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  1. You leave in the middle of a staff sit, which you did, you will get a longer punishment. If you stayed you could have disputed the minge, I would have listened, and we would not be here now.
  2. I sadly was not there for the incident, I trusted the staff member, and was about to minge him for a little bit of time. But because he left in the middle of a staff sit, I gave him a temporary ban. I was the median, only one of the people online who can ban steam ids (As T-mods through sen-mod can't.) I can't advocate for or against.
  3. +Support - Active member - Good application - Professional - Holds high rank in SWRP
  4. Invaliff

    Janos Goodbye

    I understand, making sure that reason was clarified.
  5. Truly, You were the best general, you fit into that position so well. You did so much for the community, dedicated so much time, but still got so little back. You made those serious RP guidelines, those will be used on this server for a long time. You have made an impact on this server, thank you for your dedication to Gaminglight, I hope to see you in the future.
  6. Sorry to see another member to leave this community, you did a lot for this community and we are thankful. - Admin / 104th ARCL LTCOL Invaliff 9999
  7. Invaliff

    Janos Goodbye

    SMT Please do not turn this into SMT VS Players, its a goodbye to the community, he was a valued player, keep it at that. Sorry to see you go Jano, I totally understand what SMT has done, Please try to work with them the best you can, at this point anymore arguing won't help the situation. - Admin / 104th ARCL LTCOL Ares 9999
  8. + / - Support - No Evidence from either side - this post has turned into SMT vs Players - We are going off of witness testimony (The most unreliable piece of evidence) - There are good arguments on both sides. - Please don't turn this post into a place to argue. - Admin / 104th LTCOL Ares 9999
  9. Opening Logs Personel logs - *REDACTED* - *REDACTED* - New Log Access new log Accessing... PERMISSION DENIED LOG LIST ONLY ACCESSIBLE BY LOG OWNER Override code - Awaiting Credentials .---- .- -... ...-- ..-. ...- -.-. -.. .--. --- -.-- -..- -.... ...-- .---- ---.. Encrypting Access - KEY - zslgqxfkethouvriywpjacbndm Verified, Welcome [REDACTED] I talked to him... the man appearing to us in card's armor, he stated he was... He never said who he was, but when I asked him why he is wearing cards and who he is, he said that this armor is cards and still is? (Could he be alive?) I continued asking more and more questions, He stated he had been with us to do his job, after asking him what his job was, He (Is he even a he?) Answered back, to help people. He started asking if I trusted him and talked about a planet, "Trost" as he called it. I asked him about it and he said: "Oh wait, you can't go there." Hidden in that message he emphasized DO, NOT, TRUST, TROST. I am not sure what it means at this time. I talked to the admiral and told him my conversation, the 5th fleet suddenly left the room without reason... walking outside, that when he came again. He told us a lot more the second time, He is something out of our comprehension. He kept talking about tomorrow, well it is tomorrow now, he said he will help us today. We will see what happens today, I guess... Ended Log New device imputed. Scanning new device Device recognized starting device... Done! Scan "New Log" [avgqwlrcqw zguev gzjzszpq zllqpp] - Scanning... ... {avgqwlrcqw zguev gzjzszpq zllqpp} - Hidden text located, Corrupted, but readable. Another IP Attempting to access changing encryption KEY - eobgwhyzuitvfnxsrcapqjdmlk Read hidden text Accessing... I saw -ecbv ecwa- accessing the brig computer, I don't know what he was looking for... CORRUPTED - I have also seen him - CORRUPTED - I don't trust him anymore... No more text located "Corrupt" File File corrupted
  10. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : 104th ARCL Major Ares 9999 2. Why do you want to be a Vice commander of this branch? I have seen the 104th grow recently to great numbers, and having one CMDR and VCMDR to deal with it all is challenging, I want to help Long and Knight run the battalion, as I have run some before I have many Ideas to bring to the table, I know what I am doing and hope I can help with the future of the 104th. I want to be there to assist 104th High Command in decision, Discipline, and recruiting. I have already done a lot with the 104th and want to continue helping. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a Vice commander for a branch? To work with the CMDR and other VCMDR to run an active, disciplined battalion, to lead the troopers into battle, to train them for said battle, prepare them for the future, and train them the best they can. 7. Why should we trust you to be a Vice commander? : I have had a ton of commanding experience over the time I have been on the server, from Stormtrooper VCMDR to 35th Commander to 187th commander, I have seen it all, I know what is required of a VCMDR and a CMDR and can do the job well. I want to help the 104th grow and develop, giving Ideas, letting the trooper contribute, and help anyone with questions. After all that time, I have developed many different commanding strong suits. With all my experience and my strong suits, I should be trusted. 8. How often can you be Online? : I have activities on Mondays, And miss 1 weekend a month, but other than that every day. 10. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : I have 0 warnings, 0 staff strikes, and 0 roster strikes.
  11. +Support! -Active -Command position - Knows his way around! - Good application! Admin / 104t ARCL Major Ares 999 APPROVED!
  12. Invaliff


    The TV's is a problem with the addon, Sadly unless we are able to reach the original creator or make our own TV add-on, I doubt that can be fixed. Defibs is also something that is a little hard to fix, you have to find the right addon that you want, and make sure it is optimized and not lagging the server too much. These things do take time.
  13. +Support -Great Leader - Lead regimental ARC and is capable of leading. - Great RP'r - An AMAZING commander.