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  1. -support even though I resigned from the community the yuki family was one of the main things that killed the player base. You made government and criminals alike leave due to you guys always breaking rules and getting away with them. I don’t think the Yuki family coming back would be good for GL. You said that you would enforce the MOTD but that was also stated several times by steve and that clearly never happened. I don’t have faith that promise will be kept since it was broken many times in the past. I agree with you guys making a new family with a different name, however the Yuki name is banned for a reason. When old players return ready to play and see Yuki, the reason why they left to begin with, then they will just leave again.
  2. Injoker

    EMS Tactical Team

    Give ems awps and allow them to be a tac unit make it so criminals can’t kill ems but ems can kill criminals
  3. + support yes he broke a rule so he should be punished I don’t think he needs a Warn but
  4. -support due to the fact you and other SRT command tried to start a rumor that I got strider blacklisted
  5. Injoker

    Forum bug?

    Yes it’s only at 7% now thank you Armyguy. I’m guessing other staff ranks have this issue too though given what Rhenic said.
  6. How much do you pay an hour
  7. Honestly your in game name seems to describe everything we need here... -support
  8. Couldn’t you just whipe files that have not been used for over X amount of time then?
  9. Injoker

    Forum bug?

    Each conversation is 10% of my inbox apparently is there anyway to increase that? I think it has something to do with T-mod website tag vs normal users
  10. -support I do not think you have had enough time with SM currently I also see you be immature sometimes
  11. Injoker

    Forum bug?

    I mean I can’t message people which is kind of annoying and people cannot message me
  12. -support literally the only point in this will be when people drive into ravine.