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  1. +/- support is cool and all but a bit to long and also we wouldn’t be able to make a button for it without talking to the mapper
  2. @Hannah King Thing is, my birthday just happens to be 2 days after SRTs so this was a great weekend
  3. Jeffe

    penguin warn

    +Support warning staff confirmed false
  4. Im working on it, just my GMOD machine semi broke
  5. Where's the credit to X B?
  6. RoCkFoRd CiTy PoLiCe DePaRtMeNt SpEcIaL wEaPoNs AnD tAcTiCs CoMmAnDeR mYaNdAbEaSt
  7. You forgot the part when I lit on fire in the middle of the interview and just said “Not Again”
  8. +Support only downside I see is would be hard to enforce
  9. @BigJohnny we already have 2 of them, and it wont spawn in D Block if you get it (what Igneous said) so just letting you know
  10. Hi my name is Jeffe I move the Aventador up to Commander to piss of Blitzton