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  1. ACCEPTED Thank you for your report! The specified member will be punished accordingly by an SMT member
  2. top moment for me is when I became marshal commander.
  3. ACCEPTED Please allow up to 2 hours before your account is unbanned. If you wait 2 hours and no unban has occurred, please contact one of the servers Head Admin's
  4. DENIED Your account will not be recieving an unban, either because you are a blacklisted member, or because your ban is deemed valid by SMT
  5. DENIED At this time, SMT does not find you suitable for our staff team. Please reapply in 2 weeks.
  6. take care my friend.
  7. first of all you're on the ST job, they only have one model you are somehow a cc model then change to an error....
  8. rqda9WfYvzcjpUJEfJYTcA_Trim.mp4 This you?
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