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  1. Bird

    SSA Bird KGB10 LOA

    Name: Bird Rank: SSA LOA Time: 3/28/20 - ??/??/20 Reason (Private if needed): Personal. You may DM on discord for more information
  2. Where do you live? Asking for a friend I agree
  3. +Support Active Great Player Knows the rules Low warns Good Luck Open
  4. +Support Racco is a great player. He puts pride in being an amazing member on any gaminglight server. I think he deserves Super Admin and is qualified.
  5. +Support Everyone deserves a second chance
  6. No understand the rules is not being a minge. You need to teach them before treating them badly.
  7. Minges will always be a thing no matter what. Also there is not many on PoliceRP
  8. +Support Active Great Player Knows the Rules Good luck!!!
  9. +Support This can make tow truck driver a more popular class and will make better rp
  10. That would get rid of a lot of fun and make everything seen like an Icefuse server
  11. -SUPPORT Random officers and check someone an take them to jail. This gets rid of the roleplay aspect. Horrible idea that would ruin roleplay
  12. I am just curious on how different people would do with PoliceRP if they had the power.