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  1. Name on roster: Jeff Rank on roster: CPL How active are you: I'm usually on for around 30 minutes every day. What can Security improve on? Security can possibly improve by assigning positions to prevent Friendly Fire. Also it might be a good idea to assign someone right outside D-Block to prevent escaping Class-D's. Why should we keep you in Security? (30+ words) I believe I can help maintain control in D-Block whenever the Class-D's try to organize a mass revolt I can assist in containing SCP's as I have the knowledge on how to do so ( thanks to the training and reading SOP's ) I can also help out SO's on what their job is on security, and help them improve as well.
  2. Bruh when i asked in Command on Research discord, they said we didnt have a map lol. I feel kinda dumb for not checking if that was the truth or not
  3. Clearance Level 2 Required Hello, I'm the HCZ Supervisor Jeff. I have been recently promoted and i wanted to try to help the community out with some of the common problems, one of these problems is the lack of a map of HCZ. I have seen plenty of people get lost here, including the new and the older players, so i have decided to make these 2 maps to hopefully help you guys out. Please not that these are not official and can be taken down or replaced with actual maps should gaminglight make one. If you have any suggestions please do so by making a comment down bellow.
  4. Yes, it's almost impossible to stop those who join just to troll. They can do it off peak hours or when there are no staff on. i'm just suggesting that i can help out with enforcing the current rule-set because i am active almost every day. The current Command have done a great job at stopping people from joining Research just to minge, and i believe i can add onto that as i have already talked to multiple Junior Researchers about breaking the SOP. Otherwise thanks for the comment Inconceivable! Also thanks Spookie and Corner for the Support.
  5. //-----------------------------------------------------------------// Lore Name: Jeff Rank: Executive Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: 1 Class D, 1 Security CPL, and Myself Level D personnel involved: Class-D Stormzz SCP: 096 Hypothesis: SCP-096 only kills those who look at his face, so a blindfolded Class-D will not come under harm inside his Cell. Observation: I checked the pressure sensors in scp-096's cell, it displayed that scp-096 was currently pacing slowly around the door closest to the exit ( East ). So i had the Class-D enter through the other doorway. Afterwards i quickly closed the door so no breach would occur. SCP-096 soon became agitated, this is weird because the Class-D was blindfolded and restrained so he had no way of viewing SCP-096's face. Then SCP-096 came under severe distress, releasing a loud cry before Class D Stormzz was ███████ Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): Errors and/or safety hazards: Sadly this SCP is controlled by a player who can decide to just walk out at anytime to cause a breach. It takes full cooperation just to do a single test. Conclusion: SCP-096 does not tolerate those within close proximity of himself for long periods of time, even if they are blind. This may be caused by the fact that SCP-096 is extremely concern about his appearances that having other personnel in his presence will cause him distress and eventual ███████ Approved by the Director of R&D and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect. *Keep in mind that you can add any additional information and forms as long as they follow lore!* *Do not this experiment was taken place at 6:00 PM before the SCP-096 Test Ban*
  6. Dcethe


    I would prefer a more Creative hypothesis but a SCP-173 with feelings is mildly interesting. Keep up the good work.
  7. Name: Jeff Current Rank: Executive Researcher Time in Research (Approximate): around 17 days Position being applied for: HCZ Research Supervisor Why should you be research command, AKA what can you bring to the table that the rest of command can't? (100 word minimum); I believe I can bring more order onto the Site by enforcing the rules when command cannot. For example, I could get more involved in what researchers are testing on while stopping those who are there just there to create chaos. So I can stop things like a Researcher throwing a Class-D into the incinerator, breaching a SCP's, ect. Also I would like to host mini-meetings to address those who have been active, post quality test, and are a good example to show what a good researcher is. Hosting this I hope that it will inspire other researchers to compete and try harder to succeed, leading to a positive growth in the Research Branch. Research Branch has been growing, but not as fast as the other branches. I would like to improve that by making sure the majority of Senior Researchers know how to train, though I would rather have them be willing and not forced to. It would also be great if we could add in the promotion recommendation forms but restrict it to the more experienced personnel. Preferable making only senior+ researchers able to recommend those of lower rank. These are some of the things I could hopefully add to the Research Department should i become apart of Command. What will you do to make research more active and better? (100 word minimum)(Tangible items like activity, expertise or the ability to run trainings, etc)?; I would love to help Research become a better experience to play as, here are some of the ways i could possible achieve that; Adding in proper testing procedures so SCPs' do not breach containment due to accidents from the Research Branch I will make sure that there are not Researchers who join just to abuse the job through minging. Train Senior Researchers on how to properly get Research Assistants to become Junior Researchers I am very active on the server, and whenever i'm not doing testing, i always try to train Research Assistants to become apart of the community. I would like to try to hold mini-meetings where we could cover a number of important topics to Research during that time. Topics like what is acceptable for a test, as I have seen way to many test logs where Researchers throw Class-D's inside a SCP's chamber just to watch them die, or going over possible mistakes that a lot of Researchers are making, such as buying weapons like ak-47's for self defense. During these meetings I hope I can hand out promotions to those who have shown themselves capable of the Research Branch.
  8. Lore Name: Jeff Rank: Senior Researcher - This was before my Promotion - Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: 2 Class-D Personnel 1 Security SO and Myself. Level D personnel involved: Ant Hunter - The Social Class-D - and Class D 3124 - a Well-Known Mute - SCP: SCP-194 Hypothesis: Instances of SCP-194 are comfortable around those who display introvert behavior -anti-social behavior - so what if we exposed 2 subjects, 1 Social and 1 anti-social in an extremely tight environment. I believe that SCP-194 will do nothing to the Mute, however i believe he will Show some type of aggressive behavior to the talkative one. Observation: I had both Class-D's seperated, i wanted to see how SCP-194 acted to the Social Class-D first so i had put Ant Hunter in there. As soon as the Doors were closed SCP-194 showed Extreme Aggression against the Class-D as soon as he began to talk and killed him immediately and for awhile kept hitting his corpse. After waiting for a few minutes for SCP-194 to calm down, i decided it was time to bring the Mute Class-D inside his chamber. When i opened the Door the Class D walked inside and had no problems with the SCP. We continue observations but nothing was happening besides silence. So I decided it was time to end the test, however as soon as i opened his door and asked the Class-D to step out SCP-194 attacked the Mute Class-D and tried to Breach. I called it in and thankfully Local NTF were close by had the situation under control. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): Errors and/or safety hazards: The SCP had breached due to the lack of guards. Next time there is a test there needs to be at the minimum 2 Guards to handle this SCP. Conclusion: My hypothesis was correct, SCP shows no aggressive behaviors with those who have anti-social tendencies. Approved by the Director of R&D and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.
  9. I think Executive Researcher Conner is a good candidate. Positives He is Active, i usually see him on when its 6 PM for me. He has trained a lot of Research Assistants - As well as trained me how to train them - He is one of the most experienced applicants at the moment. Negatives Format is not the best +support (btw i'm Executive Researcher Jeff)
  10. Your In-game: Jeff Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:29417897 The player's name in-game: security trainee piggy wiggy The player's steam name (If you know it): PigWarrior - STEAM_0:0:99910460 What did the player do: I was training Hammer416 when piggy interrupted to tell me about scp's breaching ( it was an event ). i told him thats fine and requested multiple times for him to leave - which he proceeded to ignore. I handcuffed him to get him out of the training area "the grey box in researcher spawn" and set him in the spawn. After i went over the SOP with Hammer i was about to give Hammer a tour when Piggy handcuffed me. He eventually released me, but he proceeded to harass me while i was giving Hammer416 a tour. In hindsight i should've called an admin to dealt with him before. Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you believe should happen to the player: Just a warn is fine. Any extra information: N / A
  11. Lore Name: Jeff Rank: Senior Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: 1 D-Class and 1 Sr Researcher Level D personnel involved: 1 SCP: 012 Hypothesis: Those who cannot see SCP-012 will not be affected by it. Observation: Class D Boi Jack was blind folded, then the containment chamber was opened. i instructed the Class-D to move forward. Immediately afterwards the Class-D found the musical piece, despite not being able to see he tried to contribute to the musical piece by cutting his wrist with his fingernails while being cuffed. Subject shortly died afterwards due to blood loss. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): 012 Test.mp4Errors and/or safety hazards: 012 can affect any Staff personnel too close to it, so always take precaution and Never enter its room. Conclusion: SCP-012 emits a metaphysical wave to those too close to it, even those who can't see will be affected by this SCP. * do note that Miner-Class D's spawned in a cell right next to this SCP which gave me an idea to do a quick test on them. Approved by the Director of R&D and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect. *Keep in mind that you can add any additional information and forms as long as they follow lore!*
  12. Lore Name: Jeff Rank: Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: Researcher Jeff, Security SO Prince Vegeta and anomalous harpoon from SCP-1329-1 + 3 other JR researchers watching. Level D personnel involved: N/A SCP: 173 Hypothesis: An anomalous spear was recovered by the foundation at site-37 was found to have extreme irregular properties. Such properties include homing onto the nearing person and injecting spikes into that subject when thrown. All subjects exposed to the Harpoon have died upon coming into contact, so in theory SCP-173 should be killed when coming into contact with the spear. Observation: I had a nearby Jr Researcher open up the CC, when i entered i had the guard come with me as backup and the Jr Researcher closed the door behind me. There was a D-Class inside the CC with a AK-47 however he quickly died to the spear, a nice little warm up may i add. Afterwards i observed SCP-173 for any potential abnormalities before the experiment started, when none was found i Threw the spear at him. What happened next was the spear collided with 173 breaking off large pieces of concrete. however before testing could continue i had to stop it because there was a Major Breach Event, so i promptly ended the test and head to the Panic Room. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): SCP-Termination-Test.mp4Errors and/or safety hazards: If there is only 2 people watching its possible 173 could move and try to terminate staff personnel. Conclusion: It is possible to terminate SCP-173 with the anomalous spear as it has shown to do damage to the SCP, however doing so would be considered wasteful as we still have much to learn about SCP-173 Approved by the Director of R&D and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.
  13. Lore Name: Jeff Rank: Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of personnel involved in testing: 1 Class-D Named Sad Boy Den, Researcher Zombie, SCP-049 and Security SFTO CPT Crimson. Level D personnel involved: 1 SCP: 049 Hypothesis: The Cure will take away any freewill or cognitive thought on the Test Subject Afflicted by it. Observation: To do this test we had to be very careful, i had Researcher Zombie ready to open the door at a moment notice while Crimson was making sure SCP-049 will not attempt to escape. Once the door was open, i quickly shoved Den inside. What shortly followed was Den begging for mercy and offering "BJ's" for the SCP not to hurt him. SCP-049 shortly expressed his disdain for the Class-D trying to sucker up to him and converted him into a Instance of 049-2. What happened afterwards was Me and Researcher Zombie giving commands to the new instance of 049-2. All of the commands were met with silence and no acknowledgement of our existence until SCP-049 would tell him what to do. This continued until 049-2 died due to Health Problems. Some of the orders we tried to encourage were "kiss 049, spin around, Stop trying to punch us" along with a few others. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): Errors and/or safety hazards: We were worried about 049 escaping ( which is why we brought an experienced GenSoc ), aswell as making sure after the Testing was done, we stayed inside to make sure the instance of 049-2 would rot away before leaving SCP-049's Containment. Conclusion: Those who have been "cured" by SCP-049 can no longer be considered alive or at the very least can no longer be considered themselves. All mental functions cease with 049-2 only exhibiting motor skills and Screeching. Secure, Contain, And Protect.