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  1. So my time has come in GENSEC unfortunatly, its been fun and all and I am very gracious that I was givin the oppurtunity to work with such great people in a equally great branch. But I have unfortunatly slowly lost interest in this group leading me to be inactive leading to me wasting a command spot which much more interested and active people deserve. I'm gonna miss all of you. ~SFTO CPT Corner
  2. Welcome to the club Tick ~Former Foundation Doctor Corner
  3. U didnt make me Simon, but still loved ya no homo sad to see you go. ~Corner
  4. Same Walrus ~Corner
  5. Name: Corner Rank: SFTO CPT Why should you retain your current rank?: I believe i should retain my rank because I am very active and feel like I have a positive influence on lower ranks Any Concerns?: none as of the moment
  6. Man these people over here got a year or something, I have been here for 4 months and have loved it. ~Corner
  7. On the Riot Control name matter they are not supposed to change there name, same goes with Snipers. The other name matter I do not think we have control over. ~ Security 1LT Corner
  8. Gamer6

    I need help

    I mean I don't gotta say in this matter I'm not high enough but did u post a LOA? ~2LT Corner 2C13
  9. Research got a update huh. Thanks
  10. Hi all ya, I’m resigning from Research because I feel like at this point I am just holding up a command spot that much more active and talented people could have. I have also lost great interest in Research and have been fairly inactive. I am gonna focus on other branches where I will probably have a better chance at getting high command in. Gonna miss all ya Researchers. ~Corner
  11. Bye, gonna miss ya fear. ): ~WO Corner
  12. +support -nice -leader -would make a great Command Member -but needs to improve activity ~Corner