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  1. Name:Aleks Rank:Researcher Callsign: RO1 Active/Semi-Active: always on
  2. Tony And Aleks Undercover. Items with us. 05- docs 682 and id copy's. We enter the base quickly without alerting anyone. We was stopped by security, requesting why we're here. We simply told him we're Transfer Researchers. And Tony was my guard. And here is a whole hour of bull** talk. First guy was; sticks. We manage to talk to him through, letting us pass through to the big security guy. He also requested that death to show. after 15 mins/ the meeting starts. We explain to him our information was classified, but we may talk more of why we're here. We showed them with a flash of 682 docs, Talking about how we're researchers from site *** and we go to sites to site, to examine every site progress of terminate 682. They believe us, and we show them the copy. They scan and it comes out positive. They check our id's. Positive. But my dumb self actually gave them the original copy of 682. ugh im a fool!. Anyways we finally got let off the hook and be able roam around. We got some information. By the way, they gave us Class A, but it failed on me. but for tony, he should get checked. (this whole rp was a hour long i dont think i have the brain cells to type everything down.)
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    BTW I GOT LAZY SO I COPY AND PASTE AND HIT TAB TO PUT IN DOCS. just letting y’all know. Good night
  4. O5 1 A document concerning 682 is found but a level 3 access card is O5 1 While the paper looks valid, it lacks any signature Foundation watermark, and verification markings O5 1 Shows Hidden ID. John Cork, 27, LCPL, MTF NU7 Branch O5 1 Knees are kicked out. A slight burning sensation is found. The leg almost completely phases through, but contact can be fe O5 1 Punch lands on the O5's face, a weird sensation of liquid can be felt. No blood is visible O5 1 Hand seems to phase slightly through the shoulder, as if reality is tearing all this was recorded by aleks. Richard was doing the work. A demon in work. What is the foundation doing?
  5. @Nimo uh it’s already uploaded . And secured, so too late
  6. MTF COMMANDER BLACK BEAR INTEGRATION The SOP https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LoTBbNM2T0ODEeRBImCxa9o5wl1sqA8FMqvOGAK_dHI/edit?ts=5c4bf4cd# We contain his ID and Keycard We also contain USB of MTF He didnt really tell us anything else, due to him pausing. The MTF montier around Heavy and light. All we really need to know. also they came back for him. I did the dash once again. And hide. Jeez I’m really good at escaping.
  7. NTF COMMONDARE POLAR His Computer Password : https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1848/communist-manifesto/ The NTF SOP https://docs.google.com/document/d/1znBNr3_Aht6H7Eafyl5BW8Mk4glR9suPmX3FIY9R0gg/edit How to turn off the Security scanners Cut wires in the power room. May cause risk of explosions. Coms: we got the radio We made copys of 939 Whistle ; thank Theman for recreation. Information that all of their high tech stuff is near D Block Information of Scps in the SOP. He was talking but kept stallin. Blue and I captured him in the hallway. They have alot of items in their armor so note that. Pretty Much what we got from him that’s important. -Love Aleks
  8. The Interrogation Logs Of Director Task Force *Capture by Chaos Insurgency* We've taken him towards Red Factory. Logs; He was quite humorous of the whole situation he was put him. But we manage to gather information with dirty tactics by Aleks. The main one doing the interrogation, assisted by Mafia, while others protect. Sticking my toe down Director's mouth was proven useful for gathering DNA samples of his body for later uses. Manage to strip his Keycard & Id. Uses will show greatly once put into use. Manage to bite off his eye. So firing & visual will be limited. Multiple attacks had happen during this. We hold off with great defense. We manage to get the foundation terminals code. Simple 123... Let's hope he is truthful. All other information gather is useless. The last attack for the director was a success, causing me to us to attempt to kill off the Director but failed to do so. But i manage to run past their bullets and men, and hide away. I was the lone survivor. I hide away, running towards couple of trees, and hide behind. Thankfully they just ran back to foundation, but with our LT *& Cpt. I crawl back to our base, and told my story. And currently finishing the post here, for the rest of command to know what had happen. This reminds me of my NTF interrogation. Another successful escape. With Vital infomation. -Love Aleks
  9. Nine-Tailed Fox Interrogation Log NTF PVT * redacted * From a NTF raid. We manage to snatch a NTF PVT and able to move him to the red factory for interrogation. The information is vital. Dr Aleks: What is your rank? NTF: PVT Dr Aleks: Who is your highest Commander? Won’t tell. Rips a fingernail. He screams Dr Aleks: Who is it? NTF: Polar Dr Aleks: What’s your FEQ for radio? NTF: 20.00 We tested it. we tap into their network. Dr Aleks: Do you know any missions and or plans? NTF: No, I’m pvt I don’t know information like that. Dr Aleks: Do you have a key card? NTF: It dropped out. (I search, he is telling the truth) Dr Aleks: Who the highest researcher? NTF: Raxonix. (NTF came in) I hide my recorder in a watermelon I proceed to try sweep out and escape I got captured. It was another pvt. He took me to the killing house. Didn’t threat me or anything. NTF-2: What you know about the foundation? Dr Aleks: Nothing, Your soldier is strong and should get a promo. He simply took me back to base, uncuffed me and ran off. Dr Aleks: I still got the information and lived. This is great! *Didn't die from all this. But thank youApple and Orange for protecting me.*
  10. Ah I think this was me. Good times
  11. R&D Level 1 Clearance Required to View Beyond this Point ( Assistant Researcher+ ) Confirming Clearance Level. . . Access Granted Welcome Aleks File Number: 001 Lead Researcher: [Aleks]  Assisting Personnel: [ PVT APPEL] Test Subject: [SCP-999] Subjects Involved: [Candy & Watermelon. with Class D Tyler & The Guard] Test Name: [Can 999 help with depression?] Hypothesis: From information that SCP-999 tickling. I believe it will just help lighten the mood?]  Observation: Testing with the D Class; He told me his most depress time was being in the foundation. Understandable. He was place with SCP-999 after given candy, and I gave the order to be tickled by 999. After a good three minutes of laughter. I pull the class D out and talk to him. He was quite cheerful and I asked him questions. I asked him questions like. How you feeling, but what really interesting was this. ”How’s being in the foundation?” After saying that, he look around and realized that he was d class and became nervous. Ensure he was alright and we let him go. Did the same test to the PVT, same results. Conclusion: SCP-999 tickles can help forget things. Additional Information: we can weaponize SCP-999 for not only he a good bullet sponge. But if we push him ahead, and he goes tickling, we can go past them while they in a forgetful state. But please note; If encountering SCP-999 DO NOT BE ALONE. If you in that state. You may be hurt.   -----------------------------------------------