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Found 5 results

  1. If you want to see the full thing go to here, if you don't want to do that just read below. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BQC9VRiYw2CjqWiewBcbiV2wZDoNdLxE4drZzlWVQAM/edit Document Made By: ISB Enlisted ██-███ ██████████ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date Of Report: 10 BBY Name: Kavis █████ Age:22 Original Home World: Naboo Current Home World: Coruscant Previous Occupation: Havoc LTCOL. Current Occupation: Medical LTCOL. CL Level: 3 Date Of Birth: 32 BBY Crimes: [REMOVED] (note: it appears our documents have been edited for an unknown reason, most likely sabotage.) Early Life: [REMOVED] (note: Again? It seems someone wants to hide something.) Adulthood: From his own account, he says he went to a university for a major for engineering and a minor in biology and medical studies. After completing his studies, he went to work for the imperial army and joined the battalion of HAVOC. After joining it he was perfect, but he was injured multiple times, his legs got destroyed, and the left arm from his account it was from Admiral Joe pressing a detonator activation button. A few years later The HAVOC Company was disbanded and All but one of HAVOC revolted, Kavis actively helped the empire against his former friends. After the revolt he joined medical, and it seems he will stay that way for now on. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1adMI1wCaVAuvXMpoHqbuKaX6R-A667gPDobDsbB-4B0/edit?usp=sharing If some of the links do not work please tell me!
  3. Backstory Early life: Born in the faraway land of Lapland, Finland with their mother LinaFrost and father LankaFrost. learned to snowboard at a young age and always imagined of strange monsters, that most people were afraid to hear. Learned to shoot at a very young age with their father Lankafrost. Unbeknownst to the child at the age of seven. Lankafrost was killed by a strange creature that Nana would dream about. Not once did he think they were real. He kept information of the creature to himself. He knew if had gone to the towns and told about the incident, they would think it was him who murder his father. With only his mother left, he told her "father was killed by a russian bear". Mid Life: His mother reported seeing a black wolf with red eyes. he made a note of it. she died a year later after seeing SCP-023, Distraught on being alone he had to survive the wilderness on his own, having to abandon his old home at the age of fifteen. for two years he trained to be a better shot, and hoped to save others from the strange creatures. Towards present day: Nanafrost spotted a platoon on what seemed to be soldiers all with the same uniform. He soon noticed a special symbol on their arms and chest rig. Nanafrost drew in their notebook what they saw. For many months Nana searched for any sort of lead back to them. soon finding out about the "Foundation". Finding out about the soldiers who secured the creature that day. Foundation: Joined the foundation at the age of 17 and has no family left. Hoping to protect others from these dangerous things they joined Nu7. Has been working since their join and never forgetting what happened. Biography Name: Nanafrost Nickname: "White Wolf" Height: 4'11" Weight: 36kgs National ID #: ████████████████ Sex: M Born in: Lapiland, Finland Relatives: LankaFrost (Father): Killed LinaFrost(Mother): Killed
  4. File: Junior Researcher 0006 Name: Unknown Alias: VI Age: 34 Division: Research Rank: Junior Researcher ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Profile: Six was D-Class 0006 for the Foundation in 20██. After Incident-49-6, Six was recruited into the Foundation's Research Department. Quickly passing the testing required, he is currently a Junior Researcher fro Site-10. While having knowledge in the medical field (surgery specifically), its unknown to what extent, as he refuses to answer. Subject is monitored 24/7. Note: Six finds pleasure in conducting surgeries. Notably when the subject is not sedated. Caution is advised. -O5-█ History: D-Class 0006 was accused and found guilty for "Unnecessary services" and charged with Capital Punishment for 52 accounts of involuntary manslaughter. After being selected for the Foundation's one month program, 0006 was transferred to Site-10. For a month, 0006 did nothing notable. This changed when he started conversation with the guards of D-Block. Asking questions as if they were working together, such as: "Do you get paid enough for this?" or "Nice weather, yeah?". Dr. Smart came for a D-Class, but was bribed by D-Class 0006 to replace the D-Class with himself. The bribe was accepted and D-Class 0006 was taken to SCP-049. This caused Incident-49-6. Incident-49-6: Before the test had begun, 0006 asked Dr. Smart if he would survive the test. The doctor responded with similar responses from the Gensec escort that he just might. 0006 asked if he could talk his way out. Both responded with a nod. Once taken to the observation deck, 0006 was told to jump into the Containment Cell. Doing so with no hesitation, 0006 began to converse with SCP-049. He appealed to the fact that they both were doctors and how their situations were similar. SCP-049 concluded that 0006 did not have the "pestilence". Asked 049 questions, 0006 took pleasure in the conversation. The feeling became mutual to both as 0006 requested for test subjects so SCP-049 could "teach him". Two D-Class were delivered and what followed was two separate operation which resulted in the making SCP-049-2. Both subjects were detained for study and 0006 detained. This was one of the few incidents with SCP-049 not operating on a D-Class, as the survived rate is █%. After the Incident-049-6, D-Class 0006 pleaded with the escort and Dr. Smart to hire him. After another bribe, 0006 was recruited into the Foundation as a Junior Researcher. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Planned Projects: SCP-999 Testing Logs-1 SCP-049 Interview SCP-035 Interview SCP-1048 "Empathy" Test SCP-682 Termination Test SCP-963 Interview Project_Instinct: No details at this time Project_COPE: No details at this time ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Relations: In Progress
  5. LEVEL 4 CLEARANCE WARNING: ANY NON-AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ACCESSING THIS FILE WILL BE IMMEDIATELY TERMINATED THROUGH BERRYMAN-LANGFORD MEMETIC KILL AGENT. SCROLLING DOWN WITHOUT PROPER MEMETIC INOCULATION WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE CARDIAC ARREST FOLLOWED BY DEATH. MEMETIC KILL AGENT ACTIVATED CONTINUED LIFE SIGNS CONFIRMED REMOVING SAFETY INTERLOCKS Doom Guy Addendum-1A Audio File: N/A NOTE: Sharing this document to anyone under level 4 clearance is strictly prohibited. Doing so will result in your termination you have been warned. BEGIN LOG: *Door Opens and slams shut* Dr.Simmons: Ah, welcome Doom Guy please have seat. *Doom Guys feet shuffle across the ground and proceeds to take a seat* Dr.Simmons: I'm Dr.Simmons. Before we start I would like to thank you for complying on you're way over here. I understand you don't like to give in, well. After the last incident, but I can assure you we won't be putting you in cuffs anymore. Is there anything you want to address before the interview. Doom guy: *Proceeds to stay silent* Dr.Simmons: I know you're not much of a talker but we ask for you full cooperation. Doom guy: Understood. Dr.Simmons: Can we begin with you're backstory? Doom guy: Elaborate. Dr.Simmons: What's you origin? Doom guy: I'll cut it short for you. I was a marine for the US army. My commanding officer ordered me to open fire on innocent civilians, and so I gave a piece of my fists. I was then sent to the UAC for punishment and they had based on the Mars moon phobos at the time. Cut to a few months later. The UAC has been experimenting with portals and they got a little to cocky and somehow managed to open a portal to hell. Dr.Simmons: Wait, what's the UAC? Doom guy: I'll get to that later, don't worry. Anyways, my platoon rushed out take back the base but were picked off very quickly. I was the last one standing. I ended up taking the base back by myself. Cut to a few years later demons started invading earth and I had to close the hell portal myself. Now fast forward about a 150 years later. I was stored in a tomb by the demons but it was opened again by some crazed UAC scientist who wants to open a permanent hell portal. Fast forward a few years and hell invaded earth again, and yes you guessed it, I stopped the hell invasion. And to answer your question, the UAC was a group of people that really liked to mess with portals. Dr.Simmons: Hold on, I have no record of this ever happening and the foundation has never even heard of something like this. What actually happened? Doom guy: What I just told you was true, how I ended up here is different story. Dr.Simmons: Can you tell me? Doom guy: I'll tell you a sliver of what happened. I ended up here through interdimensional travel. See, this all happened in a completely different universe. One were you didn't even exist. Dr.Simmons: So what you're telling me is, multiverses exist? Doom guy: Correct. I was trying to go back in time to stop the hell invasion from even happening. However, I wasn't using the correct amount of energy to supply the teleporter, and I entered a state of dimension hopping. Through different timelines and realities. Dr.Simmons: How did you make these "portals" Doom guy: I'm not answering that, so ask me something else. Dr.Simmons: How do you know so much about the SCP foundation. Doom guy: I know a guy. Dr.Simmons: Who's the guy? Doom guy: I'm not telling you, but it's name starts with a V. Dr.Simmons: What do you mean by "it's" Doom guy: *Silence* Dr.Simmons: Alright then, moving on. Dr.Simmons: During incident- ████ you interacted with Dr.Bright. What was your interaction. Doom guy: My interaction with bright was one of my favourite interaction I had with foundation staff. He even offered me a drink get me a drink at 294. He's how I know about the location of certain SCP's and [REDACTED]. Dr.Simmons: He told you about the [REDACTED]. Doom guy: Yes. Dr.Simmons: Damit Bright. Dr.Simmons: During the incident, foundation staff that were on there way to the panic room, noticed that you were interacting with Dr.Maynard very oddly. What were you doing. Doom guy: *Doom Guy hesitated to answer the question* I-uh, was forcing him to open the check point for me. Dr.Simmons: Interesting. Dr.Simmons: What's your opinion on SCP-173? Doom guy: A silent monster. He suffers a long and quite road. He knows no more, then to kill. Dr.Simmons: What's your opinion on SCP-049? Doom guy: A dark path he is walking. His mind is stuck on that fact he needs to cure and only cure. But his purpose is more than that. However there is a path for redemption waiting for him. Dr.Simmons: Would you care to elaborate? Doom guy: You do not need to know about him anymore. Dr.Simmons: What's your opinion on SCP-076-2? Doom guy: He's almost like me. He utilizes his rage to take it out on others, however his use for it is different then mine. Dr.Simmons: What's your opinion on SCP-939? Doom guy: It, is a hell spawn. During my time in hell I have encountered it only once or twice, however it was no match for me. Dr.Simmons: So you're telling me this came from hell? Doom guy: Yes Dr.Simmons: I'll keep that in mind. Dr.Simmons: What's your opinion on SCP-079? Doom guy:SCP -079... Hmm. 079 seeks what I seek. The destruction of the foundation. May I have a talk with 079. Dr.Simmons: That's out of my control, I will file a request though. Doom guy: Much obliged. Dr.Simmons: What's your opinion on SCP-343? Doom guy: He is the creator. No matter what people say, his reign is inevitable. Dr.Simmons: What's your opinion on SCP-001? Doom guy: Are conversation here is done! *Doom Guy then stands up and pulls a shotgun out of thin air* Dr.Simmons: GUARDS GET IN HERE! MTF Nu7 RCT: What the hell? Where did he get the gu--- MTF Nu7 PFC: Doesn't matter, OPEN FIR-- *Doom Guys Kill's both of the two guards* Doom guy: Simmons I will forgive you for calling the guards on me out of an act of impulse. Dr.Simmons: I'm sorry it was ju-- Doom guy: I enjoyed are talk Simmons, but I have more pressing matters to attend to *Loads shotgun with malicious intent* and now I must, Rip... and tear. NOTE: During this time site-05 was breached but Doom Guy was soon captured a few hours later. Further inspection will go into seeing if should be classified as an SCP instead of a D-Class will soon be concluded. [END LOG]
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