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  1. -Support Hotshot is a very hard worker and is very busy, so you can't blame him for sometimes not wanting to deal with server shit The document you provided could've been easily replaced if you actually did YOUR job as a High Command member Hotshot can't see the future Hotshot added back Spectre's reserves because from VA is a 2 rank demotion for reserves, and also the Assault situation is non-valid. Your whole reasoning for it is very biased full of bullshit lmao This report right here is basically your "revenge" for being removed from High Command for arguing with SMT and starting problems With this report you're also starting even more problems
  2. Mando has been interacting with lower ranking personnel way more than you think and with Inferno Squadron, he's been helping them out a lot and is a being a really great overseer for IF. Please don't spread false information as you weren't involved with the situation in any way at all. Don't take this as me trying to start an argument, I'm just stating the facts
  3. Mando's been with Naval for about a couple months now and has gone up through the ranks because of his great leadership and dedication to the server. He's probably the only mf that is actually fit for this role and he fully deserves the rank Good Luck Mando!!!!!
  4. +/- Support Active We need MOs Application could've been way better, also it is not recommended to just copy and past things onto your application.
  5. + Support Serious Active Great Application Would be a great SO