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  1. ~~Gamemaster Spots Are Filled~~
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  3. Accepted! Pm me on Discord for further Information Orchid#2069
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  6. Huge +Support Do I Even Have To Say Why?
  7. The flame may have shortened but it's never extinguished. I saw you as an NCO and I helped push you into an officer position while I was Saesee and you preformed well above my expectations. From my perspective, you went from a minge to someone who has truly gained my respect as both a human being and as a commander. Live long my old friend Ex. Jedi Master Saesee Tiin
  8. Accepted! PM HGM Neiman on discord (Orchid#2069) for everything you need!
  9. Not Enough Comments For A Decision Sorry for the long wait but I want to see what the community thinks of you as possibly being a GM before I accept you, thanks for the understanding! -Head Gamemaster Neiman
  10. Not Enough Comments For A Decision Sorry for the long wait but I want to see what the community thinks of you as possibly being a GM before I accept you, thanks for the understanding! -Head Gamemaster Neiman
  11. Sorry it took a bit for me to respond, IRL stuff, anyways. This is idea can be interpreted in two different ways, 1. Each clone has their own set of lives This is very difficult to keep track of due to some events having 60+ players, meaning that a GM or multiple GM’s have to keep track of it. It’s difficult because it can create a bottle neck of troopers and troopers would have to wait their turn for their life to be marked off, then at some point, some troopers wouldn’t be allowed to participate during the event because they died too much. So my question to you is, what would the troopers who lost all their lives do while they wait? or 2. An overall clone life count Again a very hard thing to keep track of but a bit more manageable then the first option I will admit, however the issue is that some players die like once during an event while some others might die 20 times, and those who die less would get angry at those who die often and conflict would arise between players because of this. Only storyline characters are Buddha’ed, people like Mandalorian’s can only have a certain amount of health, the max is 2,500 HP and they aren’t Buddha’ed. They can RP heal themselves the same way that clones can heal each other aswell since Mandalorian can be medically trained just like how Clones can be. Before I go into this I would to comment on the grammatical errors in this, I ask that you pre-read the messages you send out because when grammar is incorrect, you can possibly mean to say one thing but mean another. Anyways 5 Mandalorian isn’t a random squad, that are an elite trained combat unit, plus the fact that they can fly means that Jedi can’t touch them so the Jedi are null and void in that situation so the it boils down to the Elite Unit of Mandalorians and the ARC, and again I’ll reiterate what I said before, they will most likely have 2,500 HP but the player playing the Mandalorian most likely won’t be skilled in jet pack aerial combat like the ARC are since they are trained for those kinds of situations For one I’d recommend being more professional when supporting the implementation something. Also theirs no such thing as real plot armor, it’s all made up, it’s a Gmod Roleplay server about an animated series also known as a cartoon, the same cartoon that’s based off a fantasy movie series about magic men swinging even magical glowsticks of death. The events are actually very diverse at times but most GM’s like to host their events at a certain time so maybe you are only apart of one GMs event who likes to use Mandalorians, which isn’t s crime at all, he’s using what he’s comfortable with, if you are trying to imply the events are terrible, then that’s not a suggestion, it’s just a statement and doesn’t belong in the suggestions tab on the forums. And the Jedi can catch them, they have force leap and advanced force leap which can travel more ground faster than a jet pack can, at the same time, the troopers also have access to Jet Packs I have to admit this is a very unprofessional and hastily made response you made, it also looks to be very anger induced at the same time which turns this to a conversation about a suggestion to an anger induced argument Head Gamemaster Neiman (Ignore small spelling quirks, autocorrect is a bitch and I’m doing this on my phone) Addendum: I saw this from a prior comment, Grandmasters are chosen when the GM openly asks for an actor, some GM’s prefer certain people to fulfill actor slots for either how well they can RP or any number of reasons, a random grandmaster won’t be able to tell you about how a DC-15A is able to produce an Ion-based projectile from the magazine, but someone in the 38th would be more knowledgeable about that then a random Grand Master
  12. Hello there, HGM Neiman here and I'll explain the major flaws of this. I'll be directly quoting you and explaining the flaws for both organization and my own sanities sake. 1. Some, if not most, event characters shouldn't die at all, take Science Jr. for an example, he's my leading character and the center point for my storyline events and hes sometimes on the battlefield. Now imagine the host of the biggest hive mind to exist, die to the pistol fire of a CT PVT and then he's dead for good, it's flat out stupid, other people like Lore Event Characters such as Dooku or Greivous can't die because its both taboo and goes against lore since Dooku dies to the hands of Anakin Skywalker. 2. This doesn't happen as much as you think actually and when it does, its for a short amount of time mostly, ontop of that, lets say you capture an event character who isn't scheduled to die yet in the storyline, then he HAS to escape and when that happens time and time again it just turns into a flat out meme since you know what's going to happen. Also they aren't just walking freely to grandmothers house either, they are going to an objective and sometimes that objective HAS to be captured for the event to go on or else the event is stopped there and is no longer going on. 3. I guess then anyone on the ship whos a miniscule threat will be killed instantly according to this logic. I guess the next time Science Jr comes onto the ship he HAS to die and end the storyline event, or when Dooku or Grievous or Ventress comes on or LITERALLY ANY LORE EVENT CHARACTER comes on whos hostile, they must die. The event characters serve to add difficulty, if something like this happens were a Buddha'ed character is running at you then just run away. Use your head, Dooku cant kill you if you are above him due to the limitations of the sabers and force powers, at the same time 3-4 troopers can kill a 2000 HPed bounty hunter with ease if they don't panic and run away. Sincerely, Head Gamemaster Neiman