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  1. y does the bartenter look a little like Obama?
  2. HA get pranked. not doing it until i get at least BG Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Video).mp4
  3. -Support -Actions were used after a failed event attempt -After that s.s. was taken, you rdm'ed the pilot of the helicopter, who had been GRANTED Pte by a higher up. These are two of our best staff members who are on everyday dealing with things.
  4. Sad to see you go, you were one of my favorite staff members. Keep posting workshop items, they are really good. Goodluck in your future and all the best!
  5. ACCEPTED SPEAK TO LTC+ FOR TRAINING Sorry for it looking boring but I'm on phone rn so cant add color... Also fuck you Brandon...
  6. On Hold Also if Brandon Accepts this first Im resigning...
  7. Im seriously gonna kill you this is my job....
  8. Name: Theman Rank: AChief Activity: eh....
  9. Name: Theman Rank: CPT DI Status (Active, LOA, etc.): Ya know already Strikes: 0 Any Questions or concerns?: Idky but im not on roster plz fix