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    Mega Suggestion

    You know that gave me an idea. Maybe have a type of map where we could have citizens be the base role instead and they can either pick one side or the other. It would basically be a throwaway role for people to join as and the empire can have speeches in front of them showing off power while the rebels might even just attack and show they are not that powerful. I don't know but it's ideas like that, that can only be done with people being citizens and we'll I don't see any other reason for that role other then for the first job they spawn as.
  2. Slade

    Mega Suggestion

    As I stated the commanders would be in a Naval position so they can overlook their sub-branches sort of say better. I am not saying get rid of passive RP as I stated they would still be able to do all of that but having it as its own branch just like something like the 501st is nonsensical. Look what I was trying to get at was that it should be something that they specialize instead of limit themselves too. From the looks of an outside there is many more things to achieve with the two lives the server provides. Now of course there are people who want to only do passive RP that is why there is an option of still having an engineer job just not as a while battalion. Right now I am currently the only one in charge of 69th, I know what it is like for you right now since we both rely heavily on passive RP. That is why we need to have it not as a battalion but as a division of sorts people can train to become and enjoy but also not restrict themselves to it and just let them get bored and inactive. On the topic of other Commanders. Well that is not for me to decide but if I were to suggest it. Remove shocks inactive commanders. Put Youtube as Shock CMDR and Krug and Tick as VCMDR's
  3. Slade

    Mega Suggestion

    What do you want to see? - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Firstly I would like to suggest that Stormtroopers should not be a solidified branch if it is the job that everyone starts off on. This leads to many problems with the commander having trouble keeping track or having space for everyone in the server. To fix this issue I would think that instead of having every battalion go out in their own individual regiments they should all switch over to stormtroopers and keep the rank they had equivalent. Basically if you are a Shock SGT and we are going off ship you should be a SGT for ST's and help command infantry or a Shock PVT and go join ST PVT and be the bulk of the army.. Now this shouldn't count as a life and it really only applies for off ship events but it makes things simpler and more realistic as you wouldn't see Nova or Shock really fighting it out with rebels on Ryloth. No you would see a legion of all white stormtroopers. Now some complications that might come up with this are probably going to be addressed I will answer the ones at least I thought of while thinking of this. Firstly promotions, promotions due to off ship events should count still for the regiment they are in as their life. If they are in multiple regiments then it will be up to the commanders of each regiment if they should get promoted in both or just in one. Now that brings up another problem, what if they are COL in one branch and CPL in another? Well that is easy, they would go out as the highest rank they have available and if the other branch wishes to promote them for their actions that is up to the commander of that branch. Thirdly specialty branches, now 69th, and Engineer have a vital part in any off ship event and well for now how things are I would say that they can void this rule but I have a suggestion later on that will cover this topic. The 501st legion should be allowed to stay as the 501st during offship events especially when Vader is there as he controls their every movement and they should be sent on specialty missions. Starfighters can be given the option to go on ground or go in the sky if the map is big enough for it. Depends on the event but it should be GM's choice to let Starfighters get in TIE's for the event. Commando's Again same as 501st but they should really be focusing on flanks and not staying with the bulk of the stormtroopers. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Battalion Removal, now this has been a topic people have been talking about and discussing but it needs to be done. EC and 69th need to be regimental. We need to have engineer's who are able to set up barricades and also make temporary fortress's while our men are moving across a land. They should honestly never have been a battalion as well you can see when there is nothing happening event wise they have nothing to do. Now with the 69th this also needs to be regimental and should be only activated during off ship events or if some people certified want to do checkups in medbay. With my earlier suggestion I mentioned that 69th and Engineer and well there should be one Combat Medic job and one Combat Engineer job not one for each battalion, they should be for stormtroopers and only really need to be utilized when they are off ship. Now with this they obviously should have something on ship and that is where this takes a turn. Medical should have their own versions of the navy models and Engineer should have the same with their commanders now in naval instead of making their own branch. On ship people trained as Combat Engineer can have the opportunity to flag up and do passive rp if they want without representing a dead battalion they are just individuals who help the ship every so often and when they are not active as that they could be a part of another regiment and gather the ranks their. Now with Medical things are a little complicated and well Medics should also have the opportunity to be in Medbay if they so wish but they should mostly work on other battalions instead of again being forced to be on battalion that should have never been one. They become Combat Medic's when off ship and when they want they can be medics in the Medbay to assist. Now there is another two regiments that should be removed and that is Nova and DT they should also never have been their own battalions they should honestly have been subdivisions for the actual security branch which is shock. Imagine it this way. Shock Enlisted always stay as shock and guard posts. NCO's can have the chance to supervise the enlisted when they are on or maybe switch to Nova to guard more vital areas like the upper levels of the bridge. Finally you could have Officers in shock be trusted enough to get trained as a Death Trooper and protect the highest level individuals or maybe just supervise as Nova or as Shock. It is simple and should have been how Shock started off. Makes the battalion more interesting and rewards those who do their jobs as they climb the ranks! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Constant Combat, well this is a weird suggestion but there is a reason why people are always so bored and not hopping on. It is because there is nothing to do! This doesnt make it GM's fault as they have other things to do and can't be told to do events every day every hour but there should be at least something to do on the ship. That is why SCPRP is so successful, that is why PoliceRP is so successful! They always have something to do! Now if that means we have to be off ship all the time then I would say do it because well if we have a map where it is an Imperial outpost. We can still have Naval on. They can be the people in charge of the outpost although maybe not called Naval maybe called Imperial Officers. With this you can have also a rebel outpost that people can join and always have some sort of fighting going on to keep people interested! Obviously this idea needs more then me thinking about it and I would love opinions on how to make it work because I think it would help activity a lot! Now if we were to keep it on a ship I would say maybe also have a place maybe where we hold Rebel prisoners on a well bigger brig. Have it to where it is kind of like SCPRP where rebels are always attempting to escape off the ship and they want to get to the armory and try to fight their way off! This gives Shock something more then other ST's to yell at and also gives them actual combat to have instead of standing still all day asking for ID's. Also it gives that other sense of hey there is something happening how can I help! or how can I join! It keeps people interested and will definitely start increasing activity! Now of course we can also have off ship events and well if they want to switch to rebels to fight the empire GM's will have to brief them on what to do and who to protect. If this becomes a thing we should have it where Rebel Prisoner is the first job to join instead of ST Cadet because there they can discover stuff to do instead of waiting for training's. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also we should have a consistantly changing story, I have heard multiple times this is going to be an alternate timeline of sorts where the empire reigns supreme. Well then lets start having events like that! We need to start having storyline events that tell something compelling, The deathstar maybe destroys the rebel alliance for good and in their destruction the empire has some time proud and confident but then an outside force could come and suddenly they have an actual war. I don't know something interesting to keep people interested as stories should have really been going constantly with a young server like ours but instead we had the first weekend of fun and then the weekdays it died off. We need to keep people coming back and something different from "Oh yay the empire is fighting the rebellion" every time. It gets boring. And yes I know we also have events vs aliens or zombies but that doesnt tell a story. That is just basic combat! We need to put our thinking caps on and start making something fun for everyone! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why should we add it? - Add's activity to the server, cleans the way regiments look, add's side jobs for people to play if they wish, and gains popularity on the server. What are the advantages of having this? - Listed above ^ Who is it mainly for? - Everyone! Links to any content - None
  4. Was given permission to join from me.
  5. Slade

    Slade's Resignation

    Yeah well I just wasn't really motivated to be apart of Command anymore. I shouldn't continue doing something if I don't want to especially if it is voluntary like this. I hope you can understand. If the time comes and I feel to it I will return one day, as a LT. #Cryo4DHOS
  6. Nothing fancy, just yeah you saw this coming as I was on ImperialRP most of the time guys. Keep going hard guys! #TwoSixforHOS
  7. What is your in-game name?: Slade What is your steam name?: [GL] Slade What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:0:105394047 Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain) A previous Staff in Training in GTA V DoJRP // Manager Assistant in GTA V ZSR // Staff in GTA V AsgardRP // and previous moderator in SCP-RP // Currently a Senior Moderator in ImperialRP What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly) July 15th, 2019 What date did you make your forums account? July 16th, 2019 Current rank on server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not a RP Rank)? GM Senior Moderator How many warns do you have on the server? None Have you donated? Yes, $527 What rank are you applying for? Admin Have you read the staff guidelines? You will be tested on it: Yes Timezone: EST Permission (Admin+ need this): Manager: Hotshot Superadmin: Calamity, Adam, Campbell Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (Can be any length) I believe that I deserve this rank due to my abilities to be a passive but yet assertive staff member with sits and other problems that might occur in the server (Ex. Whitelisting, Warns, Assisting Events). Another reason that I believe that I deserve this rank is because of my leadership skills shown in the Inquisitor Branch and also in the 69th Division. I am a Lord in Inquisitor and a VCMDR in 69th and both of those positions were earned when I applied for VCMDR and Inquisitor when I started on day one as an apprentice and have rose through the ranks. Other then those accomplishments I have also been in SCPRP as a Captain and spent months rising through the ranks before making my focus now ImperialRP. Finally the biggest reason I think I deserve Admin is because of how I treat people like how I want to be treated and how quick I am to understand a situation and how to respond appropriately. How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? I would handle the sit as calmly as possible and attempt to speak to the individual and understand they might either be angry or just be trolling at this point and if it is the angry part I would do my best to calm the individual down and explain to them again the rules of the server before and warn them or deliver higher tier punishments based on their previous warns if any. For the individual I believe to be trolling I would try to get them to understand that this is a semi-serious RP server and if they wish to continue their actions it would only result in a kick or ban from the server (that is depending if they listen to me) if they listen and understand I will leave them with a warning and if I have to bring them into the sit again I will continue the tiers of punishments. If they don't happen to listen I will just go up in the tiers of punishments in the sit by warning them for the RDM and disrespect if the cursing is directed at me.
  8. Weapon Update - Cross Arms (cross_arms_swep) - Cross Arms Infront (cross_arms_infront_swep) - Bacta Injector Health Upgrade +1000 Health Upgrade: PAID +1000 Health Upgrade: PAID
  9. Was Given permission from me to join the job.
  10. Information In-Game Name: Slade SteamID: STEAM_0:0:105394047 Server: ImperialRP Overview Custom Job Name: Emperor's Wrath Color of Job: 0,0,0 (Black) Job Description: The Emperor's Wrath was a position created by the Emperor of the reconstituted Sith Empire and reinstated by Emperor Palpatine. The position requires that an individual serve as a personal enforcer and executioner for the Emperor, taking orders directly from the Emperor and his most loyal disciples. Model: (models/stickytar/players/femalesith2.mdl) Weapons Lightsaber Hilt: models/starwars/cwa/lightsabers/darkforcephase1.mdl Lightsaber Name: Emperor's Wrath's Lightsaber Lightsaber Specs: Dark Inner Blade Lightsaber Color: 36,36,36 Lightsaber Length: 50 Force Powers: Force Leap, Force Reflect, Group Heal, Force Lightning, Lightning Coil Pistol (If allowed still without extra charge): DL-44 (rw_sw_dl44) Primary (If allowed still without extra charge): TL-50 (rw_sw_tl50) Extra Charges $50 Inquisitor Upgrade: PAID @General Hotshot If you could review the information above and approve it I would appreciate it. I want to make sure that your alright with everything before Zeeptin continues with the creation of the job.
  11. Name: Slade Security Rank: CPT FTO Rank: SFTO Why should you keep your rank? (SFTO+ must respond): My experience in the FTO department I think makes me viable to keep my own rank including the ability to help suggest and improve this department so that way things can always improve. Any notes or questions?: n/a
  12. I would think a modified ISB model but I would want the communities opinion on changing models before I really find a solid one.
  13. What do you want to see? - I want to see the Medical Division get passive roleplay models, an addition of Emergancy Response Team as a Medical Subdivision, finally also the addition of Regimental Medical Squads as a Medical Subdivision. Why should we add it? - Firstly I believe that the models should be added so that way while on ship or setting up a temporary outpost on an off ship event they can roleplay without being in stormtrooper armor which in honesty looks silly that a surgery can be done in storm trooper outfits. It just makes more sense. Secondly the Emergency Response Team (ERT) will be a subdivision to add basically field medics and they will respond to troopers in distress to give them the best care possible in the field and then transport them to the nearest medical outpost. They can be set up in storm trooper armor for protection and have a standard E-11 blaster to defend themselves but they should never be focused on combat only healing individuals. Finally the Regimental Medical Squads (RMS) will be a subdivision run by the Medical Division and allows regiments to assign or volunteer to become a basic combat medic for each regiment and gain a basic understanding of first aid. With this whenever a Regimental Medic is obviously getting overwhelmed or they just need more assistance that is where ERT comes into play since ERT will be more experienced and able to help transport injured subjects to the medical outpost easier. What are the advantages of having this? - All three of the suggestions I gave allows for medical to focus on passive rp which is their main purpose and also allows them to not be locked into a small room while others have to drag themselves there. It makes sense for a response to come and assist and bring back the injured. Also I think having Regimental squads for medical is great since if 69th isn't always on they can provide basic care and keep their regiment going. Who is it mainly for? - Technically the Medical Division but it also affects other regiments so I would like the opinion and also to speak with about implementing this with. @C. Perkins | 101 @KyleTheOne @EnableStealth @Quaked @Jesse @HeadShot720 @bdogz1 Links to any content - N/A