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    Jimmy's LOA

    Take some time Jimmy, you definitely need it. See you in two weeks!!
  2. Name: Michael In Game Name: Michael Marchese How many warns do you have?: 0 Why do you want to be EMS (150 word minimum): I want to be EMS due to my interest in trying out different departments. Rather than taking lives in the police department I want to save and help others in need. Another reason why I want to be EMS is for the opportunity of playing a crucial factor in some of the government official's arrests. The satisfaction of knowing that you helped another individual is rewarding on its own. I also want to challenge myself in this Rp role due to being able to handle stressful situations. Lastly, I would also want to help with the department and its growth. Even though I may rank in the Various departments may limit me for other departments such as "Dispatch," I think EMS will give me the chance to prove myself and make a difference to the server and the way people behave and RP. That's why I want to become EMS Can you attend the meetings on Saturday at 6pm EST? (Mandatory): Yes