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  1. Yes! Looking forward to working with the team
  2. andrewchynd

    Andrew's 48hrs

    Name: Andrew Rank: LT Reason: I can see that ARU may be running into dark times soon so I think I need to be safe in another department. Had a lot of fun with u guys and got rly close to some new guys too. Wish u all the best. X
  3. and saw it? if so evidence? XD dont need to show evidence that I did something right, u need to prove I did something wrong.. simples
  4. thank you, but were you there big man?
  5. evidence? and I waited 10, which is what I was trained to
  6. Rhenic thinks u can heal in bank after 15 seconds though
  7. Your In-game: Andrew Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:80806137 The admin's name in-game: Maral The admin's steam name (If you know it): N/A What warning did you receive: Combat Heal Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: Well, for a multitude of reasons. Many people know on the server that combat heal is not allowed. Some people still do it, but some do abide by the rules and don't do it. I am one of those people. I've been in ARU for quite a while now and have gotten used to the classes I use, Breacher and Medic, now this incident occured while I was on Medic. I had been trained by the very trusty Bronze Command at the time and was sure I was ready to go out there and save lives. That turned to something quite different today though when I turn up to bank and see SWAT officers getting killed. I call one over, (they shall remain unnamed) and tell them to take cover behind me as we walk back towards the other door. I get my medical supplies out and wait until a cease fire. Which there was, I waited 10 seconds, which, by the way, was how long I was trained to wait by ARU command and knew I had to wait from being on the server for almost 3 years now, and healed him, up to around 86HP and then an awp shot came down range and I cancelled the treatment. It was at this point the King family thought I combat healed becaused they heard the delay from shooting and healing and decided it would be ok to combat heal themselves, including Rhenic and Steve. I was later pulled to and admin sit and warned immediatly after Rhenic had his input. I then spoke to Maral about this and not much guidence was given on the time apart from him thinking it was meant to be 15 seconds. I then checked the MOTD to find out where it said no combat healing and lo and behold there it is. But with no time next to it. " No combat healing/reviving" So what I think is that people are trained to different standards and to very specific ones too. A 5 second gap in thoughts and for some there are warns on the end of it. Some are trying to be their favourite job on the server and doing as told to do by there command members and obeying the rules set out which was a 10 second wait period to heal. Overall there is no guidence on how long to wait and so is very confusing, people are told different thing and nothing is in black and white so why be warned for something so vauge and ambigous. Any extra information: Quotes - Tom Brown - "I'm pretty sure it's 10, that's what I heard when getting trained in ARU" No one in bank can give evidence
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    ARU Guidelines

    Read and understood
  9. Well, it came to it, I never thought it would. I am writing this on behalf of the firearms team as a massive thank you to your service for ARU. A fantastic department grew from your many ideas and trainings and I am sure we will only continue to grow under the command of our new silver and bronze. I hope everyone in the team will reply to this in one large collection of thanks to the incredible @ArmyGuy Until next time LT Andrew TRJ13 (And the boys)