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  1. -support even though I resigned from the community the yuki family was one of the main things that killed the player base. You made government and criminals alike leave due to you guys always breaking rules and getting away with them. I don’t think the Yuki family coming back would be good for GL. You said that you would enforce the MOTD but that was also stated several times by steve and that clearly never happened. I don’t have faith that promise will be kept since it was broken many times in the past. I agree with you guys making a new family with a different name, however the Yuki name is banned for a reason. When old players return ready to play and see Yuki, the reason why they left to begin with, then they will just leave again.
  2. Injoker

    EMS Tactical Team

    Give ems awps and allow them to be a tac unit make it so criminals can’t kill ems but ems can kill criminals
  3. After 1 ½ years I have decided to leave Gaminglight. This community is great and I am sad I am leaving it behind, but this is a necessary change for me. I’m going to get a little personal here, for the last 8 years I have had some form of depression consistently some years worse than others. I have spent three of those eight years being suicidal and I believe it is time I finally seek some form of help. Sadly with the process of doing that I will no longer have time for Gaminglight. I have had so many good memories and met so many good people throughout my time here. There is honestly so many people I know I will forget some so I am sorry in advance, and there are so many of you I will go insane if I type them all. I still plan to get on sometimes and mess around with old friends. So with that said here are some special mentions to people. —-EMT—- Zeeptin - Although I never really fully met you I believe I have tried to assist you in anyway possible. You are forced to make tough decisions everyday that influence the community in one way or another for that I will always respect you. Mr. Valkiery - although it is very likely you never see this you were still a great person and a mentor to me. You were always willing to help me in anyway possible. All you need to do is stream now. —-SMT—- Managers Mike - I have been here long enough to watch your full progression through the staff team all the way up to manager. We tried (and failed horribly) to make it into SS Command together and now you run your own Gaminglight server I’m going to miss you. John - Keep up all the hard work on MilitaryRP. I know we did not always see eye to eye on issues but you are still a great manager. "NUMBER 15: Drones, THE LAST THING YOU WOULD WANT ON YOUR MILITARYRP SERVER IS DRONES, BUT TURNS OUT THAT MIGHT BE WHAT YOU GET" Snar - You always find a way to make people laugh when you are on the server. When Valkiery left he said you would destroy policerp, but I think you have done the exact opposite and improved it and made it better. EMeanMan - Make sure you watch the hill next to ghanzi tower I seem to remember a US 1LT named Injoker liked to snipe you from there Gaur / Fame - I never was on when you two were so I do not have much to say about either of you sorry. You both did a great job of leading your divisions (Forum Diplomat/Support). Head Of Staff ArmyGey- God I remember when you and I used to mess around on state together and now you are HoS for policerp. Keep up the good work but I’ll tag you on the forums if I want I get that privilege <3. NoOne - Although you will probably never see this I love you buddy you were a great role model for me on both PDRP and MilRP Head Admin Scheffer - "Hello I am your boss, and I am just here to say sexual harassment is unacceptable" "It's not disrespect if you do it to everyone" You are a great guy and an amazing general keep up all the good work and become HoS for MilRP one day :). —JMT— Senior - You have truly provided some quality moments for me throughout my time here on Gaminglight. Happy Birthday, and keep up the good work. Take some quotes! "Normally there will be tryouts, but there will be no tryouts because you are all failures" Senior - "Yeah I promoted him what's wrong with the name Ben Doverson?" Jeffe - "Bend Over..." Senior - "Oh fuck I am stupid sorry" "The D for tired not the D for Dick" "I forgot to put the d on it" "talking about censored, they arent sexist trust me she ugly"- Gamikzone - You are a great FBI Director and I hope you continue with all your good work in the FBI. -Other People (PoliceRP)- Noot Noot - I love you man. You have done so much for me and I have watched you rise up from a Lieutenant to a Colonel to the day Valk left when you became an Assistant Chief, and now you are all the way up there at Dep Commissioner. We have had some great times together on both MilRP and PoliceRP. (I am still requesting you to be my fake canadian dad for college) Kitty - Continue to kill tcoops till you find your bra. I did not really meet you until over the summer, but we had some great times together. May you always be a Pro Driver. Tcoops - I did not really meet you until over the summer but we had some great times together. And I guesssss you can have your bra back now. Colesoft Gaey - We memed around in state together, then ARU, then PD, and now FBI. You have been a good friend throughout my time on GL. However, I still think your job title is “A dumb cadet we didn’t trust with a pistol so we gave him a taser”. Kade - Get on MilRP more so I can continue to out snipe you <3. -Other People (MilRP)- Tummy / Tum / Tumz / Timmy - Keep up with all of the good work. I remember when you got MG then LTG and now a big boy Gen. Danny - Let us continue to meme together throughout life Androntel - Keep in there bud you are the true OG General. Oh and remember you can always do debrief by yourself Syth - Banana man is back again! We had some great fun and great memes we shared together. Fun fact this is still on the US Roster lol: Syth wuz here banana man strikes again | Bad Syth - Injoker | No u - Syth | Bad - Injoker | Ur big gey - Syth | No u - Injoker | BIG GEY BAMBOOZLED - Syth | "SYTH IS BACK" - Injoker | "Damn straight homes" -Syth | o hi there - Andro | Wanna join dad? -Syth To all of those not mentioned, I am sorry but this is getting to be too long. Injoker PoliceRP Moderator MilitaryRP Moderator Forum Diplomat Support Team United States Army Commander United States Secret Colonel United States Military Police Lieutenant Colonel Russian Spetsnaz Sergeant Rockford City Police Department Lieutenant Federal Beauro of Investigations Deputy Chief of Staff Armed Response Unit Sergeant Major Rockford City Special Weapons and Tactics Corporal Illinois State Trooper Corporal Special Response Team Private Emergency Medical Services Special Paramedic
  4. + support yes he broke a rule so he should be punished I don’t think he needs a Warn but
  5. -support due to the fact you and other SRT command tried to start a rumor that I got strider blacklisted
  6. Injoker

    Forum bug?

    Yes it’s only at 7% now thank you Armyguy. I’m guessing other staff ranks have this issue too though given what Rhenic said.
  7. How much do you pay an hour
  8. Honestly your in game name seems to describe everything we need here... -support
  9. Couldn’t you just whipe files that have not been used for over X amount of time then?
  10. Injoker

    Forum bug?

    Each conversation is 10% of my inbox apparently is there anyway to increase that? I think it has something to do with T-mod website tag vs normal users
  11. -support I do not think you have had enough time with SM currently I also see you be immature sometimes
  12. Injoker

    Forum bug?

    I mean I can’t message people which is kind of annoying and people cannot message me
  13. -support literally the only point in this will be when people drive into ravine.
  14. -support I just find it odd you claim it’s metagaming when throughout the whole history of PDRP being a server it was only recently made metagaming and then removed