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    Please Create a new thread with the following format. Name: Ellie/Elise Rank: SA LOA Time: 5/29- 6/20 Reason (Private if needed): Need to deal with irl stuff
  2. -support I'm depressed & suicidal and telling someone to kill themselves is unacceptable. Not because of the server rules, but because you should never say that to someone anywhere or any time.
  3. Where was the video uploaded? I don't remember his name, but if it was on youtube or something you could check your search history.
  4. I did advert carjack? Logs should show Also the whole point of the sit was I carjacked as civ, it wasn't about carjacking without an advert
  5. +Support I see some people talking about tac units having 200 armor and such but think of non-government. As a criminal, I get decimated by CCs with negevs in 1-5 seconds while barely putting 20 damage into them with weapons I can buy through gun dealers.
  6. I stole it FROM spawn (across from it) and drove it TO car dealer ------------------ also
  7. Your In-game: Madam President Your SteamID: STEAM_1:1:167244777 The admin's name in-game: Veria The admin's steam name (If you know it):Alex Mish What warning did you receive: FailRP Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: I carjacked as a citizen (adverted /carjack), the car was unlocked and I took it FROM across spawn TO car dealer, I got called in a sit and was explained I can't do that. I got warned directly after explaining that, even though the person I carjacked said it's fine and just want me to be informed on the rules. No where in the MOTD, job menu or anywhere says that I can't do that, which is why I wasn't aware and had no idea it wasn't allowed. I find a warn excessive and I should've just gotten a verbal warning and informed on it. In addition, it should be added in the MOTD that it isn't allowed. Any extra information: I would like to add that I found this report The admin ruled that citizens can commit crime (raid)
  8. Yes this is an amazing family i have created, gaymer girls only
  9. Your in game name: Elise The player's in game name: Pickle chin ass boi The player's steam ID (required): STEAM_0:0:86732815 What did the player do: RDM ems Evidence (required) What do you believe should happen to the player: A warn Any extra information: . He RDMed me twice before (and got warned for it) and this is his third time in one night RDMing me.
  10. Today i'll be talking about some pet peeves of mine. 1. Please talk clearly on the radio. No one can hear you if we can hear your CPU fans, your TV in the background, a baby crying and such. Please move to a quiet place or close your door. 2. Don't tell your life story over the radio. An example is if an officer doing a PT for you is asking what the criminal did, instead of saying "Oh so I was patroling and then the guy came up to my car etc etc", just say "Take him in for assault of an officer". The officer doing the prisoner transport only needs to know what crime he committed, not how he did it. 3. Give accurate descriptions of vehicles. Saying "He drove off in a pink car" isn't helpful. You can instead say: "He drove off on outskirts, heading towards state base from whitehouse in a pink sedan" You don't need to know every car in the game, just know what an SVU, Sedan, Sports car, etc are. It'll be a lot more helpful. Also tell us where the car was last seen. "He drove off in a pink car" isn't helpful, as we don't know where in the city it is. 4. Take arguments to PM or team chat. 5. Don't call radio check every 5 minutes. 6. Don't talk over people on radio. We can't hear both of you on radio. Unless you're being viciously murdered don't talk over people. If there's a bank robbery or gen store robbery, say "break break, bank robbery in progress". Please don't spam radio with "10-4" or "10-2" aswell. 7. "SHOTS FIRED HELP" isn't helpful. Instead say "Shots fired at police @ outskirts yellow warehouse, 2 suspects" Tell us your location. Tell us what's happening. Tell us what we should expect. And hit your panic Thank you for reading.
  11. I'm Elise and I don't have much to say other than I was active before, now I'm kinda dead, now I'm not etc etc I'm an SM in pd and that's about it.