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  1. Dcethe

    Test on SCP-173

    Nice test, the use of props is to try and get in SCP-173's way is a bit creative. Keep up the good work!
  2. Dcethe

    SCP-682 A

    Nice interview!
  3. i like how you built it up from your previous test - like making a small series on these 2 SCP's interactions. Its nice, but a little short - keep up the good work Bonk!
  4. This is a nice test, nothing i can really see wrong with it. Fun Fact, the foundation has complementing on wether or not to use SCP-999's body tissue as a anti-depressant before.
  5. While i appreciate the fact that you have tested on this rare SCP, there are some problems here. 1. The format is a bit messed up - i cant tell who you are as you have not included your lore name 2. The question is different from the hypothesis - The question is alright, but the hypothesis is a statement you would make on the nature of the test. Like " I predict that SCP-1245-2 will attempt some form of communication with the class-d" 3. Your observation is just 3 pictures - i would like it a lot more if you included some actual detail to your post. While the test conlusion is decent, i would advise you to put in at least put in some time in test logs. ( like 10 minutes, we have some Researchers who put in more than an hour for each test log, but i can understand why you wouldn't )
  6. This is a nice test Bonk - i like how you use cross-testing to test SCP's properties together rather than have them fight - Which is the usual cross test -. Keep up the good work!
  7. You have been a great A1 Commander, but i feel like you have not spent any time on Research this past month. You have written great test logs in the past, however these past 3 weeks i haven't seen you contribute to our branch in any way. I understand that you have school around this year and you had to fix the A1 branch, but i feel like you have your priority set to that branch. You have not trained any RA's for the last 30 days. You have post a lot of test logs in the past, however your most recent test log was the 24th - 3 weeks ago.
  8. Accepted I was torn between you and Wundt - both of you are semi-active. I have seen you on lately- but you are lacking in a lot of test logs. What you have done however is i've seen you giving detailed training on some RA's aswell as helping in Remoding the discord. So you will have the position of LCZ Supervisor You can promote up to Researcher - Your main job is to lookout for promising Researchers and help lead them to become successful. You can give them access to SCP-457 if you feel they are ready. RA's Trained : 2 - You have helped Junior Researchers navigate Discord Test Logs - 4 ( I would like to see some improvement here ) Achievements - Discord Logo's, Remodeling, and other Small bits - Tho there has been some demerits, like that Endgame Channel -
  9. Accepted Originally i was going to deny this app because you were a very new Researcher, however after reading all of your test, i find that you have post some of the best material i have seen on this site. I hope that you can inspire others to write their test logs that have similar quality to yours. You will have the rank of HCZ Supervisor. As HCZ Supervisor - You will be able to promote up to Researcher - Your main task is to grant access to HCZ from promising Researchers as well as leading as a Role Model. You can also determine what Quality test are. You have trained 1 RA, aswell as posting 9? Test logs - All Quality Surprisingly. -
  10. ACCEPTED You have trained around 17 RA's aswell as post 8 test * with atleast half of them are quality *. I see that you are one of the more Active Researchers on foundation as well as being apart of Research Branch for over a month by now. Due to this, i believe you would be a good fit for HCZ Assistant Command. My only problem is that you are lacking in Quality and Quantity of test just a tad bit.
  11. Bruh, biggest update ever. Thanks Igneous and other Staff that help make this come about!
  12. Alright Bonk, ill just do a quick review of this Test Log. Clearance level should be 2 - you have 3 on the first page then 2 later on. This is just a minor problem. I can tell you copied and paste from the SCP Wiki - i have no qualms with this, but generally background Research is to explain The SCP and how it correlates with your test - How it will be affected with the IV - which you would later expand on with your hypothesis. Your ID is somewhat creativity and you give plenty of detail about your test. So you deserve a Quality rating. Good job Bonk, Keep up the good work!
  13. I love your Test Oppenheimer. Trying to connect SCP-049-2 is a bit of a Stretch, but its interesting nevertheless. Due to detail and making these test continue off from each other into a series, i would rate this as a Quality.
  14. Why. You haven't even followed the format under this board. Atleast you post this "test" in the right spot.
  15. Alright, so i have some few problems with your Test-Log. The font colored to black makes it a bit hard to read, so i just switched the color of this site just to read it. Background Research is for looking at the History of the SCP you are testing on. Like Who is 049, what he does, how does this relate to your test ( you got this one ) etc. This is a fairly standard test, its nice to see you coming back tho.