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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. SCP-173 Link(s) to playermodels: Link(s) to sweps: 3500HP I mean come on its a statue made of concrete, its gonna take a lot of bullets Why should we add this SCP? We should bring back 173 into the game because it is the most iconic scp. We all love testing on 173 and being tested on 173. The legend of 173 can not die in our server! Basic summary of the SCP: When being looked at it can not move, when not it can move at 4 meters per second and snaps the neck of its victim. 7. Extra information: SCP-173 BEST SCP
  2. The Cult of Utetwo! Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to check out my new CULT! The cult of utetwo is a family of people who want to be the snazziest they can be. We are our own independent country and declare independence as of now. We are anti-government but refuse to shoot dogs. We have many subdepartments such as: Missionaries Go from house to house (base to base) and try to recruit new members. Cult Police Ensures no rules are broken within the cult. Must drive a green car at all times. Animal Control Catches (kidnaps) dogs from the streets. If you would like to join, message utetwo! Let's see how long it will take for us to get blacklisted from all departments! ?
  3. What do you want to see? - New Perma Map!! Why should we add it? - Has great Lore potential. The map has a massive base for the Clones and some other smaller bases around the map!! What are the advantages of having this? - Great lore advantages Who is it mainly for? - ALL in CWRP, the map has it's own Jedi temple also Links to any content - If this gets accepted, I would love to help set everything up!! I already have some plans with places to be put.