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  1. MANJINI PUT ON YOUR STRIPES Ok no but seriously, it is kind of sad to see. Who knows, maybe if I come back to gaminglight we will come back at the same time. I wish you the best. -Kikx aka SF's soccer mom
  2. +Support -Has been with SF for a while. -Is strict when following the rules. (Except when he steals boots) -Has experience with document updates. -Overall has been good officer and loves SF.
  3. +/- Support -Oak I like you. You are a great guy, good at roleplaying, and good at answering questions when it comes to things in SF, but to be completely honest I do think there's still quite a few things you need to learn before ever becoming a vice marshal for this battalion. I do have to admit that you are good at leading when it comes to events. Also you should work a little more on your app. -Kikx
  4. What is your name? Kikx What is your rank? Navigation Pilot (NP) How long have you been a NCO? A little more than 2 weeks What rank are you applying for? Flight Lieutenant (FL) How many strikes do you have? None Why should we trust you with an Officer rank? In my time as an NCO in SF I've been doing my best to be a role model for the rest of the battalion, even being nominated NCO of the week. The position of officer is not one I would take lightly as I know the power provided by it also comes great responsibility. I consider myself one of the most active NCOs and I believe I have the capability and skill of leading the battalion both in ground and air combat. I was originally not feeling ready to become an officer and was willing to wait until I got promoted, however after careful consideration I decided that it may be best to apply for the position as it is a great opportunity for proving myself not just in SF, but the whole server in general. Another thing I would like to add is that I've read the rules and guidelines not just for officer, but also for Imperial Command, so I have an idea of how everything works and what rules we have to follow. Last but not least, I am in the DT regiment, so I know how to maintain a sense of seriousness thanks to their rules and guidelines. What can you do to assist command with this rank? To assist command I would attempt to enforce the rules to create a sensation of respect within the battalion, host sims often both for ground and space combat and making sure enlisted and NCOs get the help they need if they are unsure of what to do in certain situations. I would also do whatever is within my power to improve activity in SF and making sure the rest of the server sees this regiment not as a minge battalion, but rather a team of professional imperial pilots who deserve to be treated with respect. Of course communication with command will be key, so I'll do my best to maintain communication by contacting the right people and following CoC to allow command to see the results of everything going on in SF and analyze what can improve. Do you agree that if you are striked within the first week you will be put back down to the NCO rank? Absolutely.
  5. +/- Support You certainly are very respectful and you are also the most active NCO I've seen. However you do seem to have a little trouble on deciding what to do in certain situations. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it just means you need a little more experience as an SF and NCO in general. I'm still happy to have you as an NCO because you've done a great job and I'm sure that even if you do not get accepted you'll soon become a great officer.
  6. +Support -Is a good NCO -Passionate for SF -Has good experience as SF -Can be a little trigger happy when someone is low health
  7. +Support -One of the most active NCOs I've seen. -Has been NCO for a good amount of time -App could use a little more work in my opinion
  8. -Support -Haven't really seen you that active. -The app needs some work since all I saw was "I've worked so hard, I want to do sims and that and I want to make everyone feel included". Officers are already able to do most of those things. I've seen applications that have given better reasons as to why they wish to become Vice Commander in a battalion. -If this is true, to me that sounds like someone who doesn't want the best for SF, and is instead just a power hungry person.
  9. I just don't remember because it was 8 months ago, but I'm sure the other things I said were far less offensive. As to how to prove myself, I really don't see any options since I'm permabanned from the server. I will say though that this only happened once and I've seen people who have had a history of bans and warnings and got at least one second chance. You could talk to Matrix who is now a Rear Admiral and I've talked to recently. He knows I'm a pretty chill guy so he could put in a good word for me. If you have any suggestions as to how I could prove myself while permabanned then please share because I really don't know what I could do in this state. I hope you will at least give me the benefit of the doubt.
  10. SneakyLynx

    Ban Appeal

    1. Steam Name: SneakyLynx 2. Ingame Name: Kikx 3. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:170380456 4. Ban Length: Permaban 5. Admin that Banned you: Luci or Hotshot (I don't remember) 6. Reason for Ban: Staff Diss 7. Dispute: A long time ago I got permabanned for disrespecting staff after I got mad at something I shouldn't have taken so seriously, calling the manager a r*tard and I don't remember exaclty what else I said. I realize I was in the wrong for saying that, not only because it was not true, but also because it is disrespectful term toward the mentally ill people and I see that now. In the past 8 months or so I've learned to get a hold of myself more. I make this appeal not only to ask to be forgiven but to also promise that such actions will never happen again. I love this community for all the fun they provide and for hard working staff members that have done so much to make it grow. From the bottom of my heart I'm really sorry.
  11. What is your name? Kikx What is your rank? SOP (Just got promoted today) Who gave you permission? RJ What Squadron are you applying for? Onyx What can you do to assist the Squadron Leader? I can assist the SL by taking enemy fighters off his tail and following his orders without question. I´ll put my life at risk to protect my Squadron Leader at all costs. What skills do you have to be apart of this Squadron? I can perform some maneuvers that can be a little tricky for other pilots that are less experienced and I can shoot down enemy fighters with ease. Do you understand if you are striked you will be removed from the Squadron? Yes
  12. What is your name? Kikx What is your rank? OP How long have you been a NCO? Around 4 to 6 days ago. What rank are you applying for? FL How many strikes do you have? None Why should we trust you with an Officer rank? Because I´ve been very active and have always been trustworthy when it comes to rp. I was also chosen once for an event because the moderator said he trusted me not to use the tools he gave me for doing something stupid. (The moderator´s name was Jake, feel free to ask him. I just hope he remembers me.) What can you do to assist command with this rank? Keep SF in order by making sure they follow the rules and also helping them with flying tips. Do you agree that if you are striked within the first week you will be put back down to the NCO rank? Yes
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