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  1. +SUPPORT -Very active -Good leader -Good soldier, with good combat skill / experience -Would be a great FORECON
  2. I agree with this, when I said such the point i was making was that Andro was asking for a complete removal from staff with from my POV just seemed incredibly corrupt if it were too happen while other staff got a slap on the wrist for much more major offences, ofc two wrongs don't make a right but androntels punishment seems incredibly severe when a simple slap on the wrist and being told off is more then sufficient of a punishment, if a punishment is even needed. I personally apologize for it coming off as 1 bad + 1 bad = good, not my intention.
  3. +SUPPORT -Very active, even in downtime -Likeable, & Friendly person -I think he could bring some new ideas & alot of fun to the server
  4. I do want to say, you make it sound like the RU left due to these events, which is completely untrue, they didn't even have the slightest ID of what US base was doing, also you not having a rank on the US doesn't matter if you believe something is wrongfully happening you should always speakout, and if they continued to ignore or disrespect your wishes I believe this report would have ALOT more solid ground to stand on personally, however due to the fact that i have yet to see a single complaint it doesn't seem like it's an actual issue. Also none of the staff powers were abused during the kidnapping other than throwing shadow off of the roof / tac thing. and when shadow came back he never really had an issue, just said "where the hell am i" since he obviously did move, however we all just laughed & shrugged it off including shadow, and if shadow deemed it as an issue could have easily talked to / warned / or punished them in RP/Staff if he felt necessary. as well as the time point, personally i think the time is completely irrelevant because no matter what time it was if ZERO RU are willing to play longer than one war there is a much larger issue to fix that 2 staff choosing to have fun and let loose for about 20 minutes while we waited for people. I don't believe the no audio is honestly a huge issue, i understand if its your first time using OBS you never really tried to take a solid stance on audio related issues, and you've kept it professional while I acknowledge some people haven't. (I dont believe I have been unprofessional, but if you think so tell me) P.S Just saying the RU activity thing isn't me putting blame on you, or any of the HC who try to get them active, however it is a genuine issue & played into these events unfolding which is why i've mentioned it, and I acknowledge you and a few others have attempted to get RU on
  5. i agree with this completely, I think people should learn from their mistakes & etc, however i believe in you're original post you said no one wants to play a sever where admins abuse, but i can say confidently about half of the players on wouldve been gone without these 2 literally just letting us have fun and let loose
  6. With all due respect tim none of this is biased, in fact none of this would have happened at ALL if the RU were to increase activity (this is not putting blame on you, you do you're best and they just ignore at times) however its an incredibly big issue to the life of the server, and the US for the past week and half has only played US vs US wars so we decided to relax and sit back and enjoy ourselves due to ZERO RU being on. I have no issue with you tim, but I dont believe any rational person would have any issue with this. No one in the video or out of it has complained in the slightest, and as i said in my original response admins + have gotten away with much worse, and the fact that these two get punished for keeping the entirety of the server even afloat during that day is just incredibly corrupt in my eyes
  7. -support -You participated in the "kidnapping of shadow" that you're reporting him on, even though it happened with next to no RU on & staff had to literally occupy RU with US troops to try an event, which seems hypocritical when you weren't asked or even technically part of the joke which was (usaf / inscom) & you easily could've said no or called them out but instead went along with it. (you can also see at the 3 second mark there is not a single RU soldier on) -The entirety of US was just relaxing and enjoying each others time since zero RU were on and we weren't seriously RP'ing -No one who was even affected by what jones did has a singular complaint because we understand none of his power was abused or misused in a serious sense or that would affect the server / playerbase -Multiple members of staff have done things worse than this with little to no consequence, this is not me trying to witchunt or bring down other staff however this just seems biased towards jones and vice for minor "offences" when much bigger & much more major things have happened -these two are also incredibly dedicated and active staff members who hold events and try their hardest to keep the playerbase alive, and keep peace throughout the server, something that they were even doing that exact same day however it wasnt recorded because he was only looking to point out minor minor flaws instead of the larger picture