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  1. only active reznov died Saltines shall rise (rip)
  2. -support why would they add this in the branch update without telling us
  3. Samm

    Prone - Denied

    -support even if it conflicts this would be done on accident so many times and it would be incredibly annoying
  4. so uh, didnt really want to resign but i can't show activity for ci being an a1 cpt now, i am just taking up a sgm spot for anyone who wants it, and i dont feel thats fair. with school being the way it is, its hard to be active in general, but 2 branches makes it incredibly difficult to be active. maybe once this stuff is over ill come back adios CI, thanks for the good memories.
  5. it got excpected so -lenoret means nuthing becuse new comdre
  6. -corrort bonicles will do conemedoing now, plese no thank you be for you the comder
  7. new conemderor for inguse gun to make ci poweringfull
  8. +import . he does geting is new wepons and negves to kill mtf squad rct get igneus gun plese +retorts
  9. yea. If everyone +Supported a suggestion to delete the server, that would mean smt would have to do it. Bad idea
  10. they did. Not sure after the EZ rework before the map change, but before they definitely did.
  12. idk if it will even be necessary to move over unless its just that much better. The current GMod has lag issues, and performance issues. Unless those are massively improved then I think we would port, unless the porting process is an easy one. But then begs the question, how much will this cost? We could lose a portion of our player base due to porting if it isnt given to current gmod owners.
  13. Samm

    Boozle's Application

    word counter i was using was messed up, i changed my post.
  14. Samm

    Boozle's Application

    Now that roll call is over... +support + I love the question about the minging PVT, a second opinion is always a good thing to have. +Command Experience +/- 2 strikes for some pretty bad things, however I do believe those were awhile ago and I know you have changed -just scrapes by the word count