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  1. I wish you the best of luck in College Oppenheimer. I was glad to have you apart of GL.
  2. +Support When people use to play on the server SCP 173 was basically the introductory SCP for all D-Class and Most Junior Researchers. Literally 90% of Junior Researchers did their first test on SCP-173. One of the most popular SCP's and we don't have it.
  3. +support Tho i think that only D-Class with Melee weapons should have the ability to spawn in D-Block. Guns would need to spawn on surface because it makes no sense for them to be there.
  4. Name: Jeff Rank: Sergeant Major Callsign: XB2 Date of LOA Leave/Return: left 7/1/19, coming back 7/4/19 Reason (if private write N/A): Going to spend time with my family. When i come back i will finally have more time to be active as this week as been very hectic for me.
  5. I hope to still see you come by every now and then goat, it was nice having you with us. Cya man - you were a great part of Low-Command before the mini-purge / you having your accident
  6. +Support for them not needing to be called in - if its defcon 3 it should be automatic.
  7. +Support for obvious reasons
  8. You do realize that all the other SCP's i didnt bother linking get paid 200$ right? like 049, 173, 966 etc. ( Basically the popular SCP's ) That is to encourage people to play as them, there is literally no other insensitive to sit around a cell for 40 minutes just incase a Researcher decides by chance to test on you. to deny this is to literally deny more benefits to those who roleplay, there are very little actual reasons not to do this as staff already do demote people who afk on SCP's.
  9. +support Would help keep up survivability and keep rp intact instead of people giving "Resets" to each other.
  10. What you want to see? - All of the SCP classes having equal wages ( 200$ ) Why should we add it? - it adds more incentives to actually be an SCP besides waiting to breach. So researchers can immediately test on the SCP's instead of hopefully waiting / calling for them to flag up. What are the advantages of having this? - Same as above Who is it mainly for? - SCP 682, 035, 1048, 457, and both 939's. ( They all get 50$ for some reason ) Links to any content - N/A
  11. You guys do realize that this would possible affect the D-Class custom classes aswell right? If they could raise their health to the levels of MTF units, GenSec would literally stand no chance. +/- im neutral on this.
  12. generally E11 is called in when shit hits the fan. By the time we get inside the facility usually Nu7 have atleast EZ under control then we move on to deal with the other major breaches. Responding to a single breach wouldn't even give us a chance to get there.
  13. Imagine this - new player gets on but lockdown is active ok. they wait 5 minutes and its over - finally i can see what this server is about. 2 minutes passed and another magnetic lockdown is called. Most would leave at this point instead of staying. Funny thing is - Magnetic lockdown was called 4 times in 30 minutes 2 days ago - leaving D-Class sitting in their cells for 20 minutes doing nothing. This can ward off a lot of New Players who only have access to D-Class. +Support Sometimes GenSec needs it, but other times its abused way too much.
  14. tfw SCP's follow you and you get warned for it. +Support
  15. Bruh up in here stalking the O5's. where is the A1, they suppose to keep stuff like this in wrap.