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  1. Denied Upon review, Naval High Command have decided not to accept your application for this Specialty Officer position
  2. ACCEPTED Upon review, Naval High Command has decided to accept your application for this specialty position
  3. ACCEPTED Upon review, Naval High Command has decided to accept your application for this specialty position
  4. ACCEPTED Upon review, Naval High Command has decided to accept your application for this specialty position
  5. There have been 2 scheduled restarts since this was marked completed, im just wondering when it will be added in actually for the server because it still isnt, I still spawn with 300 HP, and there is still only space for 1 person at a time on the job Server: Imperial RP Job: VoidWalker Squadron
  6. When your pizza rolls are NOT done and you dont get a mention
  7. Accepted Since you are the only VCMDR you will be moving up the position of 501st Commander
  8. Imperial RP VoidWalker Squadron paid for a 2nd person to join but there is only 1 job slot it also says in the CC format that an Imperial Class has base 200 HP and I paid for 200 extra so I should have 400 but I have 300
  9. In-Game Name: Jeffe/Tarkin SteamID: STEAM_0:0:59895011 Server: Imperial RP Custom Job Name: VoidWalker Squadron Color of Job (MUST BE IN RGB FORMAT 255,255,255): 166,16,30 Job Description: VoidWalker Squadron is an extremely small and handpicked division within the Imperial Marines of the Stormtrooper Corps. They are infamous for their "Nova Bombs", the launcher that each of them carries, as well as their ability in both space combat and ground combat. They appear to wear a modified version of ARC armor outfitted for boarding and close quarters as well as engineered for comfort on long scouting missions. Model: models/player/arf/arf/arftrooper/arftrooper.mdl Approved by Hotshot to fit for lore Weapons (One primary, One secondary, Must be in the weapon pack for the associated server. MUST BE ENTITY NAME SUCH AS tfa_csgo_awp NOT AWP) : Primary: rw_sw_tusken_cycler Secondary: cc2018_dual_dc15p_red Add 2 weapons ($40): rw_sw_smartlauncher (approved by Hotshot), rw_sw_dc15a Add 200 HP ($20) Lockpick or Medkit (Medkit or Keypad Cracker for SCP-RP): Imperial RP CC comes with bacta injector Faction: Trooper Add Player Krug ($20): STEAM_0:1:454410711 Totals: $90 paid by STEAM_0:0:59895011 $40 paid by STEAM_0:1:454410711
  10. someone please move this to denied
  11. Im just gonna deny this, it has sat here for a while with no activity, also EC is now the 31st Demo Corps and has full VCMDR+ slots ~Grand Moff Tarkin
  12. So to start this off, I would like to thank Mike for accepting me as O5 in the first place, way back in November of 2018. Without his trust and cooperation with me, I probably would not be here today. It IS safe to say I would have stuck with SCP-RP had I not gotten O5 since its something I have always had a great love for, it is in part, my baby, and I watched it grow from and average of 10 players a day to Gaminglight's biggest server. Even though I am not afraid to say that I lost many good coworkers and High Command during my time, but that there were also the few who did not make it even though they tried their hardest. My wish in wake of my resignation is that SCP-RP will continue growing and that my efforts from the beginning will continue to foster a great server and community. Now for specific mentions @Igneous the 3rd Manager of my time, and by far the most proactive O5-1 I have seen. Igneous is not afraid to do the work himself to accomplish his goals and visions for the server. #ForeverMyManager @th3 Even though he is no longer O5, he was still key to a lot of projects we worked on, you'd better get Manager one of these days @Infected We never really hung out, but you def do a lot for the server. I used to think that you were just a minge but over time came to realize that you are truly good at what you do @bdogz1 Cringe AF Site Director, when will he finally get promoted? Also, DONT F*CKING EAT DURING MY TRYOUTS DOGZ @Rangiatea I still remember the MC on MilRP, those were the good days. Even though you have gone through many changes over time, you still are a great leader who cares as much about his subordinates as he does himself. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" - Rang Alpha-1/A1 Command This branch has by far had the greatest number of ups and downs (we've had like 6 CMDRs now), and I encourage anyone who wants to take things seriously on the server to atleast try out the branch, great people in it @Psychowhen no haves milk Head Krug Walker, signing out, ~O5-2 "Jeffe" Aight imma bouta head out, BUT NOT FROM GAMINGLIGHT
  13. GeyGeyWickk when no gives mentions