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  1. This is Not a Staff/OOC Problem, this is an Rp problem that command will talk to Him about, I don't see further Need For staff in this situation, As well as in The report you Put Arguing with Staff... if that was a rule everyone would have a Thousand Warnings. Huge - Support it is an Rp Situation Meaning it should have been reported to State Command to Deal With so a Proper RP Punishment could be Deemed if needed, I do not see the point of this Post if staff were there as well. why wasn't it dealt with In-game? and if it was Dealt With in-game, then this post would be on the Verge of targeting Maddog
  2. Kai

    Echos War Dogg App

    +Support Active and always wanting to help with Events
  3. Server : MilRp Job : RU Hennessy Squad Operatives Steam ID that paid : STEAM_0:0:460152679 Steam ID of player joining : STEAM_0:0:460152679
  4. What you want to see? - Police RP Radio Added Why should we add it? - The Quality and Overall Rp this Radio Provides us Currently is awful, Knowing that there is no seperate Key for Radio Use, meaning whenever u talk ingame U use the Radio unless u turn it off and On everytime What are the advantages of having this? - A more Structured Communication System Who is it mainly for? - US and RU Links to any content - N/A PoliceRP Uses it
  5. The state car Dealer, as Well as the CERT Car Dealer, are all Experiencing the Same Problems
  6. Kai

    Bitminers Broken

    After the Update Bitminers have Stopped Working, Personally I just Spent over 2 mil on miners to be told by staff they are Broken... I have been refunded so that issue is Resolved But, to go more in detail the Bitminers are fully functioning plugged into power and turned on, They Just don't produce any money and the Total Just stays @ 0 even after upgrading the rack and trying other power sources the Miner still doesn't work. Hope this gets fixed Soon, because That gosh dang Casino is gonna make me broke LOL
  7. Not true staff Came as soon as we made a sit and there was no one there beside u and u didnt have a button on the other side u had a Keypad so there is no possible way for the door to flicker like that unless u press a bind. Murderous was the staff who came and couldn't deal with it ask him, It was only you there
  8. Your in game name: Kai Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:460152679 The player's in game name: Nucleus Diamond The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:147290095 What did the player do: Fading Door abused in a Police Pursuit, leading to His ultimate Escape. A staff Sit was called but there where no Higher Staff to take a sit on a Senior Moderator Evidence (required): In the Video, you can Clearly See within the First Few Seconds the Fading Door Fliker Ultimately leading to the Door opening and Shutting instantly after he passes Thru. What do you believe should happen to the player: A Warn / Whatever SMT feels fit for a Sen Mod to Recieve for such a Blatant Rule Break Any extra information: N/A
  9. huge - Support, The Situation was made to look like Yobo Did something wrong by failing to Provide the Whole Story, In my eyes someone taking to the Forms to report a staff, Is fine but when you Report a staff with such little Evidence/Detail in the Story makes this look like you just are targeting yobo.
  10. After Pressing "e" on the car dealer, I and a bunch of other CC's have this Script Error pop up in Our consoles [ERROR] lua/includes/extensions/net.lua:182: net.ReadType: Couldn't read type 65 1. error - [C]:-1 2. ReadType - lua/includes/extensions/net.lua:182 3. ReadType - lua/includes/extensions/net.lua:121 4. ReadType - lua/includes/extensions/net.lua:124 5. ReadTable - lua/includes/extensions/net.lua:124 6. func - vcmod?cardealer:1 7. unknown - lua/includes/extensions/net.lua:32 This has been a problem for a long time now and it was Brought up in the Staff meetings in the Chat but not attended to and it is Very frustrating how over a 100$ of my donations are for Custom Cars and I can't access it. I am Able to Access every other Dealer, Just not the Custom one. Please comment if you have the same Problem Bellow
  11. Yes, I am Curious as well if this is True?