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  1. its quite pricy but something to look into this phone addon might be better https://fivem.gkshop.org/package/4862478
  2. - support also when ems is on it should be increased
  3. So as fair as I'm aware Their is no format for this so I just made my own Name: Sharky RP Name: Bronk Timezone: EST Who gave permission to apply: Chief Zoey Why should you be a a EMS Lieutenant: Playing EMS is really fun and more often than not I'm the only one on or one of the very few. I would estimate that I have at least 50 revives and have created/taken part in 100swhile also working along side PD/BCSO. I enjoy saving people from dangerous situations and bringing light to the shadows. What do you bring to Low command?: I am very active on everyday and assisting in various situations in the EST time zone from 3:00PM to 7:00PM in the most active times of the day and will be able to assist higher ups with anything they need to get done. Why should we trust you: I am very trusted when it comes to responsibility's. with my Numerous previous and current ranks across the Gaming light community. I can set my mind to something and be very determined to get it done . Side Notes: The server is very new and a lot of things are not finalized / Not even made like application formats so keep that in mind when reading and things are always changing in the server so keep a lookout for changes.
  4. Currently the only said rules are 3. Do not kidnap, rob, or assault EMS or medical staff for any reason. What do I think should be added? - A change to this rule because yes it technically is failRP for medical to do. medical can go to the outside of a gun fight a pick up cops making it unfair for crims so I'm suggesting making it allowed to take EMS hostage/kill EMS. IF they walk in on a situation EX: a crim is robbing a store (bank jewelry anything illegal) they kill a cop/one of the crims get killed, EMS comes right into the situation as in pulls right into it then the crim could take EMS hostage. EX 2 if EMS comes and starts reviving cops mid gunfight then you can shoot at them personally EX 2 does not seem that good of a idea but I think it should be allowed to take EMS hostage if they get too close. the main reason is because its awkward bc the crims cant do anything so you just pull in and are like, hey did you just kill that guy. so basically make it allowed to make EMS put they're hands up /cuff them if them walk in on a robbery/mugging and of course EMS baiting would not be allowed Why would this benefit the server? - it would make RP more fluent and add more RP scenarios and make EMS interactable and obviously this would not be the exact rule change but I would like to see it be made to something else if not this
  5. I think there is a lot of confusion about what I mean this would be a medical sub regiment that any non redacted trooper could join and would not count as a life because they would still be in their battalion MEDICAL could still exist but needing less numbers
  6. YES I KNOW THIS IS NOT THE SUGGESTION PAGE!!!! (I just do not want to follow the format for this) We all can agree medical is lacking, this is a small idea to inspire ideas. A Sub Battalion that all Non-Redacted battalions can join but it is also a sub-battalion in medical So the Sub battalion is owned by medical but troopers from Shock, ST, 501st ECT can join with its own ranks as a sub-battalion but is directed by medical, So these troopers will hop on a medic job be ordered by there respective branch with medical being right behind that as a sub-battalion now you may be think isn't this just regimental medics well dam your a genius yes technically it is. as review a trooper joins this sub-battalion, they will have healing capability's, The command structure could be 1st their battalion, 2nd medical. this would help promote medical and have more troopers with healing capability's. Yes this would technically be regimental medics but it would mean medical would grow bigger needing less numbers. meaning medical can grow from all battalions not just one ALSO this is just a idea, The great thing about ideas they are Changeable if you think a change does not need to happen you are being NAIVE. if you do not like the idea express that if you do express that too. its just a idea don't hate just give constructive criticism Sharky - msb041506#3706
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