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  1. Big -Support -Unnessisary -Distract Players -Confuse New Players -Not needed for our server gamemode (i see this type of chatbox in basewars and darkrp, not Milrp).
  2. we stuck lizzo in... it was very messy...
  3. The Gas chambers broken...
  4. For some time now, we have been using the HL2 APC, so i went digging through addons to try to find an alternative to it. And I found the iconic "Bottom Feeder" APC from COD Black Ops (1). What you want to see? - The M113 "Bottom Feeder" added Why should we add it? - With having a two person shooting system it will require two players to operate both the apc itself and the gun. It will help with teamwork and assist with strategy planning with being able to seat up to 9 players inside of it. What are the advantages of having this? - With being a 2-shot apc and a two person operated apc, it will allow more action and roleplay on the battlefield. Who is it mainly for? - APC Crewman Job Links to any content - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1891152773 A minus factor to it is that it is 30 mb big and will slightly increase server load time. Personally I think that it can help with rp and teamwork in the long run, Also Wont need to edit vehicle color because it has variations to colour and condition(Rusty & New) Also after it popping into my head it is EXTREMELY! vulnerable from the back, and 2 shots from the AT4 & RPG at the back also blows it up.
  5. New Helicopter has very low hp and with this addon, could be partially fixed with it.
  6. Not tryna be rude or anything, but next time unplug the saw before sticking your hands in a saw my father had an accident like that
  7. There will be a USAF Branch meeting. Officers are expected to be there or they will be striked. Enlisted are invited to join, but are not required. Meeting will be at 3:00pm EST on Saturday
  8. -Support Needs to have atleast -69 armor to be effective
  9. +support - I need more ammo for the Dual Deagles constantly and being able to buy more would benefit not only me, but the rest of the donators
  10. On Hold Standby, waiting for more comments.
  11. I've recently started volunteering at a farm, so my activity on Tuesdays and Thursdays will decrease. I will still attempt to get on the server on those days but I will probably be to tired to get on, but the effort will still be there. "Im EsSeNtIaL"