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  1. I feel I made it a bit too short for my taste NVM I had 419 words
  2. CLEARENCE LEVEL 4 REQUIRED TO ACCESS ACCESS GRANTED BEGIN LOG #01 Lore Name: Corner Rank: Executive Researcher Clearance Level: 3 List of personnel involved in testing: MTF Corporal Newbie, NTF E11 Staff Seargent Walrus, and Executive Researcher Corner. Level D personnel involved: 0 SCP: 3 instances of SCP-966 and SCP-076-2. Hypothesis: This was a termination test between SCP-076-2 and 3 instances of SCP-966. The main goals was to see if 076-2 could elimanate some of the SCP-966's, to see if the SCP-966's would act in a pack or indivisually. The last goal was to see how the 966's would attack SCP-076-2. Observation: Corner, Newbie, and Walrus entered SCP-076-2's CC. ( Newbie pulls out his tranquilizer) ( Walrus and Corner open SCP-076-2's CC) (Newbie shoots SCP-076-2 with a tranq) (SCP-076-2 falls down) Newbie cuffs SCP-076-2 and pulls him out of his box. (2 minutes later) Corner, Newbie, Walrus, and SCP-076-2 enter SCP-966's CC. (Corner speaks) SCP-966's may u all please put your hands up and line up on the wall. (All three of the 966's complie) ( Corner opens the door to 966's CC while Newbie entered it with 076-2 and Walrus was at the door with his gun up) Newbie quickly releases SCP-076-2 and runs. ( Corner shuts the door on SCP-076-2 and the three SCP-966's. ( The 966's start encircirling 076-2) For the next 4 minutes the 966's start taking popshots at SCP-076-2 while SCP-076-2 keeps missing his shots. (4 minutes later) SCP-076-2 finally hits his first shot on one of the 966's and it immediately kills the 966 who hits the ground hard. ( The other two 966's turn invisible) Again for the next minute the two 966's take popshots at SCP-076-2 but more cautiously this time. ( 1 minute later) (All the lights in the facility turn off) ( In this time span SCP-106 breached cointainment but it was unannounced) (21 seconds later) ( Corner and Newbie discuss if they should end the test, Newbie thinks they should because the lights turned off but Corner thinks its too dangerous to cancel the test at the current moment) While their discussing SCP-076-2 kills another SCP-966 and he hits the floor. ( Corner rushes to the glass and takes a picture with his camera) (Mind Corner had been taking numerous pictures throughout the test) (For the next few minutes SCP-966 tries and hide from SCP-076-2) (A few minutes later) Corner finally agrees to end the test. Newbie and Walrus line up at the door while Corner opens the door. Newbie and Walrus rush in and Corner shuts the door. (Newbie had thermals on) Walrus shoots SCP-076-2 with a tranq (SCP-076-2 falls to the ground) while Newbie shoots the last 966 with a tranq. ( 966 falls to the floor) (Corner opens the door) Newbie cuffs SCP-076-2 and drags him out with Walrus's help. (Corner closes the door) (Out Of character the fellow playing as SCP-076-2 leaves so Im just gonna say he was recointained) (5 minutes later) Corner is walking into Researcher Bunks when with the glimpse of his eye he sees SCP-106 taking a Secuirty SO while a lot of shooting is heard. (Over Intercom) (SCP-106 has breached cointainment we are switching to Defcon 3) END LOG #01 BEGIN LOG # 02 Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): Here is the link to the drive that holds my 146 pictures (AKA screenshots) of the test. Errors and/or safety hazards: None that I was aware of. Conclusion: It does seem SCP-966's work in packs and they attacked SCP-076-2 with little popshots. I would say that the test was a success considering we found out that information and SCP-076-2 was successfully able to kill 2 of the 966's before the breach/ lights turned off. END LOG #02 Secure, Contain, And Protect.
  3. Gamer6

    SCP-966 photos.

    Alright sorry I thought that my 13 pictures was too many to add to a single post.
  4. Gamer6

    SCP-966 photos.

    These are photos I took for the post/test I did on 966. ( mind all these pictures are in chronological order) ( and that they are links) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.
  5. Gamer6

    SCP-966 test

    BEGIN LOG Lore Name: Corner Rank: Executive Researcher Clearance Level: 3 List of personnel involved in testing: Executive Researcher Corner, Class D Beckett, Cooler Class D Conners, Secuirty CPL Wuvv, and Secuirty Master Seargent Iceman. Level D personnel involved: 2 SCP: 5 instances of SCP-966 Hypothesis: I was just going to feed 966's, see how particulary they eat, and take a few pictures. But it did not turn out how i thought it would. Observation: Both D Class's entered into 966's CC in the fear of being shot. When they entered only one 966 turned from being invisible to visible and the D Class were freacking out asking Corner if this was a prank or a joke or something. (26 seconds later) The uncloacked SCP-966 started chasing the D Class trying to kill them. (2 minutes later) SCP-966 kills Class D Beckett and starts consuming him. (23 seconds later) After eating half of Becketts leg he runs to the glass window and starts banging on it. ( Both guards pull up their guns and point at 966) (1 minute and 29 seconds) SCP-966 stops banging and starts chasing Cooler Class D Conners and tries to kill him. ( 1 minute later) The SCP-966 kills Conner and drags him to Beckett's body and starts consuming Conners. ( Corner takes a picture and leaves with Iceman and Wuvv) While making their way to the elevator they get ambushed by 4 instances of 966. Corner darts to the elevator while the two guards shoot at the 966's. Corner makes it safely to Research Bunks. (Over intercom) (We are switching to Defcon 3 due to multiple instances of SCP-966's have breached I repeat we are switching to Defcon 3) Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): Multiple pictures in a different post. ( I have 13 pictures so) Errors and/or safety hazards: None that I was aware of but apparently 4 of the 966's breached which intrigues me because why would 1 stay? Perhaps the "Leader" if they have one ordered one to stay to make it appear that they are still in their CC. Conclusion: I got many good photos of 966. It appears that SCP-966's are becoming more and more intelligent and they do eat by slowly consuming bit by bit .(as they dont have the largest mouth) I will explore more into their intelligence or if they have a leader. END LOG
  6. LEVEL 3 Clearence NEEDED TO ACCESS BEGIN LOG Lore Name: Corner Rank: Executive Researcher Clearance Level: 3 List of personnel involved in testing: Executive Researcher Corner, Researcher Alex Porte, Executive Researcher Walrus, 05-1, Director of Research and Secuirty Chief, and Corporal Husky. Level D personnel involved: 0 SCP: SCP's 682, 457, 999, 1245-2, 2 939's, 194. Hypothesis: To see how SCP-682 would react to SCP's 457 and 999. Observation: SCP-457 was entered into SCP-682's CC and immediatly attacked SCP-682 but did minumal damage before 682 killed it. Then SCP-999 was entered into SCP-682's CC and proceeded to confort him for around 5 minutes before SCP-682 killed 999. While me and the rest of the Researchers were leaving we were set to Defcon 2. They all start running towards the panic room when 682 comes out of nowhere and chases Corporal Husky, Executive Researcher Corner and Researcher Alex Porte. They run into the area where SCP-012, SCP-194, SCP-098, and SC-1245-2 are secured at. SCP-682 then for some reason stops chasing them. All three of them walk in and see that SCP's 1245-2 and 194 have breached and Alex runs to the elevator being chased by 194 while Corporal Husky shoots at 1245-2 (Corner is hiding in a Corner) eventually Husky is able to knock it out and Corporal Husky and Corner recointain him.Corner starts running to the panic room to see both 939's have breached and are killing a MTF. They both run past Corner. Corner runs towards a Corner where he is intercepted and jumps on Corner. Corner throws 194 off of himself and turns around to see a 939 running at them. 194 gets up and jumps on Corner and REDACTED. (Corner is found 3 hours later dead by NTF) Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): Picture below. Errors and/or safety hazards: I have no idea how 682 and the others breached but they did. Conclusion: SCP-682 clearly does not like anything happy so I suggest that 999 not be used against him. (999 was extracted from 682's chest and lives) Also this test was granted by REDACTED. (05-1 so yeah) END LOG
  7. Gamer6

    SCP-457 Research

    LEVEL 3 Clearence needed to access log. ACCESS GRANTED BEGIN LOG Lore Name: Corner Rank: Executive Researcher Clearance Level: 3 List of personnel involved in testing: Executive Researcher Corner, 3 D Class, A Secuirty SO, and A Secuirty LCPL Level D personnel involved: 3 SCP: SCP-457 Hypothesis: I wanted to see how SCP-457 would react to a D Class covered in dirt, a D Class soaked in water and a D Class already on fire. Observation: The D Class covered in dirt entered 457's chamber. The D Class made his way to a Corner of the room and stayed there for the duration of the test. SCP-457 did not react violently towards the D Class. Infact it seemed like the D Class was invisible to 457 as SCP-457 did his usual behavior. (5 minutes later) The D Class was removed, given amnestics, and sent back to D Block. The 2nd D Class was soaked in water and sent into 457's CC. SCP-457 approached the D Class and tried to set him on fire. (1 minute later) The D Class is finaly set on fire and dies 40 seconds later. The D Class is removed and incinerated. The 3rd and final D Class is set on fire and is quickly sent into SCP-457's CC and SCP-457 does not react to him at all and the D Class then dies. I think that if you cover yourself in dirt it could possibly help in the recointainment procedures for SCP-457. Visual Stimuli (Photos/videos): Picture below. Errors and/or safety hazards: None that I was aware of. Conclusion: More tests including more different elements to see further results if they could help with SCP-457 or different SCP's possibly. END LOG
  8. Again a very good post Wundt only problem is some minor spelling problems but very good work Wundt
  9. - He is very active - He is a great friend - he is always willing to help anyone - And has good event ideas +SUPPORT
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    3/17/19 Site 5

    WARNING DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER IF NOT CLEARENCE LEVEL 4+ OR YOU WILL BE KILLED. INITIALIZING KILLBOT AUTHORIZATION GRANTED WELCOME BEGIN LOG Name: THIS IS REDACTED Rank: THIS IS REDACTED Clearence Level: 3 Date of the Incident: 3/17/19 Describe the incident: I was walking through HCZ near SCP-106's chambers when I hear over the intercom incomprehensible screaming and gunshots. I then was curious and proceeded to check all of the SCP's CC's to see none of the SCP's in the chamber nor did I see anyother humans. I then went to the Medbay elevator and went down to LCZ and walked all around LCZ to see no one at all again. The only noise I could hear was me breathing and this incomprehensible whispering I was hearing coming from D Block. I was freaked out enough that I just started running, just running I had no idea where I was going I just wanted to get the hell out of LCZ. ( 3 minutes later) I was at HCZ but it had changed there were bodies just bodies they were everywhere, EVERYWHERE I was fucking panicking I just ran past them and said in my head. (Dont look at them just dont look at them) I started running towards the panic room but behind me I heard ( Come back we just want to play) and then it sounded like children laughing from behind me, I ran just a bit faster. when I rounded a Corner I saw more bodies just laying there dead. I ran past SCP-049 and SCP-966's chambers to get my way to EZ where I saw a dead MTF. I picked up his gun and keycard and started shooting behind me at whatever was chasing me while opening the checkpoint.(6 seconds later) The checkpoint opens and I ran through. (2 minutes later) I threw the gun behind me but I was getting too tired to keep running so I ran into a armoury which held another body which looked like a NTF with a huge hole in his stomach. (4 minutes later) I started to hear laughing and incomprehensible childrens voices. So I immediately got up and started running towards where I thought Gate B was. (6 minutes later) When I saw Gate B I opened the door with the MTF's keycard and I ran through the entrance and suddenly fell. Next thing I know I woke up in here. (looks around to see he is tied to a chair in a completely white room surrounded by a armed guard and 2 people in whitecoats. (A voice speaks) That is all we wanted. ( The whitecoat guy motions to the guard who adminsters amnestics) (1 day later) He is designated to a house always under guard by a Officer. ( He would die 6 years later to a gunshot wound to the head) SITE 5 HAS NOW BEEN DEMEED OUT OF COMMISION AND HAS NOW BEEN DESTROYED TO ITS ALPHA WARHEADS. List classes of SCP(s) involved: None Immediate complications due to the incident: THIS IS REDACTED Long-term complications due to the incident (if applicable): THIS IS REDACTED Type of response towards incident (MTF/NTF/Security/ETC): THIS IS REDACTED Resolution towards incident: UNKNOWN How dangerous was the entirety of the situation?: UNKNOWN Extra Information: My name is Executive Researcher Corner.