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  1. Who even were you?
  2. Emoonk


    resign. 48 yes.
  3. Grade: Quality [ 90/100 ] Lore: 15/20 - I think there is some Lore function here being broken. Creativity: 20/20 - I don't know how the human brain can conjure something like this to reality. Good SCP choice and good(ish) idea. Presentation: 20/20 - Format followed, good photos, and an overall great document. Writing: 35/40 - Noticed a few grammar errors, but nothing big. A good quantity of writing.
  4. Test has been assigned for grading.
  5. Test has been assigned for grading.
  6. Test has been assigned for grading.
  7. I am in a position in my life where I can not increase my in-game activity for Alpha-1. To compensate this, I dedicate a lot of my time (such as waking up at 6am and checking roster, discord, LOAs, etc...) towards Alpha-1. After you heard me say this, you responded with the words: "Do not overstay your welcome." Off of that one statement alone, I can already tell where the whole situation was going. Instead of being forced to resign, such as many good OGs have been, I wanted to leave on my own accord to smooth out my exit.
  8. I was told if I did not increase activity I was going to be asked to resign. In my current lifestyle, I literally can not increase activity. After I said that, along with everything I have done / do for Alpha-1, you told me to not overstay my welcome.
  9. You are right, I could have waited until I was forced resigned. "Don't overstay your welcome" you said. I am just listening to you.
  10. Check if Krug is in the MTF discord right now.
  11. Name: Emoonk Rank: COL Reason for Leaving: I have been told to increase activity, but I can not due to more important things in life. Everything OOC I have contributed towards Alpha-1 isn't proving my activity to the server, and that's all I have left. Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours? No.
  12. Test has been assigned for grading.
  13. Test has been assigned for grading. Grade: Sub-Standard [ 40/100 ] Lore: 10/20 - I do not believe a D-Class can outrun SCP-173, but in your additional notes you did state that SCP-173 was the "statue/peanut" which is indeed true. Creativity: 10/20 - Usually 173 tests are dull, but the idea of the D-Class possibly dying to Nigeria caught my eye and was unique. Presentation: 15/20 - Format was slightly off but visually pleasing. Writing: 5/40 - Length was short, and I did notice some grammar mistakes, it was however in English, which is good.