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  1. But in real life every time someone encounters a cop their first reaction isn’t “let me find my Negev ah there it is bye bye cop!” -Support from me sorry we have too many problems with constant police shootings we don’t need another class designed for causing havoc there is enough already.
  2. Yes but now there is no punishments for shootouts start over traffic tickets vs kidnappings you see? Shootouts will always happen, but now they start over misdemeanor traffic tickets vs felonies.
  3. Honestly this suggestion is completely bias. 1. you can’t tell a persons age by their voice... not to mention literally no way to enforce this. (If I suspect someone of being 12 do I just walk up to them and say hey give me a copy of your drivers license or you are perm banned) 2. We have had great members of staff team and the community such as @Nimowho have had to work their asses off to get to where they got to because some of the playerbase hated them because of their age... 3. Literally the reasons staff exists... pretty sure staff doesn’t go oh he’s a kid I’ll let him mass rdm Honestly if you are going to be this rude I don’t think gaminglight is for you...
  4. +support I think Nolan said it best yesterday. Ever since that rule was removed policerp is just consistent shootings. People will murder a cop for a traffic ticket. with absolutely no punishment that happens to the player. You shoot a cop - cop hits panic button - cop dies - you die to all the other cops - EMS is already on scene normally so you get revived within 20 seconds of death - You get to drive away and keep all the guns and Pd just has to ignore the fact you murdered someone 10 seconds ago because this NLR rule which isn’t really NLR to begin with The rule used to be once you were revived by ems you had to comply if LEOs were present I’m assuming that part would stay so it wouldn’t be shootouts after reviving
  5. Injoker

    ARU Suggestion

    Just to remind you aru is an actual thing in Europe and they are the equivalent to the US’s version of swat
  6. Injoker

    ARU Suggestion

    +Support also all the side jobs like k9 should come back with it
  7. Injoker

    Injoker's LOA

    Name: Injoker Rank: SAIC LOA Time: Till I feel better Reason (Private if needed): got the flu (sorry for not following the Format was kinda out of it last night)
  8. Injoker

    Injoker's LOA

    Managed to get the flu so I will be back when it is over
  9. Injoker

    warn appeals

    -support first you can only appeal false warns not 51 of them at once second 4/51 warns are for propblock
  10. I like it, but I don’t think having the word run on that command evo is very encouraging for people to pull over lol Also I don’t know if this is possible, but if you could fit “Yield to lights and sirens” or something like that think it would be great since some people forget you have to do that.
  11. 1. TS is more easily customizable compared to discord when you have to add 50 bots if you want everything our ts does now. 2. Discord channel lists get crowded very easily even if you do hide them by minimizing the channels 3. Discord has limits like character limits 4. Also will bet people tag staff smt and Zeeptin all the time for no really useful reason.
  12. SMT and EMT have said multiple times we aren’t going to switch to discord sorry hate to break that to you.