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  1. This is based off the roster, if the roster is outdated please fix it.
  2. Invaliff

    To SMT

    I have talked to Eman and he is working on JvS as we speak. Development is continuing once Eman is done with the current update it will be unlocked. He is working as hard as he can.
  3. DENIED Please, show us you want this position. Put some effort in the application, it does not have a word limit but write enough to show us you want this spot Reapply in 2 weeks
  4. Thank you Ruthmore very cool! -GuyMath
  5. Invaliff

    JMS's BCO App

    ACCEPTED VCMDR does NOT need to apply to take an open commander slot.
  6. Name: Invaliff Master: None Rank: Padawan
  7. ACCEPTED See me for General Certification Training Strict trial period enforced
  8. Project looks similar to what 20 emails I am getting a day from my school! I answered it!
  9. Overruled, MGs are not allowed to do applications for BXO unless the commander fails to reply within 2 weeks, the application is PENDING
  10. Feel free to contact me and tell me what battalion you want to help!
  11. ACCEPTED Speak to a BG+ for CCT training -Grand General Invaliff
  12. +Support - Great guy - Professional -Knows what he is doing - Deserves the promo
  13. ------------- MOVED TO ACCEPTED -------------