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  1. It is time. I am moving on. With Raz leaving, I can't stay. He is what was keeping me. I am resigning and don't think i'll be coming back this time. I thank everyone for all their hard work on the dept. And I wish you all the best of luck. You all are awesome! Don't forget, wear you seatbelt! CP2, Jason Tucker, Captain of the Gaminglight Emergency Medical Department, going 10-7 10-42. Good luck with the discord server lol
  2. The time has come, you will be missed. You were what made EMS what it is today and always let me state my opinion. You are my greatest friend on EMS (Don't tell @Toxitman) . You made me better as a person and you mean a lot to me. Always message me!
  3. ACCEPTED Join the discord @ https://discord.gg/QbstHWz Contact an FTO in-Game, Discord, Or Teamspeak to be trained EMS Application Captain Jason Tucker
  4. ACCEPTED Join the Discord! <-- Click! Contact an FTO in-Game, Discord, Or Teamspeak to be trained within two weeks!
  5. Jason Tucker#7976 We would like to work something out, please message me on Discord above!
  6. People have reported that is it a no lag mod. Lag is not the reason it was denied however.
  7. Join http://emsdiscord.tk and go to the channel #create-a-ticket-here and type -new I would like to know why i'm Blacklisted command will talk to you there. Not here. Thank you!
  8. It's dying because it is so simple. EMS is a drive, point, click, get $2,000. We wanted to get the Advanced Medic Mod so EMS could be useful then be just as needed at PD is. But it got denied by SMT twice now. EMS adds so much more RP.
  9. Department Officials Host @Jason Tucker Helpers @Timmemes Did very well and @Jason Tucker thanks you. Accepted Crunchy Did well and knows how to communicate and work with a team Rainer Struggles a bit, but with work will be perfect! @Keulono Did amazing. DENIED Elapin Left Mid Way Mosley Become more active within the community Duncan (c) Come See @Jason Tucker on Discord or TS or pm him on forums to complete.
  10. Oh, okay. have a good one. Stay in the Discord, please.
  11. I think you should be able to buy 1 25% repair kit personally every so often, then add back the repair dealers/npc that comes with VCMod
  12. Jason Tucker

    Raid rule

    I don't agree with that one either. And you don't need to advert carjack. Its yelling it. /y Carjack
  13. Jason Tucker

    Raid rule

    Then Bryce. What if they whispered it. /w it. It would show up in logs... And I'm pretty sure we have I'm picking logs... No?
  14. Jason Tucker

    Raid rule

    HUGE -Support This would ruin RP and would kinda be annoying. I do love the fact that you don't need to advert "raid" when raiding. It adds realism and stuff. No ones going to Tweet that their breaking into someone's home lol. Maybe make it so you can only shoot people that have guns out and/or on the property if they're a threat. Otherwise tie them up and then raid them, then leave them tied with no guns. That would be more realistic...