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  1. Hello, this VCMDR Scorch putting out a suggestion regarding the DC-17M Sniper Rifle. cc2018_dc17ms_red [Current] Accuracy - 1.15 Degrees Hip Fire Accuracy- 57.30 Degrees Firerate - 75RPM Mobility- 70% Damage - 400 Stability - 57% cc2018_dc17ms_red [Change we would like] aka Reverting back to how it was. Accuracy - 0.06 Degrees Hip Fire Accuracy- 17.30 Degrees Firerate - 75RPM Mobility- 100% Damage - 400 Stability - 57% There reason behind it is for: 1. Since pykes literally have access to way more powerful weapons we could imagine aka T7 Ion's, T4"s, A820 Etc. There is no reason for them to think they can just roam around with little to no regard for their life and not to be counter sniped in way. 2. Since this random change happened without consulting IC command in any way, shape or form, we would like to have it reverted back and talk about changes later. Since it is completely opposite of how should we communicate one another about changes. 3. We are a literal paid battalion, it is already not easy to get to people to join us since we have another competing donor battalion I.E IQ., so this change quite hampered the way we could advertise ourselves as one of the best. we commandos, do expect top of the line the Empire could provide to us, this random change did cause harm to IC and in fact more people unwilling to join Scout Snipers. [In fact they were already struggling to keep up with demolitions, so this change realistically killed them or close to doing so and the last thing I want to witness is the downfall of one of IC's most competent Marksmen.] 4. The whole point of a sniper is for it to be accurate, no matter the damage or the RPM, if you remove that aspect or just make it redundant, then you can't even consider it a sniper in the first place since it's whole stick is to be accurate and powerful. 5. I've heard that that the drop and everything is affected by the wind or something, but let me make this clear. It is a laser bolt, it is suppose to be going where you aimed and shot from without it being affected unless a lightsaber user deflects it, that is it, it isn't a bullet, it is a laser bolt. Looking forward towards responses. -Scorch/Bell
  2. +Support Despite him just becoming our overseer, he is dedicated and would be a great candidate for High Gen. The amount of positivity he brings to the community and dedication is a clear sign he is a fit for the position. Much love xoxoxo
  3. -Support on the sniper nerf. I thought about it a bit more, since criminals have access to more powerful weaponry in the blackmarket, our sniper doesn't necessary need a nerf in any way and since we are a donor battalion, our arsenal shouldn't be tone downed. +Support on the rifle buff since it's underperforming compared to Westar-M5, E11-D etc.
  4. Accepted Speak to the IC command team, for your training.
  5. +Support Great to be around with, would for sure help out Nova.
  6. Tho I'll miss you not being in IC, I do wish you the best of luck in Naval. Quite honest, open and up for improvement at any moment, a great candidate for this position +Support lil homie
  7. +Support Was really supportive during his time as an IC overseer (still miss you :(.) but in short, suns is both relaxed and mature and is willing to help others no matter. Wish you the best man.
  8. Accepted. Please speak to a member of IC command for your training.
  9. Accepted Please speak to a member of IC command for your training.
  10. Great mate to be with from what I've seen him on IC or DT. I wish the best for your future endeavors in DT. +Support
  11. Clearly a +Support on this one. One of the most active and fun medical personnel to be around. Best of luck to you mate.
  12. I mention this because one of my IC on his CC has the ability to spawn this broken one and I am just pointing out it should be just outright removed at that point since the second one is way better, doesnt require to killbind to remove it and the other has all of the imperial resemblance to it.
  13. This was brought up to me and I decide to mention it. The buggy/broken NU class attack shuttle -----> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1716586634&searchtext=NU+Shuttle I believe the ship above needs to be removed as it is broken. I have tested it and it will not fly correctly, on top of this it may be conflicting with the other model of the ship below showing it as an ERROR sign meaning it wont spawn correctly. The way better working one currently in the server ----> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2541194638&searchtext=NU+Attack+Shuttle Looking forward towards the responses on this one.
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