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    SAIC Roll Call

    Name: Michael Marchese Callsign: SAF 20 How active are you?: Semi-Active Why do you deserve to keep your SAIC rank? (50+ words): I deserve to keep my SAIC rank because I feel I can asses and control certain situations to my liking which helps the reputation of the department. I want to continue assisting other Agents in the field when guidance is needed, and I would like to report to my HR if specific Agents demonstrate outstanding work. These are the reasons why I think I should keep my rank. What are the main things you should be doing as a SAIC? (25+ words) The main things I should be doing as a SAIC is acknowledging the work my fellow agents put in and passing down skills I have learned while working for the department. I should never take any credit for any of the operations because this department is built off of a team effort and reward identify and reward the agents who played a role in a particular operation. These are the main jobs I should do as SAIC.
  2. bananaman524

    FBI Roll Call

    Name: Michael Marchese Rank and Call Sign: SAIC SAF20 Date:5/1/19 How active are you? (be honest please): My activity dropped due to me going away during spring break but I will definitely try to make it up to the department. My activity declined probably during April.
  3. bananaman524

    Jimmy's LOA

    Take some time Jimmy, you definitely need it. See you in two weeks!!
  4. Name: Michael In Game Name: Michael Marchese How many warns do you have?: 0 Why do you want to be EMS (150 word minimum): I want to be EMS due to my interest in trying out different departments. Rather than taking lives in the police department I want to save and help others in need. Another reason why I want to be EMS is for the opportunity of playing a crucial factor in some of the government official's arrests. The satisfaction of knowing that you helped another individual is rewarding on its own. I also want to challenge myself in this Rp role due to being able to handle stressful situations. Lastly, I would also want to help with the department and its growth. Even though I may rank in the Various departments may limit me for other departments such as "Dispatch," I think EMS will give me the chance to prove myself and make a difference to the server and the way people behave and RP. That's why I want to become EMS Can you attend the meetings on Saturday at 6pm EST? (Mandatory): Yes