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  1. You were good people Jake. ~ Zach
  2. Zach


    - Support - No Effort in Application - There is a reason we want at least 75 words, my friend, I cannot tell if you'd be a good fit from what you have said - Being more fun than GENSEC may be true, but it shouldn't be half of your reason for wanting to join (Do you enjoy teamwork and cooperation, or perhaps the lore behind CI smth like that and go into detail) - Not a SteamID (use to find your SteamID) ~ Just a retired Zach
  3. Cats. I have both dogs and cats but I love my kitties a lot, considering they are independent and not constantly trying to get my attention with barking. If they really want attention, they will make sure to let you know.
  4. - Th3 - Rangiatea - RookieBlue - Infected - Igneous Imma add some of the cool peeps not listed here: - Catsro - Tony - Skela - Richard - Scoot - Awg
  5. You were amazing on all servers that you played Charlie. I understand your predicament and support your decision. You showed a lot of potential as an amazing person and command member on MilRP. Although you say you won't come back, come and say hi for a few minutes in TS if you ever pop in. I really hope you do well in anything you decide to do in life and know that you always have friends to talk to over on GamingLight. Anyways, enjoy yourself and take care bud. ~ Zach
  6. Well bubba, it seems your time has come to join me in the afterlife. I made you a nice recliner so you could sit with me and watch the ever burning embers of the world slowly go out. Welcome to the retired gang buddy. You are going to go through about a week where you are going to want to check roster, but you'll get over it. I hope you see the reason now, but we'll talk later bubba. Salute to you, ~ Zach (aka your dad)
  7. We will all miss you Tyler. You were amazing at leading your soldiers and being a great person in general. Hope to see you sometimes in TS, so come say hi! ~ Zach
  8. Zach

    Ban Appeal

    Unless there are any other details I will also + Support.
  9. Zach

    CT's LOA

    If you need help hmu. Normally I charge 10 bucks an hour but for you, I'll go free ; )
  10. Zach

    Dova's Resignation

    I hope to come back when stuff clears up. Work my way back up with a clear plate.