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  1. Although I resigned, As the previous Garrick Versio I trust Nex to take over where I left off. He's more then ready for the position. Best of luck Nex!
  2. Well well well it's time, Everything comes to a end at some point. I've been sitting in my position as Garrick Versio for a while but feel a huge lack of motivation and feel like I push myself to be active. Even after my ROA. I've been dealing with IRL stuff and mental health issues and joined the server to escape reality yet it's time to move on. I've made myself a lot of friends on the server that I enjoy playing with. I've had great fun and have some special mentions: Odin: To this day my favorite person and best High command overseer. Astro: not only a fellow command member but a friend. Do great things my friend! Boomer: Although I've barely seen you on you've been a pleasure to work with. I wish you the best of luck! Mann: It's been great working with you and I would say you are up there somewhere with Odin. Bop: General Boppington will live on in our minds. Bon: You've set a great example as the first non manager palpatine, Keep it up. Name: I don't recall how we met but I enjoyed my time hanging out with you during downtime. Sainty: I recall you from the short time I was a gunnery officer and look at you now. Bub / Hex: You deserve a special mention here for the fun we've had. Wraith: Overall a good guy, I hope to see you again, Azreal: Someone I wont forget, I look forward to getting on for one of your events some day. IF command: I wish you the best of luck as we paved our future. Everyone else: You've probably made me enjoy my time on the server, I've not forgotten about you! Godspeed my friends.
  3. Best of luck on your future endeavours. Godspeed Cecil!
  4. Matrix


    This is why we love Bop!!! Might have to try SCP RP now
  5. Matrix


    Damn you are leaving me here with Apple?
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