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  1. Rolecall will end on 2020-04-17 Please complete the form below and post it below in the reply section before the required time to avoid a strike and/or potential demotion/removal. Role Call Response: Name & Callsign: Rank: Activity: Last on & Time spent (Approx.): Suggestions/Questions: (if you dont have a callsign, just state your name)
  2. +Support I think that it would help having better communication in the branch.
  3. Chaos, im sorry but i know that i just came back to the server, but i cuurently do not have the time to manage two servers right now. I came back as a DHOR, and I was previously a COL in Milrp. Now that I am a VCMDR on Mil, i need to focus on one server, and im sorry but Mil is in need of officers who are active. I may come back in the future, but for now i must be active on one server. Im sorry to do this to you Aleks and the Other Gamma and Delta Command members, as well as CI as a whole. Aleks thanks again for allowing me to come back to CI, and im sorry to say goodbye.
  4. Name: Theman Rank & Callsign: DHOR HO2 Discord: Theman#1739 Divisions: idk what this is, r&d Activity: Weekends Suggestions: someone should help me get back into the server COMMAND ONLY: why you should retain your position?: I will go back to being the R&D man that I was. I will make sure that R&D will continue to strive.