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  1. Recently, research has become very inactive, and the current Head of Research has stepped down, we currently have an acting HOR (Dr. Clef) but are looking for a new HOR. To those that apply, the community will be able to provide feedback by either +, -, or +/- supporting your application with a valid reason. If you are intrested in applying follow the format below and make a post in the research section (credit to mike): -------------------------------------------- Title: [Your Name] ~ HOR App -------------------------------------------- In-game name: Current time on the server (use tab menu): How active would you say you are? (1-10): How many warns do you have (If so what are they? and give proof): Have you received any strikes before? Why should we accept you? (150+ words): What can you bring to the table as HOR? (No requirement): This will be looked through in a few days to a week!
  2. Your in game name: Jeffe Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:59895011 The player's in game name: VII Family, Specifically Asian, Whiskey the Bartender, James Vania The player's steam ID (required): James Vania(STEAM_0:1:162134112), VII Whiskey the Bartender VII(STEAM_0:106669777), VII Asian VII(STEAM_0:419514622) What did the player do: Multiple accounts of FailRP when it comes to negotiating, the clip shows them giving me 10 seconds to get all PD to DOC from bank then one of them shooting me with an AWP while I was negotiating, also, you can see James adverting assist without VII in his name and then changing it at 2:19 when it says in the MOTD: "After changing your name to join a family, you may not assist/help out anyone in that family with any criminal activity for a total of 3 minutes". They also ran out of the vault during an active robbery and tried to kill the negotiator Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player: Overall, a warn for each of them and a family strike since this isnt the first run in myself or other players have had with them. I feel that they should all be warned for either FailRPx2/ARDM for the hostage thing and that James should be also warned for the name thing Any extra information: Gamik told me to make this, also dont question my loud breathing, my mic is just rarted
  3. When u flex since you've been with GL since September 2016
  4. Name: Jeffe Rank: Member # Events Ran: 7 How will you improve yourself on this team going forward? I will try and help the new ET members run events and teach guide them from the sidelines, as I am currently marked as an event assistant on the roster
  5. -Support copied application
  6. Jeffe

    Remembering Mike

    SMT/EMT: "Don't call SMT/EMT things like dad" Mike: "Don't worry, Daddy Mike will take care of it" Mike: "Wait, I just broke my own guidelines"
  7. Only like 5% of the time tho, the other 95% hes either getting memed or memeing someone
  8. +/- Support I do feel that there are lots of older community members, such as myself that have warns from 2016 or 2017 that have proven themselves responsible, so maybe like warns over 1 year old or something could be removed