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  1. It's dying because it is so simple. EMS is a drive, point, click, get $2,000. We wanted to get the Advanced Medic Mod so EMS could be useful then be just as needed at PD is. But it got denied by SMT twice now. EMS adds so much more RP.
  2. Department Officials Host @Jason Tucker Helpers @Timmemes Did very well and @Jason Tucker thanks you. Accepted Crunchy Did well and knows how to communicate and work with a team Rainer Struggles a bit, but with work will be perfect! @Keulono Did amazing. DENIED Elapin Left Mid Way Mosley Become more active within the community Duncan (c) Come See @Jason Tucker on Discord or TS or pm him on forums to complete.
  3. Oh, okay. have a good one. Stay in the Discord, please.
  4. I think you should be able to buy 1 25% repair kit personally every so often, then add back the repair dealers/npc that comes with VCMod
  5. I don't agree with that one either. And you don't need to advert carjack. Its yelling it. /y Carjack
  6. Then Bryce. What if they whispered it. /w it. It would show up in logs... And I'm pretty sure we have I'm picking logs... No?
  7. HUGE -Support This would ruin RP and would kinda be annoying. I do love the fact that you don't need to advert "raid" when raiding. It adds realism and stuff. No ones going to Tweet that their breaking into someone's home lol. Maybe make it so you can only shoot people that have guns out and/or on the property if they're a threat. Otherwise tie them up and then raid them, then leave them tied with no guns. That would be more realistic...
  8. I almost never respond to Bank robberies because tac units just yell at me lol
  9. Sooooo? Did the Dodge Charger Pursuit finally stop? /\ Inside Joke /\ Have a good time friend. Jason Tucker#7976 is my discord
  10. MARKED If anyone has any questions about what he said above, please join http://emsdiscord.tk and do [-new Surpreme Chow] in #create-your-ticket-here
  11. The reason we don't "like this" is not for control. It is for the ability for us to work fluently. If you have ownership, then we would have to wait for you in EVERY low command add and removal pretty much. Anytime any Dept. head would like to be able to have control of their department documents. You can have control and access to them and keep everything in one place without having ownership. Unless every document let any editor add anybody, which would be insecure. And, what if your account gets hacked, (as one of yours has already been before), then what. We have a chance of losing everything. Thank you for reading Snar. _____________ it would be insecure and any Low Command would be able to add any email. We do trust our low command. But things happen Kade. You know that. _____________ Probably because you don't do a lot of document management.
  12. I actually agree with 90% of this. Just not giving Snar ownership. I understand the reason, but it would hurt a lot of depts. I like Snar forcing organization and all that 100%.
  13. If Razonix gave ownership, then he will not be able to add anyone else to the documents. Because of the settings set on all EMS documents.