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  1. Due to recent events in my life, i can no longer possibly dedicate any time towards playing games in the coming months. Rather than going on another long 3-6 Month loa and taking up a command spot, i've decided that its best to just leave until I have a more stable point in my life. I'm sorry for not being able to continue playing with you guys, so this is a goodbye. Tony - The biggest body i've ever seen Catsro - legit the most calm-collected person i know. It was great having someone to rely on like you. Orange - You were also a mature person, i've had fun raiding with you and causing defcon 1. Infected - bruh Aleks - I've always looked up to you as you had always been a cool guy. I wanted to do more in R&D but i'm sad that i couldn't do much to help that branch Mutombo - Legit best trainer in CI. you made sure people did things right or they get Mutombo laps. Arusso - Nice dude Corner - You were perhaps the person i knew for the longest time, we have gotten in fights before but generally we always got along. I'll miss you man. @Black Jesus = You were the main reason i got into CI. Even though you no longer play, i'll cherish the times that we minged together. Fool - you understood my pain of furies. Rest of CI - I have high hopes for the rest of you, keep doing what you do best and hopefully one day i will see you guys achieve more than I have.
  2. Kinda hard to do if they are faster than u - + all they need 1 bite and your dead ( even if the 1 bite doesn't kill u they can keep chompin )
  3. bruh please tell me you are just being a minge rn.
  4. < Authorized For Research and Development or Military Command > < Scanning for Authorized Personnel > .... < Authorization Granted > <Welcome, Authorized User> R&D Interrogation Report Case-File #001 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Case File Tango-Bravo-Orange #001 Full Name: Jeff Position: Assistant Researcher ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Specialist Researcher Bollart Race/Nationality: Caucasian. Citizen of the US. Has spent years Researching Portal Technology at facility ████ before being called in due to a thaumel event at site ██. Position: Portal Specialist Security Clearance: Level 3 Education: PHD in Physics and education in facility ████. One of the leading scientist in Dimensional Hypertension. Level 3/ Scientist - Bollart Cognitohazardous Agent Embedded Situation Report: The foundation had a major breach due to experimentation on stretching dimensional fabric of space. The end result was tears throughout site ██ that lead to multiple "portals" appearing around the site allowing SCP's, D-Class, and other personnel to freely wonder the site. A Specialist was called in to "fix" the dimensional tears when CI intercept the convoy and captured Specialist Bollart. Eventually Bollart was released back to the foundation for a sum of 10k as part of the negotiations.
  5. < Authorized For Research and Development or {REDACTED} Command > < Scanning for Authorized Personnel > .... < Authorization Granted > RnD Test Log SCP-999 1-B - AR Jeff - Copy.docx
  6. < Authorized For Research and Development or {REDACTED} Command > < Scanning for Authorized Personnel > .... < Authorization Granted > RnD Test Log SCP-049 2-A - AR Jeff.docx
  7. Nu7 have Juggernaut which can easily shred CI with its negev - CI is always outnumbered and yet you guys are looking for reasons to nerf classes that people have spent real money on. Thats going a little far - Support
  8. GenSec heavies cannot do /security or /foundation. They should be able to do so for easier communication ( D-Class are rioting to hard we need more gensec here, There is CI in D-Block, MTF Assistance needed etc.
  9. < Authorized For Research and Development or {REDACTED} Command > < Scanning for Authorized Personnel > .... < Authorization Granted > RnD Test Log SCP-999 1-A - AR Jeff.docx
  10. Dcethe

    Change da world

    Save the turtles. My Final Message. Sksksksks oop Goodbye
  11. D-Block is boring, so your new plan is to arrest people trying to riot and place them in a place where they can't do anything. Yea that will totally solve the problem of D-Block being boring. How about making up something that would be entertaining for D-Class so that their only options wouldn't be to die or get test on, like when we had mining. Giving them a 3rd option of sitting in Confinement will only make things worse - Support
  12. Dcethe


    Cya man - hope your doing well i can't wait for u to come back in october.
  13. +Support This should go for everyone.
  14. Medic Command rarely put it on lockdown. In the past couple of days they wouldn't even put it on lockdown if CI came through ( As long as we didn't kill them ) I believe that this can help increase more rp situations, but i'm also worried that it would be abused at night - no staff on. +Support i believe that more people should have access to medbay lockdown.
  15. Name: Jeff Rank: SGM Callsign: XB1 Activity: Mostly Active on the weekends, but i do try to get on every day Region (US/EU): US DiscordID#: Dcethe#0021 Suggestions (If None Leave Blank): What would you like to achieve in CI: Try to lead more raids with other Beta / Alpha Operatives so we can have more experienced Members in CI ( Aswell as trying to Find worthy people to rank up. )