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  1. Jeffe


    +Support tbh there have been so many times late at night where we cant train simply bc no staff
  2. -support we dont have enough members to fill all current battalions right now
  3. Please do not argue on peoples applications
  4. -support your app was already denied for this rank and you got Sub LT instead, I don't believe you should receive this rank as it is a massive jump and Naval already has a stable command structure
  5. Name: Jeffe (Not Confirmed to be correct) Surname(s): Unknown Under Investigation Age: 43 Place of Birth: Unknown Outer Rim Race: Human Family: Wife and Children, whereabouts unkown Branch of Service: Imperial Navy Rank: Commander Vice Admiral Assignment: Star Destroyer Devastator Personality: Appears to have a split personality, sometimes described as very calm and soft-spoken, other times has been seen shouting at troopers who disobey. Overall consistency is loyalty to the Empire Backstory: What we have on file is quite limited, as witness accounts are limited due to the high casualty rate. From what we know was found in the deep jungles on a planet containing rebels, several troopers were reported MIA during the mission and it is assumed that how he snuck on board was by taking one of their armor and following the group. The only reason he was found as soon as he was is that he ended up scoring a large amount of confirmed kills during the battle and was summoned for commendation whereupon, he revealed himself. The Captain of the ship decided against executing him due to the fact he was able to blend in and get onto the Destroyer unnoticed, and took him under his wing. As it turned out he was one of the non-clone officers serving in the Republic Navy and had went into hiding during the wars when he found out what was truly going on. He excelled in most tests that he was given, enough so that some strings were pulled to get him into a Naval Academy. He graduated top of his class and upon his assignment to the Devestator was assigned the rank of Commander due to his previous experience, and has recently achieved the rank of Vice Admiral for his efforts. Military Accolades: Several medals from his time in the Republic Navy, Imperial awards are pending Views: Has openly expressed to Grand Moff Tarkin that he is "Greatly thankful for the Empire's kindness" and when asked about his family responded that he "doesn't get to see them much due too not taking much time off, due to [his] loyalty to [his] duties". Believed to be extremely compliant with Empire standards and has been found to be quite strict towards those under his command and does not tolerate failure. In the words of a former subordinate regarding his policy on following codes , "That man will sniff out anything you shouldn't have and immediately spot if you don't have something you should."
  6. Okay so then all naval should get equivalent ranks in any battalion they want so they can use it on the field meaning Pentagon would be another General and I would be a BG, along with the rest of the Naval getting officer ranks in a battalion of their choosing, since we would have no way to play during events. The server is for FUN over complete realism, you wouldnt see Palpatine in an attack against a minor rebel base would you?
  7. maybe make it so all the things except the finishers cost less
  8. Please make sure suggestions are pertinent and relevant! Please include content with your suggestion! don't just say "it is out there somewhere" What do you want to see? - Adding the Animations SWEPs from CW and SCP Why should we add it? - aesthetics and it looks better than just having everyone stand their doing nothing What are the advantages of having this? - looks really nice and improves RP with the addded animations Who is it mainly for? - Naval, Officers, HC Links to any content -
  9. Sorry chief but gonna have to be a -support from me, I dot really see you on much anymore and the other things about your previous command position turns me away from +supporting
  10. +/-Support while this is not okay, there is no hard evidence, only copied and pasted messages
  11. Name: Jeffe Identification (SteamID): STEAM_0:0:59895011 Do you have a Donation Rank (Ex. Platinum, Bronze): Bronze Trello Name (Username): Jeffe Current Rank: Member Do you wish to stay on the Team: Yes Can you stay active throughout the school season: Yesn't
  12. +Support definitely has the RP experience needed, hes been the Head GM on 2 servers
  13. a Commander and two Vices have already been accepted chief
  14. This was on 1944RP and was pretty cool, also the fortifications ARE destructable with bullets so thats a balance built in +support