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  1. Ũ̴̢͎̱̱͚͔̇̈́́̍̒͘͝ ̴͎̩̖̞̟̺̪̳͙̑͊͊̆̈́̀́͋̇̾̃̊̕Ẅ̷̮̯͓̹͓͚̥̙́͊͊̓̄̃̈́͌̏͌̈́͘͝͠ ̸̡̜̙̜̻͈͙̠͉̯̺̤͇̜̟̹͊̿͒̃͐̇̂́̈́̒̏͂͘Ư̴̟̣̬̥͖̭͚̩̳͕̗͇͚̽̃̽̊̒̕͜͜
  2. Your in game name: Ziege/CPL Ziege 1D68 Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:112623923 The player's in game name: TEO Jerry LLI4 TEO Wesely LLI4 TEO Tobby LLI4 The player's steam ID (required): Jerry's ID: STEAM_0:0:85694032 Wesley's ID: STEAM_0:1:223376792 Tobby's ID: STEAM_0:1:174946833 What did the player do: All three where using the ghosted blocks from the spawn menu, and using it to push themselves and other player off the roof of hospital. And when ever the blocks would be thrown into the ground the world would shake. Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player: Perhaps a warn and or ban for a couple of hours. Any extra information: When I got onto the roof I asked them to stop... they didn't at the time. During the time they were doing this there were no staff on at all. Tobby was nice enough to apologize after I was pushed off.
  3. A much as I don't want to... I will be resigning. I've had a fun time on this server. Since 2017 I've been on this server, loving every minute. Since December 28, 2018 I've been Chief of Staff and I've loved every minute of that too. I'm not really good at these NGL. I will still be on the server every once and a while. I'm resigning due to the fact that I'm currently not motivated to play, along side the fact that I'm going through the fire academy soon, and then hopefully the Air Force. I guess I'll talk about people that have made an impact or that i just liked knowing. Gamikzone - He's been really nice, and he's helped me through my journey an FBI Command. Jimmy James - Always been there for me if I needed anything, and hes done lots to help FBI Yobo - Great knowing you man, I haven't got to know you that much but maybe I will. Ronin - Haven't really talked to you either but great to know. Freeze - Great SWAT commander, Haven't really talked to you much either but you seem chill. Colesoft - One of my first GL friends, and great to know, Myan - Best SWAT commander, also another one of my first friends on GL. The people that I can't think of rn - Love all of you guys thanks. and FBI in general - Thanks for being on FBI and those that I got to know in FBI.
  4. To keep things short and simple, I just haven't had the motivation to play on GL lately, and I'm not going to have the time too for a while. Soon I will be starting the fire academy to become a firefighter, and I'm currently talking with a U.S Air Force recruiter about joining the Air Force. Thank you for letting me be apart of EMS, and for being great people. I hope to someday come back to EMS, and help out again. Best Regards, EMT LPara Ziege LPA-2
  5. Thank you for everything that you have done FBI Directory Gamikzone RA1, I'm happy that you got to complete your goals in FBI, although I'm sad to see you go. I'm thankful for everything thing you've done, and I'm thankful for you letting become a command member in FBI. Without your leadership I don't think I would have been able to be at my current position. I'm sorry for any times that I may have made you upset or frustrated with me. I'm also sorry that my activity has been declining since I first came back to FBI, and joined FBI command (Due to School, Work, Fire Dept. and now my possible enrollment into the Fire Academy, and then into the U.S Air Force). I have learned a lot in this journey with you as my leader, and I hope I can share that knowledge with the rest of the people I meet. I also thank you for giving me the chance to become an FBI command member, along with other command members such as Cole, Jeffe, and Jake Croft (and Chupi Brandon XD). I with you the best of luck with your current path on SCPRP, and I hope to still see you around on PoliceRP. Best Regards, FBI COS Ziege RA3
  6. Name: Ziege Rank: Lead Paramedic How active are you: Active Why should you remain a part of EMS department: I like to be able to assist pedestrians along with government. I am good with response time, and I'm fairly good with radio commands. What changes would you like to see: More vehicle options, but the main thing I would like it the ability to be trained for a certain vehicle (i.e Being trained to be able to use the MCU)
  7. VsR ZiEgE

    Ban Appeal

    + SUPPORT - Old warns - Very nice person - Likes to RP (At least from when I've interacted with him) - Dedicated - Has donated lots to the server - Does not deserve a perma ban, if anything it should be a couple of months.
  8. Hopefully I'll get to know you more on the server and such, thank you for being a great EMS Chief.
  9. Name: EMT LPara Ziege LPA4 Rank: Lead Paramedic What you think could be improved in EMS: The SOP a tad bit, and maybe we could have "EMS days" where EMS come together on the server or something to just have fun and talk and stuff like that.
  10. VsR ZiEgE

    comms - Accepted

  11. Ingame Name: Ziege Job Name: Cole Sladvak Server: PoliceRP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:1:112623923 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:1:112623923
  12. Name: Ziege Rank: Head Paramedic LOA Time: 5-27-19 to 6-17-19 Reason (Private if needed): I have no voice ATM, I'm hoping that 3 weeks will be enough to get better. Sorry for not giving at least a 48 hour notice.