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  1. So I know this may come as a suprise to many that I would retire, but it's just something I need to do. I have been going through a lot of stuff IRL (on top of all this Corona shit) and just haven't been able to do what I need to or be on when I need to. Plus, I've been with GL since 2016 and need to expand my horizons a bit more. Its definitely been a long and hard ride since the beginning days of Imperial when we were averaging 20 players to where we are now. I will still be around now and then but will mainly be playing Destiny 2 with the boys (#GambitGang). If you still wanna chill with me and have me on discord, shoot me a message and we'll talk. Other than that imma head out from GL for now and maybe I'll come back in the future. Shaggy/Maverick - Hope one of you takes my place once im gone, both of you put great effort into your positions and always try your best SMT Team - Very responsive to the community and care very much about the server and playerbase BadAim - Mingy E11 LT. Purges Heretics
  2. Now Rang may be the king minge (except for Hoovy), but excuse me wtf this is too serious out of my old mingy DoUSR. #BringbackoldRang
  3. pretty sure thats way more than 4 weapons my guy
  4. ACCEPTED -Grand General Shaxx
  5. ACCEPTED -Grand General Shaxx
  6. ACCEPTED Speak to me when you can -Grand General Shaxx
  7. DENIED -Grand General Shax
  8. DENIED -Grand General Shaxx
  9. ACCEPTED Speak to Phoenix or Bakka when you can -Grand General Shaxx
  10. DENIED You dont apply for this rank -Grand General Shaxx
  11. ACCEPTED Speak to @ArsonTM when you can -Grand General Shaxx
  12. ACCEPTED Speak to me when you can -Grand General Shaxx
  13. ACCEPTED Speak to me when you can -Grand General Shaxx
  14. Ingame Name: Jeffe/Shaxx Steam ID: Job Name: Voidwalker Squadron (being changed in post) Server: Imperial RP Gun Change: cc2018_dual_dc15p_red -> tfa_dt12 Gun Change: rw_sw_dc15a -> rw_sw_t21 Gun Change: rw_sw_tusken_cycler -> rw_sw_iqa11c Name Change: Voidwalker Squadron -> Shadow Trooper Model Change: Old Playermodel Link: Model Path: models/player/arc/arc/arctrooper/mando.mdl New Playermodel Link: Model Path: models/player/venator/shadow/newhdshadow.mdl Description Change to: Shadow troopers were highly trained, elite, and fanatically loyal stormtroopers that served the Galactic Empire. They wore specialized, experimental stealth armor made from stygian-triprismatic polymer that enhanced the shadow troopers' stealth capability and allowed them to avoid sensors. The armor, similar in appearance to standard stormtrooper armor, was entirely black in color, with the exception of the white Imperial crest adorning the left chest. Total Prices Name Change - $10 Description Change - $10 Model Change - $30 Model over 4MB - $100 Weapon Change x3 - $30 Subtotal: $180 Total (After 1/2 from Premiere Club): $90 $60 paid by: STEAM_0:0:59895011 (Me) $30 paid by: STEAM_0:1:454410711 (Krug, also in Premiere and on my CC) Proof of Premiere Club (My name is in bottom left and Krug is in bottom right)