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  1. -support The rank of Palpatine is MEANT to not be seen every single day. In lore you would rarely see him on an ISD other than his own and even less likely fighting on the ground. The rank is there to have the final say and check High Command, Vader is not "staff only" as you say and he can do essentially everything Palpatine can but has the Manager above them as a power check. In every GL server, this highest rank is held by the Manager and that wont change
  2. ACCEPTED Come speak to me in Teamspeak -Grand General Shaxx
  3. DENIED This is no longer an applied rank and can only be given to a current CMDR of a branch. -Grand General Shaxx
  4. DENIED -Grand General Shaxx
  5. ACCEPTED -Grand General Shaxx
  6. Denied, transferred out -Grand General Shaxx
  7. ACCEPTED Come speak to myself or Tarkin in Teamspeak -Grand General Shaxx
  8. -Support part of the purpose of the merchant is that the part stay rare. If you have a constant influx of the parts it makes having those parts less special
  9. Denied, AWOL -Grand General Shaxx
  10. ACCEPTED Come speak to me in Teamspeak -Grand General Shaxx
  11. Accepted I guess, he got promoted to VCMDR
  12. Accepted, come speak to me ingame -Grand General Shaxx
  13. Come speak to me in Teamspeak @aDaddy -Grand Moff Tarkin
  14. Accepted, come speak to me in Teamspeak -Grand Moff Tarkin