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  1. @Logan not gonna include me, U R M E M I N G M E K I D
  2. Server: SCP-RP CC Name: Task Force Beta-29 'Acid Rain' SteamID that paid: STEAM_0:0:59895011 Changes: tfa_honeybadger to tfa_pkm - $10 tfa_csgo_glock18 to tfa_nmrih_fubar - $10 Add STEAM_0:0:191338037 - $20 Server: SCP-RP Job Name: Iota-10 Damn Feds Changes: tfa_usc to tfa_vector - $10 Total: $50, paid in $50 custom donation Both CCs are owned by me
  3. Should only be for foundation CCs or CCs that SPAWN in CI Base
  4. Jeffe

    Teleport Bug

    I had this happen where I TPed in to a friend's base to do Rig together and I got pushed through a wall into 4 Auto Turrets and died instantly
  5. we have insta craft rn, suggesting it changed to 1/2 or vanilla craft speed
  6. What you want to see? - I would like to see some things reworked with the progression of the Rust server Gather/Loot Rate - Changed to 2x or 3x : Reason is that you can literally get enough mats for a base from 1 stone node and 1 tree Blueprints - Changed from all unlocked to only Level 1 BPs unlocked by default : There is mainly no use for scrap except buying stuff from Bandit and Outpost, Plus all you need to get end game gear is the mats to craft it (I had a full HQM base down and 3 AKs in about 10 minutes of joining the server) Donation Kits: Essentially 3 hours after the server wipes you can give yourself mid/end game gear and enough mats to build a clan base out of armored/sheet. My suggestion to fix this would be to make the VIP Kit something like this: Semi Pistol or Revolver, 10k wood, 5k stone, 30 extra pistol bullets, 5 syringes, wolf headdress & full wood gear, 100 Low Grade, 200 cloth, 500 metal frags, and 150 scrap. And VIP+ Kit something like this: Thompson or Custom SMG, 60 extra bullets, 10 syringes, 20k wood, 10k stone, Coffee Can & Roadsign Gear, 200 Low Grade, 500 Cloth, 1k Metal Frags, and 300 scrap. The main thing that the VIP and VIP+ kits do right now is give you a ridiculous amount of materials to base with, more than 10 times the amount the building kit gives you. Also to note I have bought VIP+ and these are my opinions of using it, so Im not just saying it because I cant afford it that it should be nerfed, I use it and I still think it should be. Radiation: Rads should be re added to monuments as is prevents people from spawning in and just running into mid tier monuments instead of actually farming for a base and getting clothes, also makes Launch Site a slightly challenging monument and not just free loot Insta Craft - Change to 1/2 Craft: Makes people take time to craft raidables and such instead of just being able to make them mid raid instantly when they need more Why should we add it? - Honestly right now (Completely my opinion) there is no real progression on the server since you start with everything unlocked and the loot table + 5x make loot so easy to come by and there is no reason to really compete for monuments, right now there is no gap between the people who have just joined and those who spend time on the server farming and getting loot, the server also just needs What are the advantages of having this? - Balances the server out, makes it so you dont just start with everything, you have to work for it which alot of Rust players feel like it a core element of the game Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - N/A
  7. Rang imma have to say nah for that M16A4 if it’s the M9K one, its WAY to broken to be given to that low a rank in GENSEC
  8. -Support SCPs are already chaotic enough, if 035 can let SCPs out AND let them between zones without cracking then Researchers have no chance of doing any RP
  9. Winchester (from M9K) is very OP and will probably be denied especially if this will spawn in D Block
  10. +Support Clear as Day calling you the Hard R then saying F You
  11. Thought this is already a rule if I’m not mistaken, atleast it used to be
  12. also from the M9k pack pretty sure
  13. -Support no format no steamid poorly written