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Found 6 results

  1. What is your in-game name? 501st JTO CSM Haak ARC05 What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:0:120861894 How Long Have You Been In The 501st? November 2nd, 2021 Why Do You Want to Become an Officer? [100+ Words] The reason i want to be an officer in the 501st is 1.) Because I feel like right now 501st is looking for roles of leadership in the battalion, and I feel like we are lacking in that department. 2.) As Lucy mentioned in her application, not many 501st officers are very active within 501st due to school and the holidays coming up, so I feel like I can be more active because of the upcoming break and not much stress because we are entering a new semester. 3.) I feel like being an officer in the 501st will make my experience on the server more fun being able to host sims and have more fun with the battalion! How could you assist the 501st Command with this rank? [75+ Words] I have some great ideas for the 501st; I think that we should host more sims and not just sit around inactive except for when there are missions, I play mostly every day so I can be active and have a lot of fun with the battalion and maybe include other battalions as well! Recently after Nebel's departure I feel that people in the 501st have not been having as much fun and I think as an officer i could help bring that light back into the 501st. How many strikes do you have? 0 strikes. What qualifications would you bring to the 501st Officer Team? I have some experience in the server and as an officer, so i think that would help me in knowing what people would want and how to make everyone have a good time. Have you had any previous experience as an officer? I have previously been a Havoc Officer (kinda, I left the day i got officer) What is the purpose or duty of an officer? Officers are like when the teacher tells you "you're in 8th grade, the 6th graders look up to you"; officers show everyone on gaminglight what 501st is like and that 501st is fun and active. Officers are the 8th graders of the ISD.
  2. What is your in-game name? 501st SHVY MSG Katie ARCT15 What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:1:540378212 How Long Have You Been In The 501st? November 9th, 2021 Why Do You Want to Become an Officer? [100+ Words] One major reason I want to become an officer in the 501st is that I feel like a good number of 501st officers are not consistently active, and with school that's understandable, but we need officers online that can host simulations, tryouts, whitelist troopers, and be a leader of the battalion when no 501st command is online. I’ve also been an officer a few times before and succeeded well. The first time I was an officer, it was a bumpy road, I admit, but that’s in the past now and I have a clean slate to start fresh and have greatly improved on myself. How could you assist the 501st Command with this rank? [75+ Words] Bring recommendations and ideas to the command team on how they can improve the battalion. as well as, in a polite way, giving constructive criticism to any of the command members on how to improve themselves. Currently, I see no issues with our command team in the 501st and believe they are all doing their best in order to keep the 501st an active and happy battalion. Command can always use a helping hand when needed, so when it comes to having officers willing to help, you can count on me anytime. How many strikes do you have? 0 strikes. What qualifications would you bring to the 501st Officer Team? Some qualifications I can bring to the 501st officer team are suggestions and guidance as someone who has been a long-time player. We have a great officer team, and I’d love to work with them as an officer to help out with anything they may need. Have you had any previous experience as an officer? Yes, I’ve had previous experience as a 501st MAJ and ST COL. What is the purpose or duty of an officer? Becoming an officer holds a great amount of responsibility. Part of that is hosting tryouts and simulations to increase the 501st trooper count and giving constructive training to keep those said troopers in check for their best performance. Officers are meant to lead troopers during combat and host PDBs after an event to give out some lovely promotions to those trying their hardest out on the field. Word Counter: https://quillbot.com/grammar-check Thank you for taking the time to read my application. Enjoy your day! -Katie
  3. - What is your In-game name?: My in-game names are Doomlam & Dev. - What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:0:89589493 - What is your current rank?: My current rank is First-Sergeant (1SG) - How much time do you currently have on the server?: My current time on the server is 1 week - How long have you been in the 501st?: I have been with the 501st since 07/17/21 - What do you bring to the table as a 501st?: My sociable nature to the enlisted of other factions and the 501st. I like to engage in activities with them and have conversations with them, earning their trust and befriending them. Considering 501st is my main battalion, I dedicate my time on the server to it. My activity is a perk to this. I try my absolute best to get on at least once a day. Considering I finished tech school I will be on a lot more often. Maturity level has a great impact as well, giving the 501st's officers a good look. I do have a stern nature as well. I am not afraid to lay down the law even on the closest of friends. If I am to be an officer, I will do it right. - Why do you want to become an Officer?: I have been told by many other players that I should highly consider applying for a 501st officer position. Considering the 501st is my main battalion, I decided why not give it a shot. This will allow me to become more knowledgeable and accustom to the way things are run. I have room for improvement, and this will help me improve and grow. I would love to dedicate myself to become a leader within my favorite battalion. I have many ideas for training and SIM exercises I have been wanting to try, but recently numbers have been fairly slim. - What is the purpose/duty of an Officer?: The purposes/Duties of an officer consist of upholding the battalion and maintaining integrity. Enforcing those who are out of line. Assist those who require assistance, such as commanders and high authorities. Oversee NCOs and Enlisted activities. Following the rules of the server. Host SIMs on multiple occasions throughout the week. Host tryouts to obtain more enlisted within the battalion. Setting examples for others to follow and look up to. Have a proper mindset and don't lay off assistance. (If an ST is not acquainted with the knowledge that is needed to play on this server, educate them and get them ready for what the server has to offer them.)
  4. - What is your In-game name?: Gustav - What is your SteamID? (Ex. STEAM_0:1:59351617): STEAM_0:0:148216594 - What is your current rank?: 1SG - How much time do you currently have on the server?: 1 week+ - How long have you been in the 501st?: Since 12.07.2021 (Originally joined back in 28.12.2020) - What do you bring to the table as a 501st?: Let me start by saying that, i believe that every 501st officer has brought something unique about themselves, which makes the entire 501st battalion stronger, more stable and overall better. One of the primary things that i can bring is a lot of activity! Ever since I re-joined the 501st on 12/07/2021 I have been on every day from 16:00-05:00 (4pm-6am) with only a few days where i had to be inactive for a single day/couple of hours. Currently there is nothing pointing towards me having less time, so therefore i will be just as active if not even more as an Officer. I also believe i can bring maturity, things like “having fun” will of course happen, but that would be all in good times and always outside/away from any of the roleplaying. I have 0 warns/bans among all gaming light servers which is well reflected on my overall personal behavior. Currently we have a lot of newer 501st PVT´s and surprisingly they have respected and followed every guideline/order that i may have been giving them during roleplay scenarios. I think that all the MSG+ are well respected as i believe we have been able to show that we want to act serious durings events but also are capable of understanding all the members of the 501st no matter rank. - Why do you want to become an Officer?: The 501st has always had its place within me, every time I went on a Star Wars Roleplaying server, I would head to 501st bunks and ask if I could join a tryout. I want to become an Officer, since it's within my ambition and vision. I also want to become an Officer to help the current/future Officers with duties/tasks and other things that they might need help with, if they are offline/unable to help or assist at the time. I want to become an Officer because i could contribute a lot more to the 501st, and also it has just been a goal of mine ever since i first joined. I think that i could improve my leading skills a bit more but after hosting PDB, having the experience of trying to command 3 or more 501st at once, i dont feel its a issue for me at all, if its not at the right level now, it will be in just a short amount of time. - What is the purpose/duty of an Officer?: I believe the duties of an Officer are to make sure that, if someone within the 501st is minging/doing something which is against the 501st rules, then i believe the Officer(s) should report it to a higherup (and follow Chain Of Command while doing so). The Officer should also host tryouts/sims/training and assist NCOs/Enlisted when they need it. I would say that the purpose for the Officer(s) is also to help members of the 501st if they need help. So that they don’t have to contact the high command within 501st instantly with questions any Officer could answer (Chain Of Command). The purpose is also to make notes on who is doing well during events if there is no high up to do it, and should mainly look after the ranks below Officer. I think that Officers overall have to maintain the standards for the 501st - if not try to increase them to a higher level.
  5. Kev

    Kev's Officer App

    Kev's 501st officer app Rank You are Applying For: Officer/2LT In-Game Name: Kev SteamID : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198893347865/ Current Rank: SGT How long have you been in your current rank?: A day (I know its early but I know I can prove myself and will) What timezone are you in?: GMT How many Warns do you have?:0 Why should you be promoted (200 words Minimum): I should be promoted Because I have leadership skills being a previous VCMDR in IC then a Officer in IF and Therefore I can lead troops and know how to behave and act like a officer as well I am very active being on almost every day and throughout my time here on GL have only taken 1 LOA aswell I have set up sims before in past and hope to do more in 501st to try to increase activity aswell I hope to get more outside opinions on 501st to see what we can do to become a better battalion. Also I have never had a sit against me and can sort out battalion disputes. As well I am really passionate about 501st I hope this is shown through my activity and would love to help it grow to become a thriving battalion in Gaming light Imperial RP. Another reason why I should be promoted is I have experience in doing stuff outside of the server e.g helping with rosters keeping track of activity of the troopers and seeing who is being active and vice versa , as well I have led sims when a officer of 501st have appointed me to do so, meaning I can co-ordinate battalions to work together as of lately we have been doing sims with medical and I hope to continue this and add more battalions. Finally I have experience in IF a hard battalion to get to officer in, as there was only 2 spots and its very competitive and will prove myself in 501st to be a a good officer and do all the tasks that is needed of me. (278 words) You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): Yes
  6. 501st Officer application process and guidelines Hello and welcome to the application format for 501st officer. Please follow all the rules and regulations that are stated in this post, and make sure to fill out all requirements before posting your application. !FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE RULES STATED WILL RESULT IN A INSTANT DENIAL! REQUIREMENTS Must be of the rank of SGT or higher NCO. Must not have any strikes. Must have a good sense of knowledge in the 501st SOP. Lead by example, not by choice. Format Steam Name?: Steam ID?: Ingame Name?: Callsign?: Current Rank?: When were you promoted?: How long have you been in the 501st (roughly)?: Do you promise to uphold all rules en-stated by Gaming Light and by the many 501st Protocols?: Do you promise to uphold your duties as an officer in leadership, mentoring, problem-solving, ect.?: Do you promise that you will listen and respect your lower/higher rankings?: Why do you want to become an officer in the 501st? (150 WORDS+): I understand when I become an officer, I will show the competence and no weakness: yes/no I understand if I am punished, I will be set back to NCO: yes/no
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