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  1. Lore Name: Emoonk Brief Description of Character: A non-specialized Researcher open to testing on all types of SCPs, big or small. From testing on SCP-999 to leading a cross-test between 076-2, 914, and 682, Emoonk will push the limits to learn more and carry on the message of Research. He does not fall to quantity > quality, however. Out of the 14 published logs, he has only received 1 grade that was not quality. Having a solid performance in his time of researching and now assisting the Research Managers, plus looking over the lower-ranked Researchers carry out their tasks; Emoonk has given it his all since day 1 and does not plan on stopping. Are you a member of, or currently applying for Command?: I am a Research Assistant Manager. An entity has been reported to have manifested on the surface and is observed to be in a state of dormancy. After the area had been secured by local MTF, you are called up by Administration and have been told to bring two personnel of any kind with you, along with any equipment you need that is within your clearance. How will you prepare your trip to the surface? (100 Words): When I first receive the call, I would call on a Junior Researcher and a Lead Researcher to join me. This contrast of experience would allow the Lead Researcher the ability to act as a supervisor of the Junior Researcher while I handle the entity, and the Junior Researcher would get to learn a lot about Research through field experience. After assembling the two personnel, I would make sure to have tools to document the entity. This can either be a camera or if this entity is non-recordable, a pen and paper would do to write down rough notes. Seeing as how we do not know what this entity may or may not do, I would bring a fire extinguisher in case it has flammable properties. I would have a gun on me as I would usually do. That would be anything extra other than my regular, day-to-day kit. You make your way up to the surface, and there stood the entity. It turns to you and begins to speak with you. After assurance by MTF that verbal contact will not result in aggravation, you begin to ask it questions. What are those questions? (50 Words): Seeing as this entity has the ability to speak English, I would ask questions assuming it has a basic IQ. I would ask simple questions such as, "Who are you?" "What are you made of?" "Why, or how did you get here?". These questions would give us the ability to check our databases to see if we have had past interactions with said entity. If this SCP has not been documented, I would ask more analytical questions trying to immediately learn more about this entity, as I would later write a file on the entity. Not long after, the entity begins to grow increasingly agitated for reasons you may have possibly discovered during your investigation. In a fit of rage, the entity begins to cut down nearby MTF, leaving only you and the two personnel you have brought, in the midst of the carnage. How will you handle the calamity? Do you try to reason with it? Or do you turn a tail and retreat? (100 Words): Seeing as it was strong enough to cut down the MTF guarding it, and conversing with it was the reason it got agitated; I would retreat, prioritizing the safety of the two personnel that I brought along. It's only fair, as I was expected to come and they were chosen to go. In an event where the entity is catching up, I would do my best to stall time before it catches up to us. If the situation calls for it, I would encase the data collected to the two personnel, as I would hope this incident could be documented for the better future of Research.
  2. Grade: Quality [ 95/100 ] Lore: /20 - While I can't really grade the "lore" of the SCP, the interactions with 682 seemed lore-friendly. The lore you made for it was followed consistently through the log. Creativity: 20/20 - The idea seems unique, and I am not going to dig through 5000 SCPs to see if you copied one. I trust you Presentation: 20/20 - Format for SCPs was followed properly, and looks very neat. Writing: 35/40 - Some small grammar errors, and unneeded repetition.
  3. Grade: Standard [ 85/100 ] Lore: 20/20 - Symptoms of SCP-008 were followed properly. Creativity: 15/20 - This SCP is not typically tested on, but the idea behind it was not that creative. Presentation: 15/20 - While the format was followed, I believe going above and beyond with the usage of bolding, italics, colors, etc... could really help. Writing: 35/40 - The wording was good and detailed. Reading the paragraphs were a little challenging, and tracking the "instances" (008-1, 008-2) caused some confusion.
  4. Emoonk

    The Return...

    MTF will be seeing me soon.
  5. I remember the times I would see you turn a corner, we would be face-to-face, and you would just scream and sprint at full speed away. Good bye minge!
  6. How does it feel to waste 3 years of your life?
  7. I personally believe there should be a sub-section of Research called "Research Logs". SCP should be a place to discuss SCPs and their state in the foundation. Either way, +SUPPORT!
  8. Name: Dr. Emoonk [ JR, AR, R, SR, LR, RS, RAM ] Stationed Facility: Site-05 History: Emoonk was recruited to the foundation through the [REDACTED] Program after graduating from the University of Waterloo. With a knack for experimenting and an abundant amount of testing done, Emoonk climbed through the ranks of Research relatively fast. Sitting at the current position of Research Assistant Manager allows him to assist the lower-ranking Researchers, and have potentially dangerous access to certain SCPs. Emoonk has written logs on the following SCP: SCP-049 - Emotional Analysis of SCP-049 SCP-098 - SCP-098's Exoskeleton Testing SCP-066 - Training SCP-066 Against Destroying Recording Devices SCP-999 - The Trolley Dilemma and SCP-999 SCP-194 - Distinguishing SCP-194 and Ravens via Stimuli SCP-038 - Observations of SCP-038 SCP-2019 - Testing The Limits of SCP-2019's Abilities SCP-035 - SCP-035 Interview SCP-294 - In-Depth Analysis of "SCP-106" Drink from SCP-294 Cross-Tests: Comparing SCP-1025's and SCP-457's Burns Interaction Between SCP-999 and SCP-770 SCP-999 Interactions With SCP-008 Can SCP-999 Counter SCP-513 SCP-682 vs. A "Very Fine" SCP-076-2 Last Updated 1/16/20
  9. +support Good effort seen in Research and can translate that over to Alpha-1
  10. Grade: Standard [ 85/100 ] Lore: 20/20 - Lore follows perfectly. Creativity: 10/20 - While it was executed well, this was not that creative of an idea and has been seen many times in the past. Presentation: 20/20 - Format followed. You could have used the interview format, but this one still worked. Writing: 35/40 - I am not a big fan of seeing a link to the wiki as your "background research". Show me what you specifically read and how it relates to the goal of your logs. Grammar and vocabulary are on point.
  11. Grade: Standard [ 85/100 ] Lore: 20/20 - I like where the lore is going. While some may say it's breaking lore but I say screw them. Creativity: 15/20 - The reactions of SCP-049 are well thought out. I like the depth of the interview. Presentation: 15/20 - Personally, the text size made the thing a little harder to read, but everything else was nice. Writing: 35/40 - The length of this log specifically is making me doc 5 marks. The grammar and vocab are good quality, but there isn't a lot of it. Just put in a little more effort, and I believe your next log can be a quality one!
  12. Grade: Standard [ 80/100 ] Lore: 20/20 - Reactions were lore-friendly and didn't push any borders. Creativity: 10/20 - Happy to see an interview on the returned SCP. I like the idea of the serum, but figuring out the pestilence has been already attempted a lot. Presentation: 10/20 - While this format wasn't bad. The official format is in this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bzkwxJ_hp_xph1ZQAvsbUeqQ9nP4NMPOLO9UlQY-ePU/edit?usp=sharing Writing: 40/40 - Grammar and spelling are on point.
  13. Emoonk

    Test with SCP-066

    Grade: Sub-Standard [ 50/100 ] Lore: 20/20 - Lore followed properly. Creativity: 0/20 - We already understand this in the lore, and it is quite an obvious reaction. The idea was very small as well, I recommend trying to think of more unique ideas. Presentation: 20/20 - Format followed. Writing: 10/40 - Grammar and spelling were good. The overall log was pretty short, however.
  14. +support If we have a player requirement for self breaching, then we could have one for lights.