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    Goodbye everyone honorable mentions Harry dairy Hex Pie Jerrid Hagrid See ya another time Not yet at least
  2. I thought he was joking when he said it at the meeting.
  3. +Support Amazing person Was a wonderful medical commander
  4. I got infected and survived les goooo
  5. +/- support +Good medical +Nice -Short app could be extended
  6. - Support Many officers in Medical and members outside have had issues with sharky of him being rude to them or harassing them. These issues have been reported to Medical Command on several occasions going back the last few months, and it is my understanding that these issues with Sharky have existed since he joined the server under Keegan. At one point he even got demoted from COL to LTCOL due to some issues he had within medical. He has abused his power to unnecessarily punish/PT members and is pretty unstable with his attitude. I don’t believe he has what it takes to properly work together with all of current medical to run the battalion properly and without biases, and think other members would be a better fit at this time.
  7. What do you want to see?: A favorite job system in the f4 menu. Why should we add it?: For an easier way for CC’s to find their job instead of strolling all the way to the bottom and make it easier since it is at the top. What are the advantages of having this?:It will be easier to swap to the desired job if it is at the top of the job menu. Who is it mainly for?:Players who don’t have a bind to swap to the job they want quickly. Links to any content:No
  8. +Support Dairy is a very kind person to talk to.
  9. +Support -He was a past CMO so he has experience in the regiment and would be a great fit.
  10. +Support -Has been on the server for a long time so he knows what he is doing!
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