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  1. What do you want to see? - A rule so that GM cannot start events that change maps/involve tryout rooms during tryouts Why should we add it? - Let me tell you a story, I was active all day 2 days waiting for StarFighter tryouts, they finally happen and in the middle, I am forced into another map where I can't continue the tryouts and they have a risk of being canceled if majority doesn't show back up to tryouts after the event. Another person at those tryouts waited 2 weeks. Do you see the issue? What are the advantages of having this? - So that we can actually join the battalions we want to join instead of being forced into an event during tryouts for a group we have wanted to join for an extended period of time. Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - N/A
  2. +support just because of the new d class gameplay that has been needed for a long time.
  3. LEVEL 4 PERSONNEL AND ABOVE CLEARANCE ONLY SCANNING FOR VITAL SIGNS ONUS..|\& ONUS..|\& ONUS..|\& COMPLETIONEM VITAL SIGNS DETECTED To Mom, Hey mom, hope Mike is doing well, they are letting me email you this one time, we have a mission tomorrow, I can't share much, but Just know that I love you. FILE ONE COMPLETE FILE TWO LOADING, Afghanastan Marines Corp, CPL Samuel Mocsin April 23, 2013 Incident report 2-B8 Site-REDACTED was under an attack by a terrorist organization known as the Miquarin and the US Marine Corps were called in to assist. CPL Samuel Mocsin was apart of the first assault group on the organization. They made their way to Gate-B and went inside to flank the terrorists when a bomb was remotely detonated by Dr.Renam causing the floor under CPL Samuel Mocsin to fall out from under him killing his entire crew. He was the only one to survive. He traveled through HCZ wounded and when orders were given to leave Samuel Mocsin refused knowing there was more to be done. He went through HCZ to where SCP 106 was being temporarily contained and heard someone down the corridor covered in rubble about a "106 breach" and a "Femur breaker" stated in CPL Samuel Mocsin's report. He went into the rubble and picked up the wounded man who then informed him about the Femur Breaker and how to use it, CPL Samuel Mocsin quickly got to work and used the femur breaker to re-contain SCP-106. Mobile Task-Force Nu7 "Hammer Down" went into the scene after the femur breaker noise went off to find a damaged and unconscious Samuel Mocsin and brought him on a med-evac helicopter flown by a Nu7 operative. At the hospital he was later informed he was the last to survive out of all the squads that went in. He was given two choices, One was to have a job in the foundation as an Nu7 agent for his bravery, or two to be amnesticized and forget about everything in the operation. He decided which is stated in his report as "The things I saw down there on those signs, the description that man gave me as he gave his life for everything... I have to help in any way that I can." FILE TWO COMPLETE FILE THREE START LOG Damn, it really has been a wild ride hasn't it. Recontaining and keeping these monsters contained. Well, Mom and Mike, you won't remember me after hearing this, and I am sorry for this, but anything to keep this place safe. I am going to miss you guys a lot, even if for the last ten years I have only talked to you through email. Well, I am going into a... Special division, one that nobody knows about but a select few, and I am not going to be allowed any contact with you, and you guys aren't going to be allowed to remember me. I had two choices, let you think I was dead or make you forget about me, and I didn't want you to go through the torture it would have been if you guys thought I... You know, died. Goodbye, I love you both, and Mike, get better grades bud. *A sad sniffle and laugh is heard at the end and then a cut of the recording The log was delivered to the Mother and brother of Samuel Mocsin. This is his final log.
  4. -support Armor is basically the biggest factor, if you have no armor any gun shreds through your health, and I would rather a reset and wait NLR than going through the RP only to have to buy my armor. I RP with medical sometimes but say there is a CI raid, and SCP breaches, I am going to go for a reset so I don't have to make my way to medbay, get healed, go to the armory and buy armor.
  5. pretty sure this means you win SCP RP Light.
  6. Samm

    Suicide Bombings - Denied

    ok just wanted to quote this it was funny, but -support as many in the foundation are willing to do whatever it takes for the security of the foundation.
  7. In-game Name: Samm SteamID: STEAM_0:0:175293679 DiscordID: Strange#3176 What division do you want to join (Military or R&D): Military How would you rank your knowledge of the lore? 7.5 Why should you be in Chaos Insurgency? (75 word minimum) I have shown since my last application my ability to remain in a branch and be consistent, I have also saved that life for CI since my last application. With that out of the way (Which I am not counting as part of my 75 words) Let me get started. First things first, my knowledge of the lore. I know this may not mean much for military, however, I think it is worth mentioning that I have been avid about SCPs since around 2016. Secondly, I have experience with CI in the past, and it was some of the most fun on the server. Finally, I have been playing on the server since August and for the first month or two CI was my goal. I know I screwed up back then by not being active, but things have changed, that was back in October, and I want to put the past behind me and start anew with the lovely group of CI. What is something that sets you apart from other applicants? Past experience with CI, and playing the server since August. Hell, I even spent 75$ on diamond for CI infiltrator, that's how much fun it was to me. How active can you be? Every day, on a scale of one to ten, I would give myself a nine. Do you have both Teamspeak and Discord: Yes
  8. Samm

    Samm's A1 LOA

    Name: Samm Status on Roster: Active Reason For LOA(If Private then put as N/A): Need a break from GMod Duration of LOA: 7 days
  9. Actually this is kind of confusing, no CR66 in a1, or any mtf branch. Is this a real interrogation?
  10. +Support just make it the same as the scythe. There's no reason for it to 2 shot most people.
  11. Never really even understood the whole "MTF spawn near gate b". That doesn't make any sense to me +support though. MTF have killed me in gate b as a class d before.