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  1. Bird

    How is DS doing?

    Will do I gotta redownload gmod tho
  2. Bird

    How is DS doing?

    ye One day I will come back to ming- I mean come back to play
  3. It's been awhile
  4. Main reason of my leaving I wanted to say a few things before I left Thank you This has been the best department I’ve ever played. I was asked to join SRT, ARU, and even some wanted me in SWAT but instead I stayed. I stayed because I love the people in this department. I rarely had problems with anyone. Everytime I got on I had so much fun. I’m going to talk about you guys Ecott ~ Best department commander ever!!! Calamity ~ Thanks for being a great leader. You really helped me a lot through my time playing with you (Also thanks for letting me drive the lambo) North ~ Great Captain skills! Best one I’ve seen TheJayden ~ Keep climbing them ranks man! Would love to see you as HC Tigersden ~ Hewwo friend, make Delta Squad more furry like. Zerg ~ Better get off LOA and rank up! Jk jk but thamks for being nice Game Theorist ~ Get in TS! Rein ~ Rein my friend, you are truly the best Camaro drivers. I’ll miss you! WinkleStink ~ Thanks for being a chill guy, I hope you climb more up the ranks! Phil ~ Haha funny accent. Nah but seriously you were fun to play with and very cool guy (I love your accent btw I was jus joking at the beginning) Bandit ~ FuR time Shindoom ~ Never played with you much but when I dis you were really chill and cool Killing ~ Hope to see you come back and rank up! Weepi ~ Hope I trained you well Kilo ~ Never really seen you on but keep up the good work LuckyGoose ~ Chill dude, get your wife or gf (forgot what you had) to talk in the next DS meeting Jay ~ Give EMS some hugs ZoeyPlaysGames ~ Hope your enjoying DS Cree ~ Good work from what I've seen with you Penguino ~ Hope to see you more on one day Wolf ~ Never seen you much but I hope you are having fun Flash ~ Your gonna enjoy DS
  5. Bird

    Goodbye Gaminglight

    Welp I guess this is it. I am leaving.. maybe not forever but for now I am gonna go. The reason I am leaving is because I am too busy like I have a job, I’m playing new games that I enjoy more, I’ve even started a relationship with someone. I’ve been playing Gaminglight for about a year now and it has truly been an amazing experience. This server has helped me so much over the time I played it, kinda like an escape from all the bad in my life. I’ve played other servers that were toxic and horrible (DM me for more info) servers to play on. Gaminglight has been the first that was good! On that note it has been a fun ride Goodbye!
  6. Bird

    Pride month coming up

    They will be muted or banned quickly
  7. Bird

    Happy Pride Month!

  8. Bird

    Happy Pride Month!

    Simply having “Happy Pride Month” as a status or on a bio will do
  9. Bird

    Happy Pride Month!

    Happy Pride Month! I am so excited and happy thats it finally here! Last year I didn’t really celebrate it but this year is different. I have found myself my true self after months of thinking and I hope whoever is reading has found there true self. If anyone tells you that you can’t be you don’t listen to them. You are you. There is nothing wrong with you. If someone tells you that your not normal then good, being weird and not normal is more interesting, fun, and different. Being like everyone else isn’t fun. Being you and being different is better. You are better. There going to be haters in your life but they will go away. The time has come everyone. Even if everything is cancelled we can still show pride. Show your pride! Be you! Be different!
  10. Bird

    Pride month coming up

    Femboygang Femboygang
  11. Bird

    How's PoliceRP

    Back off Sion I am the best driver
  12. No no don’t touch me there This is my no no square
  13. Bird

    Pride month coming up

    Please read the FQA I put out
  14. Bird

    Pride month FQA

    Is this political? No its not. This is about celebration, awareness, and fun! Will players be targeted for being part of LGBTQ+ or supporting it? It can but harassment is against the rules and simply asking for admin help can solve the problem. And the people who would be doing this is mostly minges because its 2020 and most people are accepting or they don’t care if people are part of LGBTQ+. Why are we doing this event? Because of Covid-19 these events have been canceled irl sadly. Making this event in game will show that LGBTQ+ can still show pride even if they can’t irl. Is the event going to happen? It will most likely happen. Even if we don’t get the event team to help or SMT I will host the event by myself. If you have any questions please ask and I will answer to the best of my ability. If you would like to help me with this event please contact me in TS when I am on the server.