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  1. +support You suddenly start taking Language Arts classes?
  2. I'm suggesting a gun balancing channel in the discord like PRP has where anyone can put in a suggestion on whether a gun should be buffed or nerfed (using the format at the bottom) in which anyone can upvote or downvote using reactions (:white_check_mark: and : x:). I think this would be much easier than having to make a forums post about whether you want to buff a gun or not, and if possible buff things other than damage. Fire rate, spread, etc. However I don't think the communities votes should be binding and the final descision should be up to the staff team in the end as to whether said suggestion makes sense. Being able to make messasge threads on suggestions for conversation and the sort would also be helpful. (aforementioned format) Weapon: Nerf or buff: Your suggestion to change:
  3. Your name: CyanicZed Your Discord ID name (EX: Igneous#3706): CyanicZed#9202 Your Discord ID code (EX: 204661777512923136): 366411631951085568 Which discord server were you banned on? SCPRP What was the reason for your ban (if you know it)? I talked smack to Zeeptin (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pINVYnatYA4) Why do you deserve to be unbanned? Been about a month and I think I've served my time and have learned from my mistakes
  4. That's some find work! Fit for the official SCP Wiki!
  5. +Support Honestly don't think it was a big deal, shit happens and I don't think this warn was deserved. At that point in time I just wanted to make it known that without a gun out you have to submit to FearRP
  6. +Support Love balls
  7. +Support Rinzler has shown his dedication in D5 in various ways, hes contributed in ways I didn't think an NCO could and has worked harder than I've seen most CMD work. If anyone ever deserved WO it's RInzler, by work I mean work the guy is fucking crazy when it comes to new ideas and things that are genuinly good for the server. Get this guy in CMD as soon as possible.
  8. In Game Name: CyanicZed Steam ID (Ex. STEAM_0:1:91255427) STEAM_0:0:526494227 Squadron you are Applying for (Guardian, Engineer, Analyst): Guardian Current RP Ranks Held: D5 SGT, D5 Gamma-9, CI SGT If applying for Guardian preferred O5 to guard: I don't have a preference If applying for Analyst please link notable test-logs here: N/A How many Warns do you have? (With Screenshot Proof) Why do you want to join the Red Right Hand team: The Red Right Hand is something that I would play on a regular basis. It also represents harder RP that I feel branches I'm currently in don't offer. There aren't really any other SF branches that feel 'secretive' anymore other than E4 and RRH. Why should we accept you: Why should we accept you: I have been in the GamingLight community for a while now and I am already a part of an SF branch. So though it is minimal compared to RRH, I have some understanding as to what standard procedures may consist of. And get this, like most other applicants I too "have good aim" so bonus reason. I have also had a large amount of experience in MTF branches as a whole. I have prior experience when it comes to RP scenarios such as interrogating and SCP testing as I was in CI RnD for a short period of time in which I made it to the rank of OA. If accepted RRH would become my priority when I'm needed.
  9. +support Sixx has A LOT previous experience and currently makes an outstanding HOS. Seeing Sixx become staff again would do nothing but positives for the server. As well as the fact that, that video was funny as hell.
  10. +Support I personally see this causes a lot of confusion in RP so seeing this actually stated somwhere would be great
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