app so please ask any other officer from any branch
  4. On hold waiting for more support
  5. i would say give him one more chance. try not to mess up again like that
  6. Were saying a ban from getting 40 warns is not appealable
  7. + support Great application Has been around for quite a while low warns that are older warns
  8. As said above you had plenty of time to correct your behavior now you deal with the consequences
  9. - support While yes he should not have said it this is very old case and is kinda irrelevant now. in a way ( no disrespect intended) this seems very petty to report this 5 months after this happend. Plus the player has owned up to his actions in a post above and has since improved his actions. and from what ive seen this player is good PRP player
  10. +support FearRP was very clearly broken the Nova i think was just a weapon he had out when he got out of the car so he put it away but pulling out a negev was breaking FearRP. This player should have known better
  11. Like Zale said this is not Tolerated and player should be banned
  12. Well Tiger sad to see you go. zale will be taking over the cave then
  13. um this is in the Staff section not Marines Or even US military
  14. Vice

    Omally's LOA

    Noted Good luck