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  1. + Support! I believe Russtime is a very capable member of the Officer Corps and has actually assisted Medical Command in their duties previously when tasked to do so for his Officer Task. He has also been an excellent Marshal for Rescue Squadron.
  2. + Support! Dairy is an excellent and reliable member of the Medical Corps. Having him under my Command was a very pleasant experience and I believe he would make a very competent Vice Commander. Also he's a Junior Fireman. Firefighters are cool ^-^
  3. + Massive Support! In my Opinion Harry is the best Candidate for the position at this current moment. He takes Roleplaying to heart and is always energetic and passionate about everything he does. Harry has creativity, time, dedication, and an affable nature which are excellent traits for a member of the Command Team! Harry has always gone above and beyond the expectations of a Medical Officer, consistently making RP situations more fun simply by his participation. I feel it would be a shame for him not to have a shot at a Command position with all that he's done under both mine and Pie's supervision.
  4. I personally oversaw this happening recently where an entire document was made as a report of these issues from many individuals inside Medical. To be fair to him, over half of them were genuine innocent misunderstandings or had been resolved already without knowledge of the doc's creator, and in addition Sharky Conducted himself well when I had him and those with grievances air them out in a private TS setting. Sharky is slowly improving on these matters, and this should not be discounted. He is still a young man and maturity takes time. Unfortunately I am not quite in support of an advancement into Medical Command. These issues still exist to a degree I am not comfortable with and unfortunately a big part of being a command member is that those you lead must respect you.
  5. + Big Support!!! I can personally testify that Onlos has performed excellently as an MO and has always been exceptionally reliable to us! Hope he gets that big promo he deserves!
  6. What Is Your IGN (In Game Name): Senior Commander Hex Why Do You Want to Become the Position of Brigadier General?: The position of Brigadier General has long been a dream of mine ever since being Officer. The reason of why I've always sought this position comes back to an aspiration of mine in real life. I want to be a supervisor or Manager in my real life line of work. It's what my father did before me and it's the footsteps I want to follow in. My entire life I've had many confidence issues when it comes to leading others in the past, and my 8 month journey in command on this server has been an incredible personal journey for me to become more confident in myself in terms of leading others, managing operations of large groups of people, and doing many tasks that real managers and supervisors have to do. I find the position of High Command to be the ultimate Litmus Test for my abilities in this field. It shall serve to finally prove to myself that I can handle these thing in my real career. At the same time it's not just for myself that I want to apply. For every rank that stands in front of me there's been a bunch of sweet and supportive people that have been wanting me to advance to it. As much as its a personal journey, its a journey for others as well. To give back to the server that gave me self-confidence and to those who helped push me to achieving it. In Your Opinion, What is One Thing That Army High Command Needs to Improve on?: I have surveyed some of the people in the regiments I've overseen and both they and I believe that High Command sometimes has an issue with communication of changes inbound to their regiment from High Command and SMT as well as changes outbound that the Command Teams are requesting. This is among the most important things as I've been greatly witness to during my overseerment of DT. A lack of effective communication and action between cooperating participants can lead to a spiral of Stagnation that many regiments at this moment can ill afford. Lack of communication and meaningful updates when trying to bring big changes to a struggling regiment creates the perception of the Chain of Command being disorganized and faulty, leading to a loss of faith in higher-ups, and further leading to possible loss of hope and resignation. It is imperative that communication with Regiments being overseen is top priority amongst the High Command Team. What Is One Change You Will Implement as a Member of High Command?: I believe we can have a form implemented that allows Low Command Team members to rate the performance of High Command members that oversee their battalions. This check being in place ensures that High Command overseers are always performing to their best and do their absolute best to help each regiment and improve upon it during their month of overseerment. In its implementation, it will make sure that the aforementioned problem listed is paid attention to. Responses to this form should be reviewed by Senior High Command at the end of the month to evaluate whether or not members of High Command are performing to expectations. What Is the Purpose of a Brigadier General?: As a part of the highest echelon of those amongst their branch, a Brigadier General must ensure that each Regiment it takes under it's watchful eye are fully supported with Advice on Regimental Affairs, Feedback and Suggestions for Changes, Clear Communication, Participation in Regimental Affairs via the reserve whitelist, and Forums Activity Surrounding Changes in the Regiment. A Brigadier General should be temperate and wise in the counsel and decisions, as the buck stops with them on approval for many decisions. They are responsible for holding Low Command to meeting the expectations set out for them, such as Quota, Behavior, Activity, etc.. High Command are also the communication link between Low Command and SMT, and it is crucial that a Brigadier General maintains this delegated responsibility at all times necessary. A Brigadier General may be called upon to host the Command Meeting each week, or take notes for it. What Have You Done in Your Current Position to Be Deserving of This Rank?: I have been part of the Low Command Team for a full 8 1/2 Months, constantly working as hard as I can to firstly improve the state of the Medical Corps Regiment that I Commanded, then other regiments such as Shock and Nova as I began overseeing them via my assignments as Senior Commander Assignments. Even though I had a chance to become a member of High Command over a month ago, I declined it in order to ensure that the Medical Regiment smoothly made it through the Roll Call we had during the Application process, as well as attempting to further aid Nova who was having exceptional membership struggles during that time. As a Low Command Member, the battalions that I oversee and their health has always come first, to the point where many times my sleep schedule would get impacted due to my determination to complete work needed for regiments within a deadline. I have spent a full 9 months dedicating my free time to this Server, my regiment, and the people in it, and I still maintain a high degree of that passion today. In terms of the Army Regiment, I am currently it's only Senior Commander, and I have 2-3 months of experience in overseeing regiments and assisting their command teams in achieving their goals and improving the status of their regiments. Why Should We Choose You For This Position over Other Applicants?: As stated before, I am the most senior member of the Low Command Team from Army as it's only Senior Commander. I have achieved this rank through my dedication not only to Medical, but in doing my best to help other Regiments as much as possible in my efforts to keep my Regiment in as good a position as I could. I have exceptional experience in training those under me to be good Command members, as Pie and Jerrid have become exceptionally capable of taking the regiment into their own hands while I occasionally had to be away. I was also among the first to be promoted to the Senior Commander Program due to my performances and experience in overseeing other regiments. I have an excellent knack for being able to interact with and get along with every command team I meet and oversee. I additionally have a knack for conflict resolution, as I have been able to demonstrate in multiple situations that have occurred during my time here. In Your Opinion, What Are the Key Qualities That Will Allow AHC to Perform Best?: Communication, Professionalism, Fairness, Dilligence, Dedication, and Good Humor. Do You Have Any Warns?: Nope! Last time I checked I was the goodest of good boys!
  7. Apparently I missed this when it was posted last. That is my bad. It has my approval! YOU JUST GOT +SUPPORTED BY MEDICAL SENIOR COMMANDER HEX!
  8. + HIGH-FLYING SUPPORT! This update has been in the works for the past 2-3 weeks. Our goal with this update was to make Rescue stand out far more from the Standard Medical Trooper who can already do surgeries and gains a similar loadout to Rescue as they increase in rank. This rank gives an extra sense of mobility and combat power to Rescue by changing its combat dynamic role, which despite being a specialty is currently seriously underutilized in the current state sub-regiment. ^ The models were rejected before when attached to the "Bio-Trooper" idea. SMT stated in response to the denied suggestion post that they were confused of the Bio-Trooper concept, so it's more than likely that was why they weren't accepted rather than the models themselves.
  9. + Support! Would love to be a Voice Actor for the Narrator of the Advertisement or a part of it in some other manner. It might take a bit of work to bring it all together, but this is something that can be done by a JMT and Gamemaster team and will just need occasional supervision from SMT more than any real work from them. It would be an excellent community project and free advertising, as it's clear from the +Supports that a big portion of the community is interested in making these adverts and keeping them fresh and correlated to the current update of the server.
  10. + SUPPORT Letting one Vice Commander job have the Bacta Booster Kit would not hurt the Medical Corps.
  11. +Super Support! I believe Medical's weapon loadouts need an change, especially with the Enlisted loadout having only an E-11 which is quite pitiful and bland. Considering most Medical Classes in Multiplayer games use SMGs, I feel that an SMG fits Medical's weapon style more than a blaster rifle or LMG. However, currently the only SMG in the server is the DC-15s (Purge) and the OP one for DT, the latter of which is too powerful for a Medical regiment. Therefore, in a preliminary step to making this change, we can create a new usable SMG from the DLT-19s which is not used anywhere other than the Medical Droid. This Change hurts no one and makes a better, more defined and viable weapon out of a nearly unused one that currently serves no purpose.
  13. + Super Support! This is a very important addition to add to Medical. Many in my regiment have been very upset about the downgrade in their healing abilities and some have even quit over it. I feel at this point Medical urgently needs either an improvement in their general healing ability or a new healing function to perform. Many in Medical were very excited when we presented this idea to them as a new function they could perform that no other regiment or CC could take from them, making them a force of additional use and convenience to other troopers on the field, as the current aids Medical provides currently serve as a slight annoyance sometimes with both Medics and their beneficiary needing to stand still for 30 seconds or more. This new change means that even should that result in the death of the trooper being healed (and it very often will), they can be saved a respawn wait time and transport wait by that nearby medic. As for the couple of concerns I've seen that some have, I shall address those here in an FAQ below: Q: What about the Premium Tac Inserts? Won't those be devalued? A: No. This change requires you to die around a medic to get the same effect guaranteed by the Tac Insert, meaning if you have not died in Medbay, Medical's Defcon locations on ship, or near one of the scattered Medics off-ship, the Tac Insert will be a more reliable tool to have as it guarantees a nearby respawn no matter where you die. A guaranteed close respawn is still worthy of being paid for if the alternative in practice relies on a moderate degree of luck to achieve the same result. Also, there may be some Black-Ops regiments like DT who may add regulations to their SOP that forbid them from being revived if they wish to restrict that due to lore reasons. Tacs will still be very important. Q: Wouldn't this cause lag or be otherwise troublesome if implemented? A: To my knowledge, a similar (if not exact) mod is currently in use on GamingLight's PoliceRP server, so if it works fine for them, it should work well enough here. Q: Wouldn't this hurt the importance of SF's Cobra Squadron mission transport duties? A: Not too significantly. In practice some people on off-ship missions will inevitably die away from Medics, run out the timer or not feel like waiting, or be missed by a nearby Medic on accident. Even though reduced, There will still be enough people needing respawn transport to make Cobra Squadron's duties important. Each of these above concerns have been closely considered in bringing this idea forward as a suggestion, though any other concerns are important to put forward and address so that we can ensure that this is a smooth addition to our regiment.
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